Would you like Naamkaran going off air?

Star Plus’ Naamkaran has come in news around its closure. This was not expected and got much sudden for the fans who like Naamkaran’s concept and Avni’s strong character. Asha and Ashish’s wonderful love story and togetherness is liked by audience. With the show getting good times for the couple, there are many twists set out to break the couple. Ashish’s mother Dayawanti does not accept a Muslim girl for her son. She has enmity by some reasons undeclared till now. The show started in September and may get shut within 3 months’ time, because of the low TRPs.

Naamkaran starts Viraf Patel, Barkha Bisht and Sayantani Ghosh as the leads, along with Arsheen Namdaar starring as the child lead Avni. Reema Lagoo is giving real to life performance as Ashish’s mother Dayawanti. The tiffs between Avni and Dayawanti will be soaring soon, where Avni is determined to get her parents married. Avni stays positive and feels she is lucky to witness her parents’ marriage. Avni invites Dayawanti in the marriage. Dayawanti plans to stop the wedding by any way possible. She risks her own life by putting herself inside fire to get her son Ashish back. Ashish agrees to marry Neela, who is chosen by Dayawanti. Would you like Naamkaran going off air? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

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  1. Mona146

    yes the pathetic concept which will keep dragging is of no use to anyone. Even if cast has done an excellent job, i wish the script would have been better except a saas bahu saga.

    1. agreeable Mona146

      1. Cuteprincess

        even I agree to you guys..

  2. We are saying and explaining this many times that there are few things which now need to be change according.Is it necessary to make Ashish marry Neela.Writers could change story to happy ending note.If the serial name is naamkaran then you should have shown a girl child being independent and helping her mom and not longing and requesting for her father.This was not necessary to show in this serial.Also will Ashish turn down to muslim religion to marry two ladies since 4 marriages are valid in muslim religion..Writer are not ready to change the track and don’t listen to our view

  3. Performances are exceptionally good.. Avni, Asha, Ashish and Dayawanti. Well defined characters. But somewhere it is too heavy for the audience.

  4. NABANITA626

    Concept is good but I think no execution of the concept and promos…..


  6. So you prefer shitty serials like Kum Kum Bhagya???? Shame on You!!!

    1. Thank you Misha, you said it perfectly. Most, if not all serials on the Indian networks, have illogical, and unbelievable plots, and anusha thinks this is crap. This is a reality and factual topic which should be explored and she thinks it’s crap? Kaala Teeka should just end, it’s so painful to watch what that serial has become, Kumkum Bhagya is another which should have ended but the writers did a complete 360% and it’s back to square one. Misha, your comment was short but sweet. ??

  7. no its better not to be closed because it has a new story which has not be aired in any other series.. i like it bcoz it shows both mother’s perspective on her son and the son’s also. the series is nyc and shouldn’t b closed

  8. This is far better then the shit that plays on zeetv maybe the story line can change where they get married and live happily and his mother makes peace and find a place in her heart for get grandchild we not living the the 50’s any longer so now… teach the people out there how important it is to love respect and honor your loved ones and in this case Ashish is giving his daughter name. The mother must get to terms. We pass that era where parents chose your life partner. Old village mentality must fall… learn them, educate them by the series

    1. Well said !!!

  9. The concept is good, they can show fight between dadi and avni i mean cute nokjhok and they can finish it in good way but better than scrap serial like sns (sath nibhana sathiya) utter crap

  10. Awesome performances but too heavy and emotional content…so better to end on a positive note than dragging it..wishing luck to the cast for their future assignments…cheers to avni?


    Its tottally sidelined the title Naamkara. as per advertisement the concept was whats the identity of women in society without name of father or husband.. though in starting they tried to show but slowly they sidelined this concept and running without any identity to be shown…

  12. We want DABH 2

  13. Priyali

    This concept is like so weird … it’s better to replace it with other shows which have more potential or simply just use the stupid time they waste in to air this show to have more telecasts of well liked shows like ishqbaaz or something..

  14. Naamkaran is a million times better than nonsense being played on most of d channels including Star plus.. d list is endless.. the performances in Naamkaran are amazing and Avni is a rockstar… Ashish should be portayed as a man strong enough to stand by the choices he has made in life n not succumb to his mothers evil tricks due to her irrational beliefs… I think d writers should work on how Avni mends fences and helps being about a change in her grandmother’s thought process. Plz give Naamkaran time n eventually it will grow to be one of d most loved serials.

  15. Naamkaran serial is really good with some unique n good story even the star cast is very nyc. But I still want it to go off air with a gud happy ending as I dun wnt dem to stretch dis serial like other serials. Its better to keep short n nyc.. so dat people dun get bored of watching such craps.

  16. This is a very good serial compared to the same old saas bahu serials and dirty dramas. The mother-daughter relationship is chown very well in the serial. This show should not close and will be better than the regular long dragging dramas like yeh hain mohabbatein,kum kum bhagya etc..,

  17. This is really good show.one of the beSt show on star plus.Totally different story. all my friends and myshelf love this show.I wis it never go offair.give little bit more time to grow this show.

  18. This is really good show.one of the beSt show on star plus.Totally different story. all my friends and myshelf love this show.I wis it never go offair.give little bit more time to grow this show.

  19. I love this serial…very good story..!! I hope it should not be going off air…

  20. nalini mehilal

    when someone is in Avni shoes then only you realise how important it is to have a normal family. i love this show.

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