Do you like the Mumbai track of IPKKND2?

The show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir has shifted the track as the lead couple Shlok and Astha have gone to Mumbai to make their own identity after he has disowned his father Niranjan. It all happened when Niranjan tried to burn Astha alive with the Raavan. Shlok comes there in nick of the time and saves her. After knowing the truth of Niranjan’s evil, Shlok is shattered and leaves the house with Anjali and Astha. Anjali asks Varad and Sojal to stay with Niranjan. Varad tries to stop them but Shlok tells that he wants to make his own identity. Shlok and Astha decides to send Anjali to, Vridh Ashram as due to their financial level they couldn’t give her enough food and facilities. Shlok doesn’t get job as he is well known in the city as the rich Shlok Agnihotri. He takes up the job of a taxi driver and lives in a lodge with Astha.

Later on, Kalindi and Avdhoot come to know the truth after following Shlok to the lodge and shocked seeing them stay in such poor state. They ask them to stay with them at their house, but Shlok and Astha refuse saying they have to become something on their own and without anyone’s help. Soon media knows this and it becomes breaking news. The reporters ask Shlok why he left home and the reason behind all this. Shlok does not name Niranjan. Niranjan sees Shlok’s state on TV and asks Varad to get Shlok back. Varad sees Shlok going to Mumbai and does not stop him as he gets selfish in Niranjan’s fatherly love and wants all rights of Shlok.

Shlok and Astha decide to leave the city and start a new life with Anjali’s permission. Anjali cries and informs Kalindi the same. They pray for Astha and Shlok’s well being and success. Shlok and Astha reach Mumbai and start a new life. Shlok goes to bring water for Astha, and a lady takes Astha by lying to show a rented house in low rate. Shlok again saves Astha from falling in her evil trap. The city looks new to them. More than it, Shlok and Astha decide to be together and face all troubles with their strong will and determination. The couple has been finding tough to get a home and has arrived in a small chawl where they are supposed to share the home with an ill tempered lady. Shlok and Astha are stunned seeing the place and how to convert into a living home. The Mumbai track is spicing up with Shlok’s struggles and Astha’s support. Do you like the new track of the show? Let us know.

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  1. Nope missing the home drama

  2. Luv writes should be more practical.if shlok hv Mba, he should deserve a good job.he cant make his own identity by driving taxi.he can get his certificate copys from univercity….and pls we want to he become more successful than niranjan and varad… soooooooooooooooooooon as posible…..

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  4. Yes ofcourse i love mumbai track but sholk will get ajob for his study.plz think logically

  5. Take a leap in d show and make shlok a business man again
    Can’t see him like this………!!!!!

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