Do you like Mrunal’s replacement in Kumkum Bhagya?


TV Actress Mrunal Thakur is known for her character Bulbul in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya. She will not be a part of the show from the new year, as she is quitting in December. Bulbul was shown marrying Purab, by Pragya’s efforts. With the track focusing on Aaliya’s mad revenge on Bulbul and Pragya, a new Bulbul will be seen stepping in the show. Kajol Srivastava will be doing Bulbul’s role. Kajol was seen in the shows Mooh Boli Shaadi and Badii Devrani. How well Kajol fits in Mrunal’s shoes has to be seen in the upcoming episodes.

Mrunal’s character of Bulbul is free, bubbly, independent and a lovely girl. Mrunal added more spark to Bulbul’s role. Viewers love Mrunal for keeping their interest. Mrunal is quitting the show for some unstated reasons with the makers. Kumkum Bhagya is stagnant with the storyline from the point it started. Purab and Bulbul’s love story got into marriage relation now, when the show started on April 15, 2014.

We would like to know whether the replacement system looks interesting to the viewers or does it end the existing interest in the show via the characters/actors. The viewers would like the replacement if better and famous actors come as replacement. Even then the actors with whom the character got the growth in the show would be missed. It seems the character remained just for actors who were first seen in it. Similarly, for Kuch To Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan. Shritama and Vibhay were replaced by Asha and Aly. The replacement system in hit shows may bring some viewership down. What do you have to say about this replacement in Kumkum Bhagya? Do you find this replacement for the good or will you miss Mrunal? Let us know your opinion in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Ek second ko tagline padh kr laga ki kahin bulbul ko marr to nhi rehe h… but aisa nhi hai… but do not replace Bulbul (Mrinanal) as she looks perfect as bulbul…

  2. Ekta why don’t u replace our mrunal when she was offered siya ke ram,atleast we wuold have enjoyed our doll as sita..u didnt permit her then and now replacing…

    Mrunal u will get very famous and wonderful projects soon..

  3. I like mrunal…bt since she decided to quit i would love to see her replacement instead of her death

    1. Me to.
      I like mrunal…but since she decided to quit I would also love to see her being replaced into of her death

  4. No..we like the pair purab bulbul..
    Pls don’t change..murnal

  5. Mrunal u r awesome as bulbul I like u very much

  6. The show wil be boring wid out mrunal a.k.a bulbul pls return her to de show.

  7. Plzzzz dnt change

  8. Whether they change the characters or not its up to them…. pls change the story or take the story to the next level… The story became like beating around the bush… from how many days u people drag it… There is only abhigya’s nokjhok.. and villains super sharp dramas… pragya and abhi becoming fool again and again… that’s it… nothing is interested in the show…. After pragya makeover there is no major result or change in that house or in the show… fed up… We r saying it for nth time but no one listens to us… cvs will just drag and drag it till it breaks totally… yhm is far better than this…

    1. You are very correct vinu

    2. Ranaji(narendran)

      I also agree with you

  9. Mouni Godavari

    I like bulbul please please please don’t change

  10. Please do not change her.
    Anyway these comments are useless. No one is gonna put it in their ears. Viewers have been commenting about dragging the story of KKB but writers do travelling in their own track

    1. true..we always make recommendations but they are never cared for nor applied by the writers this is so annoying

  11. noooooooo murnal should not quit the show…bulbul character is only suits for murnal

  12. The show will be boring without bulbul. I like her with pureb with her.I like bubul,plsss don’t change her.

  13. josphine muthoni

    I think mrunal fits bulbul character but if u gona change her then kajol should be of mrunal than her.
    Anywai either expose Tanu Aliya or change story twist if u considers our comments

  14. No plz don’t change bulbul .i hate changes u changed survi in ye vada raha and now bulbul no way. Not fair

  15. mrunal is the correct person to make her character as bulbul i don;t think that kajol srivatsava can do better that guys do you have any idea about this

  16. plz don’t change bulbul ha????. plz plZ plz plz

  17. Mrunal was good but if she is leaving I don’t blame her the show has become so boring nothing new happens anyone including viewers want to leave the show

  18. hajira ruksaar

    noooooiooooooo………don’t replace mrunal aka bulbul……..plzzzzzzz……

  19. No. I really likes her charector. Bcoz she not turned negative charector till now.but it’s her own dicision of take quit the show. I honestly telling begining of the seriel i really hates her bcoz everyone praises her beauty. My frd told me that she is most beautiful than pragya. That time i really getting irked but not now. She simply beautiful, and i really like her attitude.

  20. Me to.
    I like mrunal…but since she decided to quit I would also love to see her being replaced into of her death

  21. the show is going too slow , Pragya is taking too long to expose tanu and aliya for their crimes

  22. Rashmi subodh

    Story good also Abhi n Pragya lead pair …bt this is dragd like anyyhg… No justification for characters disappeared sp like purvi…also abhi’s brother etc… U choose d actors n make us feel they fit d scene n situation… U r changing according to d situation. Or consequences U r facing… If we like we will watch ahead n continue… Else fir milenge ek break ke baad…

  23. Noooooo……dont change bulbul……plzzzzzz stay.although I don’t blame u for quitting the show has become sooooo boring but plz stay

  24. Mrunal u r best
    Pleeezzzzz don’t leave this show
    Pleeezzzzz zzzz….

  25. Noo… Bulbul was perfect…

  26. plzzz dont change bulbul.she wz da best

  27. There ll be boring track here after. I ll miss mrunal…

  28. karmina Heeralall

    The show need replace with another show

  29. Mrunal simply don’t have replacement …… She is her own and no one can B her duplicate or become like her ….
    It’s good she opted to B out of the show ….. She should have done this long back …. My god coz being in kkb she was just in one same rubbish role of going to get married and again some prob …. And she had not importance in kkb …. Thank god she is out …. LOVE U MRUNAL …..

  30. I really don’t want bulbul to go but replacement is better than death

  31. Mrunal, u deserve better projects. you can do lead role in any show… plz comeback with a great show… till than we all will miss u so much….

  32. bulbul is the only somewhat realistic character in this show! now that shes going to be replaced, how can anyone ever relate to the show when bulbul was played so well by mrunal? how is this show still considered popular its sooooo boring same thing everyday now

  33. Oh.. Plz don’t she the perfect.. Plz Plz Plz..

  34. No. We don’t want to replace my unaltered in kajol. I like her a lot. Mrunal z the best for the character of bulbul. Plz mrunal don’t go. Plzzzzzzzzzz

  35. I don’t want mrunal to b replaced becoz she is just perfect for her character as bulbul I don’t think anyone can replace her bulbul is bubbly fun loving. I think this show wil b boring without mrunal, she plays really well as bulbul. I don’t want to see her dead in this serial that’s even worse if that’s happen I don’t think il watch this show. Plzzzz don’t replace mrunal but then if she is not happy I wish her all the best.

  36. plz mrunal dont go

  37. Dragging the serial like bubble gum. its good for her that she is moving out of the show, else even her carrier will be stagnant like the serial.All the best Mrunal, luv u!!!!

  38. Its good that she is moving out of serial, else her talent would have been stangnent like the story, All the best Mrunal for your new project Hope atleast they explore ur talent in better way, Luv u!!!

  39. BULBUL cannot be replaced – she is the life and soul of an otherwise boting storyline. Please do something to keep her back

  40. v.hem achuta

    no we like murnal please dont replace her with kajol

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