Do you like Mishkat’s entry in NAUC?


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins is the story of closely attached cousins, who are very different from one another, are bound by a strong friendship. There is going to be a new entry in Nisha Aur Uske Cousins. Kabir is the new man in Nisha’s life. Actor Mishkat Varma has been selected for the part. Kabir is an interesting character who is carefree and charming. He has come back to Jaipur to find out the mystery behind his lineage. He bumps into Nisha at an important juncture of her life where she has been turned down by Viraj .

The current track of the show showed Nisha’s efforts to confess her love to Viraj. Ramesh and Suketu try to stop Nisha from revealing Arti’s identity to Viraj Singh Rathod but to no avail. Suketu makes a plan with his cousins to stop Nisha. Ramesh overhears Gayatri and Priyanka making fun of Nisha’s talent. Nisha decides to wait till the finale to reveal about Arti to Viraj Singh Rathod. Viraj finds the card he had given to Arti. Leela comes to take Dolly back with her. Nisha and Viraj thank each other for their victory. The cousins ask Nisha to wait till the next day to reveal about Arti to Viraj. The Gangwals celebrate Team Lakshya’s win. Gayatri calls a press conference the next day. Suketu, Bunty and Jwala tease Umesh about his first night with Amanpreet. The cousins make fun of Viraj’s emails to Arti. Lakshmi shares her concern for Nisha with Ramesh. Nisha frets about her confrontation with Viraj and the press meet. What do you expect by Mishkat’s entry as Kabir? Let us know.

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  2. Entry of kabir and viraj’s jealousy will be amazing to watch…but i dont want kabir to create problems between niraj…it should not turn more serious…viraj should realise his love for nisha by kabirs entry instead of creating problem…kabirs character have to be positive not negative…

  3. mujhe kabir ‘s entry acha lagta hai.but i just love niraj..

  4. Yeh suhani ki mistake hai.stupid soumya .

  5. Mishkst will b in love wid nisha….and gayatri will b introducing another girl to viraj aarti….and it will take a long long time for viraj to knw DAT nisha is aarti….so its basically ‘mujse dosti karoge’ storyline…

  6. Intro of kabir will make good love triangle. Let kabir don’t create any problems in love of niraj.

  7. He doesnt look charm.

  8. but nisha confesses dat she s aarti….. den nly viraj disgraces her n dadaji slaps him…. watch mondays epi
    so gaya cant gt another aarti

  9. n i really want nisha n kabir to b paired cz viraj isnt worth it as he misses 2 oppurtunities fr luvng nisha
    hw cudnt he see d similarities btw arti n nisha…. dey wernt so diff aftr all

  10. the entry is super I want this seriel more good not bad..plzz dont prolong the twists are Intrsting. .bt kabir dont make problms in nishas life bt he can solve her problms by helping her

  11. plzz dont prolong story by aading more characters pllzz…..kabir dont make problms …I wish he wants to be a positive character

  12. Kabirs’ s entry will be good to watch….. but hope he does not create problems between NIRAJ….. coz we want nisha and viraj together not kabir n nisha but kabir’s entry will be good we can see viraj jealous which will be nice to watch

  13. Kabir’s entry should bring niraj together..thats it.

  14. Aashna Agarwal

    I like kabir entry. It good to see love triangle and viraj getting jealous. But character should be positive not nrgstive. This make viraj his love and confess his love for nisha.

  15. Kabir n Nisha together can rock the dhow

  16. I think Nisha and Kabir make a really cute pair. Viraj looks too matured for Nisha while Labor has got the right appeal. Anyways I love the show and it’s new twists.

  17. Sorry.. I mean Kabir has got the right appeal.

  18. Iam happy to see u back mishkat love u n I hope u to t best n serial wil b very interesting

  19. I too feel Kabir is better suited for nisha,than viraj. I wish that everyone comes to know that gayatri was behind all this.and y cant viraj think that its nisha’s life more ruined than him becoz of all this mess

  20. I think kabir is very good for Nisha so she don’t deserve kabir

  21. IMG..
    miskat entry is superb. I tink he is da perfect guy fr Misha.I don’t want to seen niraj together.

  22. I hop kabir and nisha pair will b rock.I fully support did pair

  23. Happy to see you again Mishkat.want kabhir and nisha to be together as nisha want a positive guy like kabhir unlike viraj

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