Do you like Mishal-Sanjeeda’s chemistry in IKRS?

After Ishq Ka Rang Safed took the leap, the lead characters Viplav and Dhaani got separated. Ishita Ganguly who plays the role of Kamini succeeds in separating the lovers. Kamini is madly in love with Viplav, but failed to win his love. Viplav blames Dhaani to be irresponsible and holds her responsible for giving wrong medicines to his Dadi. Kamini manipulates everything. This makes Viplav get his anger on Dhaani. Dhaani decides to move out of his house.

Post leap, the actress Eisha Singh who played Dhaani since the beginning has quit the show. Sanjeeda Sheikh of Ek Haseena Thi fame dons the character of Dhaani, as a mature look was needed. Dhaani shifts to Mumbai where she gets a good friend Parshiya. Parshiya fights a wrestling competition and wins money to help Dhaani is paying Vidha’s fees. While Kamini is after Viplav, Parshiya is after Dhaani. Recently, Dhaani’s father’s track started. Viplav meets Dhaani and helps her in uniting her parents. Dhaani also wishes the same. In this process, Viplav and Dhaani who parted ways will come together again. Mishal Raheja and Sanjeeda seem to have good chemistry in their romantic scenes. We want to know whether you like Sanjeeda as the new Dhaani, or loved Mishal and Eisha’s chemistry more? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. Saraswathi.j

    The old Dhaani left the show and she is playing in some other serial,the new Dhaani is now in the serial and playing her role as Dhaani and her co star Viplav is playing he does not have any objection for it then ,why there is comparison between the two Dhaani,s it is mere stupidity it is the decession of ph if we want to see the show see it otherwise quit , it is so simple if TRPS not good the ph themselves end the show ,there is no question of discussion on this

  2. Renu

    I totally agree with saraswathiji m why is this comparison being done as both r different individual n have given their best to the character.

  3. Renu

    When did parshiya win wrestling competition has it been shown as yet as vidhas fee has already been taken care of by viplav.

  4. Sujie


    |Registered Member

    obviously we miss Eisha …but that does not mean we hate Mishal Sanjeeda chemistry…..
    Eisha left the show as per her choice…. Sanjeeda came in IKRS as per choice….. Mishal is in the show as per his choice…..
    Now Eisha is doing her job nicely in a different role in ETR2…..
    And it’s natural for us to miss the chemistry between Mishal Eisha….. MiEisha will always have a special place in our heart….. And we have no regret for that….
    But this thing should also be kept in mind that the Joshi of Mishal and Sanjeeda is also nice…and it is definitely making its place …..
    So without discouraging this pair…we should enjoy IKRS…..

    For those who wanna watch it can watch…. some left watching the show after Eisha quitted..and it’s their choice…..
    The acts like Comparing Eisha and Sanjeeda…criticising Sanjeeda…is not good at all
    So keeping this in mind we should move on…and encourage MishSan jodi…
    After all Mishal looks DAMN adorable whoever his co actress is….
    Thank you ….

  5. Agrace

    Definitely we miss Eisha. However sanjeeda is also very beautiful in her own right. It is just that the chemistry between Mishal and Eisha was just great and we can’t ignore or forget that they were great to watch. As already said, the best would be not to encourage this comparison. The story has to move forward anyway.

  6. naina



  7. Shruthy


    |Registered Member

    We have known ViDha first with Eisha, we have lived ViDha with Eisha for around 10 months. So obviously we have been used to Eisha. And more than that, we have fallen for MiSha’s mindblowing chemistry.
    But Sanjeeda joining the show, she took over the character very well and she still gives justice to Dhaani. She is a brilliant actor, which made her get into her role from the middle. She might have not watched the show from the beginning. But still she is an actor and she performs well Dhaani’s pain, hatred, love. And then about her chemistry with Mishal, I feel both are so professionnal and really give us some wonderful things (for example all the scenes when goons were attacking and Viplav saves Dhaani). Moreover even off screen, they seemed to be so comfortable with each other so quickly so even Mishal doest seem to have a problem. The most important thing is that thanks to her, we can continue for a while IKRS.
    Eisha’s cuteness and young age would not have really suited the mature Dhaani we have today. She has changed a lot from what she was before leap. So Eisha understood it and gently quit the show, and Sanjeeda accepted immediately also. So we should thank her.
    We really miss MiSha like hell, but MishSan is also perfect. ?

  8. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Wow this is a close poll based on the results wow surprising. Because whenever I see comments is for Mishal-eisha, I don’t have problems with mishal-sanjeeda just that mishal-eisha was better

  9. Shruthy


    |Registered Member

    So please do not compare both at all! ??
    Watch it or not is up to you. But please do not criticize people wrongly, neither Eisha for leaving, nor Sanjeeda because you like Eisha more.
    And I am quite sad that people stopped watching because Eisha left. First of all, think about TRPs guys. Some people still want to watch the show. If TRPs keep decreasing, producers will shut the doors with a stupid and fast track. ? But anyways that’s your decision. I dont want to force anyone.

  10. Brity

    Hey Guys…!! What’s up??
    Well, I don’t like the attitude of sanjida…. She acts always excess…

  11. anju

    The question doesnt make any sense..because it is not going to changed any…but upto question..Mishal and eisha was better..

  12. Sucaad

    I love mishal and Eisha was the best chemistry… And don’t like kamini ex shaasi sister…she took it away, viblu to Dhaani ?

  13. Nishu


    |Registered Member

    Sanju is very beautiful n she is too good with the role Dhabi……….. Well e1 old was good in character…… But I’m ttly like loving sanju as dhani

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