Did you like Meri Durga’s leads pairing?

Meri Durga recently took a five year leap. The show got some fresh faces to add charm to the story. Shrishti Jain of Suhani Si Ek Ladki fame is playing Durga’s role. She is seen paired up with model-turned-actor Paras Kalnawat. Paras is seen in the role of Sanjay Prince, who is an arrogant son of a rich politician. Sanjay had faith in friendship. He really wanted to have friendship with Durga, believing her to be true. After Sanjay’s dad and his best friend Aarti framed Durga in fraud case, Sanjay lost his trust on Durga. Sanjay now hates Durga. They both meet in the same college and get at loggerheads. Sanjay and Durga’s fights started. Their chemistry started out to be wonderful.

Post leap, Durga’s dreams took a backseat, while her dad is still trying much to awaken the real Durga hiding by the societal fears. Durga’s dreams will be reviving up when she decides to earn the lost respect back. Durga will begin her new journey. Aarti will try to put thorns in her path. Urfi Javed is seen as the grown-up Aarti. She is the negative lead in the show. Aarti has become more evil and vows to stop Durga from achieving success. Aarti will be obsessed with Sanjay. She will have more animosity seeing Durga’s closeness with Sanjay Prince. Durga and Sanjay’s pairing looks cute. Did you like Meri Durga’s leads pairing? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Aarti32

    Yes of course I like d pairing.. Shrish won my heart from SSEL, n getting her back on our TV screens feels rilli good..

    Paras, I guess a newbie..I always feel he resembles Rohan Mehra..but thank God he’s taller than Shrish ?I like their bickers..Durga gives fitting replies to SP n Aarti (I hate d fact dat her name is Aarti ?) Durga is smart n stuck to her decision of not running..

    Let’s see if we love DurJay as much as or more than Kriyyam ?❣

    1. Khushi1707

      Same here dii! I also think he looks like Rohan Mehra..

  2. Mithila Farzana

    I like srishti jain so much..she is doing fabulous job…none can be better durga than her..but SP’s character need to be improved..hope they will get better in future..

  3. I loved Shristi from SSEL and kriyam was awesome and lets see if Durjay will rock as well.!!

  4. I like Shrishti’ s character very much, but at this point, I cannot imagine how she will fall for someone so rude and disrespectful like the character portrayed by Paras Kalnawat! He has a long way to go before I can accept the pairing of the two characters! Sam shows more respect for Durga than this SP! i think the makers have overdone it when they created that scene in the ladies’ toilet! SP could have shown anger towards Durga , but not disrespect! But this is my opinion!

    1. Mona146

      it has become a trend to misbehave worst in the beginning and pair them any how either in the name of deceit or revenge and finally culminate the relationship. Same is being followed by most of the serials just to prove that couple fight first and love each other while doing so. Ex: ETRETR, Ishqbaaz etc

  5. Krishna wow i luv u a lotttttttt
    i loved my kriyam and it wud b wonderful to see her with wid paras
    though I wish karan jotwani plays the male lead so that i cud get my kriyam back

  6. gud but could hv been more better…..would hv loved it more if instead of his self obsession, sam would hv genuinely helped durga since durga needs a true friend to support her (in college) & give sp & aarti a befitting reply…….

  7. Satie Singh Jee

    Yes I like the pair Caribbean love guys

  8. Wish they had paired shristi with karan jotwani instead. Still love Durga

    1. me too only kriyam

  9. It has also become a trend to show extreme cruelty to sell a story.Is this what the public wants? If so then our society has fallen much more than I thought,A person doesn’t have to be beaten to death to show him or her look good.The ugliness in the family ( where we say in India it is all about family values) has become boring as has Durga’s everyday struggle just to show her a fighter. Bakwas. The Sports teacher had a friend in a top official -The DM and no one tried to find him?.He has dropped from the face of the earth and no body ,not his school ,not his friend ,other teachers try to find him? We are expected to swallow this?

  10. I love SP and Durga hatred which turns turns into love and also I think that SP is strong and good on the role that he is on
    Love you Durga and Sanjay ?????

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