Do you like marriage track in Chandra Nandni?


Star Plus’ Chandra Nandini recently had Chandra and Nandini’s marriage track. Chandra and Nandini’s historical wedding has happened. Avantika convinced Nandini to marry Chandra to secure all the women in their province. Nandini married Chandra to secure the queens and the women, by sacrificing her own existence. Nandini takes the responsibility to protect the respect of all those women. Nandini has stepped into her new life. Nandini has given her hand in Chandra’s hand. She got tied in the relation of marriage. With tears in eyes and revenge on mind, Nandini has all reasons to hate Chandra. The marriage track was much awaited since the show started. The track filled freshness in the show.

There was high dose drama in haldi rituals before the marriage. Nandini mixes poison in the haldi which was meant for Chandra. Chandra gets saved, as Chanakya replaces the haldi. Chandra tells Nandini that the haldi applied to groom should be applied to bride as well. When the poisonous haldi reaches back to Nandini, Nandini is applied that poisonous haldi. Chandra gets to know the poisonous haldi can hurt Nandini and saves her life by washing off the poisonous haldi before it affects her. He realizes Nandini can bear any poison, but not him. Chandra understands that his touch is like thorns and poison for her. Chandra will be hurting Nandini and torturing her to take revenge. The marriage got troublesome for Nandini. Chandra and Nandini hate each other. They both will try to outsmart each other. Chandra and Nandini’s intense chemistry is seen in the post marriage track. Do you like marriage track in Chandra Nandni? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Mona146

    god knows about intense chemistry but abusive scenes are increasing on TV

  2. Wonderful. Love them.

  3. Kaveri Madhavan

    No nandini character is illusion pls bring the real story in this serial chandra like durdhara and Helena but Durdhara is her favorite wife and also she is mother for her child bindhusar pls bring Durdhara and Chandra cute ones

  4. NABANITA626

    Yes the chemistry awesome but the scenes of 6th Dec episode!
    Oh my God!
    I see the serial regularly with my family at dinner table,but when i was seeing yesterday episode i wanted that time to run out from there……………………….
    Chandra is humiliating nandini by uncloth her in that way…….

  5. yes ofcrs

  6. lyk it most

  7. feeling sorry for u,NABANITA626

    but,I lyk the serial most..obviously Bcz of rajat..
    and plot is okay…

  8. Jayani

    Not bad but den wen it cums 2 dat haldi scene, helena’s mothe

    1. Jayani

      Helena’s mother is a criminal nd d marriage scene, nandini does kinda over acting… Dis is wat I thinknd in d poll it is written dat chanakya exchanged d haldi vessels but it is helena’s mom

  9. Plz this questions about Chandra nandini are useless for me.. As there is nothing like that ever happened.. N who said Chandragupta married helena first.. She was his second wife n that to after many years of durdhara’s death… Can’t you bring a better nandini… I mean she looks good but her acting is horrible then her character… And we should have a great round of applause for ekta kapoor n her writers… What a story.. Bua turns into sautan.. Daughter of the most powerful king becomes daughter of mukhiya of a small village… Daughter of one of the most famous greek king becomes daughter of a soldier… Great.. But keeping all this at side love the cast… Specially helena n durdhara…

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