Do you like Madirakshi-Vishal’s pairing in Jaat Ki Jugni?

Sony’s Jaat Ki Jugni got the fresh pairing of Vishal Vashishtha and Madirakshi Mundle. Both the actors are doing a commendable job as the leads in the explosive love story. The story is quite filmi, which makes it an entertaining show. Madirakshi plays the role of Munni, who is raised in a protective environment by her brothers. She is kind hearted and sensitive. The hero of the story, Bittu is bold, daring and a passionate lover type of guy. Bittu and Munni fall in love. Their love story does not proceed as they think.

Bittu and Munni face many troubles because of Munni’s brothers. Bittu does not get acceptance from Munni’s family. Bittu determines to complete his love story at any cost. Munni supports Bittu and begins their love journey. Munni’s brothers pose problems for them, which they overcome by the strength of their love. Madirakshi was earlier seen as Sita in Star Plus’ Siya Ke Ram, which won her many applauds. Vishal was seen in And TV’s Gangaa in the lead role of Sagar. Madirakshi and Vishal go on to win more hearts because of their good chemistry on screen. Do you like Madirakshi-Vishal’s pairing in Jaat Ki Jugni? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Krishnaa

    definitely!! 🙂

  2. Yup they look good.. But don’t know how long they’ll hold the audience.. Bcoz we can’t deny the ultimate truth that ekta kapoor have always had the best pairings of tv industry.. N it is just bcoz her pairing’s irresistible romance which keeps us going.. Though she never unite them.. Still we watch ( don’t know why??).. Be it our favorite ram-priya, shiv-sati, abhi-pragya, ritik-shivanya.. N many many many more.. She herself is single but has a good taste of casting and pairing…. ?? may be thats the reason she keeps everyone sad and single in her serials.. Some of them are married still live like singles.. ???

  3. Arni

    Its concept is totally flop.I dont like serials with this concepts

    1. Christie123

      I thonk you are r8.

  4. Arni

    Madirakhshi is good but visha,i just hate him

  5. Iam a huge fan of vishal ..He did many roles like baldev, anil ,daksh, and sagar ..his all roles are good but my favourite is sagar in current show he is playing the role of bittu which is also good. And l love the pair of vishal and madirakshi soo much they r doing great. All the best vishal and madirakshi dii just do ur best .& I know that u both will rock

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