Would you like a love triangle in Naamkaran?

Star Plus’ Naamkaran would be getting a love triangle among Avni, Neil and Juhi. Juhi gets rescued by Neil and Avni. Avni has risked her life to save Neil’s ex girlfriend. Avni was thinking Neil still loves Juhi, but he was just having a sense of responsibility towards Juhi. Neil had made his choice before itself that he will go ahead in life with Avni, though he couldn’t share his decision with Avni. Avni and Neil doesn’t let misunderstandings come in between them. Even Ali’s angle gets solved. Ali wishes them all the best for their married life.

Ali understands Avni is made for Neil. Ali wants Juhi to understand the same. Ali limits Juhi from getting in Neil’s life. Juhi understands she has lost Neil forever. Neil has made many vows to Juhi before, but couldn’t keep it. Juhi doesn’t want to come between the couple. She makes it evident that she has accepted Avni and Neil’s relationship. She expresses that there is no risk to their marriage by her side. Even though, there is a human tendency that Juhi’s heart longs for Neil. Juhi fails to forget Neil. Avni also fears that Juhi may return in Neil’s life. Neil clears all the insecurities in Avni’s mind. Would you like a love triangle in Naamkaran? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

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  1. Nikitansx

    Holy mother of Jesus. I’m sorry but if that Juhi even talks or touches Neil, I’m saying bye to the show. It has been for months and now finally the drama is ended. Why there has to be another f**king drama? When will we get to see Avneil confession? I’m literally sick, whenever a negative character ends we get happy but then another negative person comes. Why can’t Juhi instead take care of her daughter instead of trying to separate Avneil. I hope she gets Neil closer. I hope she won’t try to ruin Avni’s life, because Avni had risked her life so that she could escape and live a normal life

    1. LuvIBN

      dear i heard that Avneil are again getting married in church.
      and I’m sorry I couldnt understand that Juhi’s daughter part.
      if u can…. can u plz clear it….

    2. LuvIBN

      and dear im telling this after cing the onshoot pic

    3. Well said .. its like you read my mind!

  2. I am totally agree with you Nikita. I just want avneil together. Juhi has to leave from Neil’s life because he love avni only. But it is necessary to understand the feelings of love which avni kept inside her heart. I guess that avni will understand her love towards Neil soon. Only that way avni stop her attempt for uniting Neil & juhi. Avni had always struggle in her life. So she should deserve love. Only Neil loves her so much than own life. Avneil are made for each other. No one can separate them.

    1. LuvIBN

      and none will as avneil are getting married again in church. i have seen the onshoot pic

  3. Neil can go back with his Juhi…
    Ali and Avni can continue with their childhood love story…

  4. oh god no. this is not acceptable, i mean who would want this to hapeen? I totally agree with everyone’s comments above and believe that there should be no such thing!

  5. Koi love traingle and i heard its going to be a leap plz for god sake if u really think love triangle is necessary for now u can do but don’t take aleap guys plz director and writer u will spoil the story by taking aleap guys plz. Don’t do that.

  6. Plz guys don’t make another love and plz for god sake don’t take aleap in this .it is already moving great dont spoil it by taking a leap that’s what i heard in the spoilers.

  7. this show is a nice and unique show which should not be spoiled by any love triangle and neil has clearly said that avni is his present , just for drama sake they should not bring love triangle

  8. Nope I think Available deserve to be happy now she suffered a lot

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