Would you like a leap in Naamkaran?

Star Plus’ Naamkaran is going through a dramatic track. Avni has plotted her fake death to get rid of her obsessed lover Vidyut. Avni doesn’t want to receive the unwanted attention from him. She concludes that leaving the city and adapting a new identity will be giving her freedom to live. She wants Vidyut to believe her death and forget her completely. Avni makes a superb plan by which she secures her life from the fire, though she gets declared dead for the world. She feels sorry to make Neil suffer. She finds Neil’s family going through an emotional breakdown. Neil faces a psychotic depression phase after Avni’s loss.

Avni turns helpless to reveal her survival. She doesn’t want Neil’s family to become target of Vidyut’s obsession. Avni’s death troubles Neil and Vidyut as well. Vidyut accepts Avni’s death, while Neil has a belief that Avni will keep her promise and come back to him. The show will be getting a short leap. Avni will be seen in a new look. New characters will be entering the show. The rumors of Aditi Rathore aka Avni quitting Naamkarann are also spreading broad. Would you like a leap in Naamkaran? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    No… Not at all! We’ve had enough! Which kind of love is this… First because of Neil, Avni suffered and now before of Avni, Neil is suffering! Why don’t they sort out the things together! Please spare them and show some AvNeil scenes for which we’re waiting for so long. The dream of Avni for perfect family should be fulfilled by now! But anyways hope this leap turns out to be good AND if Aditi is quitting the show then I’m never going to watch this serial again though I like Zain a lot but without Aditi serial is incomplete!

    1. Maha_Aijaz


    2. Noone is quitting the show so relax maha aijaz they are just rumors. If aditi leaving noone is gonna watch the show if they brought very great pair to mr.zain.

  2. Who cares ? Makers have gone ahead with the leap and what we think doesn’t matter and on top of that they’ve gone for a 10 year leap!

    1. Ishika I know how u feel I feel the same way OK but atleast give them a second chance.everybody needs a second chance to correct what they have done wrong, right because we are humans and do mistakes. Just one chance guys.

  3. selina bhatti

    why do these serials are such rubbish? they make no sense at all

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