Would you like a leap in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre?

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre will soon see the end of the male lead character Adhiraj. There will be big twists and revelations in the track. Maasa will become Adhiraj’s bitter enemy. Adhiraj will be getting attacked by Maasa. Maasa’s hatred would get known to him. Maasa will be shooting Adhiraj and taking his life. Adhiraj will be seen bravely fighting with the goons. Maasa will reveal to him that she isn’t his biological mother. This marks his defeat as he breaks down emotionally. Adhiraj will reveal the big secret to Devi just before his death. He will be telling Devi that Maasa isn’t his real mother and wants to kill him.

Adhiraj and Devi will have few final moments of love and peace. Adhiraj will get surrounded by Maasa’s goons once again. He will make Devi swear to secure herself. Adhiraj will be dying by Maasa’s hands, despite Devi’s efforts to save him. After Devi’s departure, Maasa would be ending Adhiraj’s chapter. Adhiraj will be shot to death. He will be alive in Devi’s heart forever. The show will take a big leap of 25 years. It has to be seen how new characters get incorporated. Devi and Adhiraj’s daughter Devika will be introduced post leap. Actor Krrip Kapur Suri will be quitting the show. Yesha Rughani will be seen in dual role of Devi and Devika. Would you like a leap in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. This show needs to end.

  2. Nigerian girl

    Why do u guys always mess up a good thing? Are u tellin me that happiness dont last forever in your country?! Evil always win only in india. Sick writers. U need help.

    1. Nigerian Queen

      I was going to say this!!! It’s the same story like with Ek thi Raja,ek thi rani. Masa is meant to be the Badi rani ma **shoot me**
      Why didn’t you let us experience proper jogi between this two? **please no leap** It’s proper cray

  3. No, your can’t compare what happened in a fictional story to our country India.Evil doesn’t always win in India.
    I don’t watch this serial but I just came across your comment.
    Every one has right to express their opinions but you can’t offend anyone’s country .We love our country India.

    1. Sonakshi…Nigerian Girl has a valid point, but as these shows are shown not only in India but around the world it influences public opinion, because i have a back ground in copy writing for both TV and Radio i personally know that shows exaggerate circumstances, but there is not enough good things to counter act the bad in these serials so i think this is where the frustration lies for people that watch these shows, now this show in particular was bad right from the start, it just was one nasty thing after another done to the female character from mutilation to several grisly attempts on her life, it was so bad that it was impossible for us the audience to see the main male lead as anything but an abusive man still attached by the umbilical cord to his mother…We blame the writers and the producers in ruining this show which had amazing potential if it had stuck to the spirit of the “beauty and the beast theme..it didn’t, perhaps they should have read the book. and having said this i love some Indian soaps as well as pakistani dramas, this show just isn’t one of them. 🙂

  4. leisa s morris

    I dont c d reason for d leap nor d killin of adhiraj. How can d writers now come and say adhi isnt maasa’s son after everything dat has been done and dat she kills him. I dont know y these writers keep changin d original storyline and makin it into someting else. Wen someone writes a book it has logic anvjts followed throughout yet all these serials keep juming all over d place with no sense or forethought. I remember choti bhaho and it had 2 parts to it with d same leads yet we had diffetent elements dat d two were completely diff from each other and we enjoyed both and was enthrall from beginnin to end yet here u have different serials but dey all have d same plots and d geting away of evils everytime…..these writers need to take a leaf outta these past writers books cause dey knew wat dey were doin…dey were dealin with common sense and not using a child like mannerism to write scripts..its like dey have a serious lack of attetion span she dey keep jumpin from one sh.t to d nxt

  5. I do hope that a leap does not occur, we started to enjoy the program and the complicated love story. Please don’t kill it with an leap because you will loose viewers here in South Africa for certain. Adiraj is one of our favorite characters, at least prolong there love story, let good prevail over evil.

  6. Andy's favourite

    How can adhiraj die,and Devi gave birth to her self? Omg, I’ve not only wasted my time and my subscription money on this crazy soapy, how I wished I never followed it.

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