Would you like to have Kumkum Bhagya’s spin-off?

Zee Tv’s Kumkum Bhagya has presented the similar track of marriage again. Abhi was marrying Tanu. Pragya dressed up as the bride gave much hope to the viewers that she will end up marrying Abhi. Like the tried and tested way working for the show, Pragya gets kidnapped again. Abhi who begins wedding rounds with Tanu, leaves from the mandap to find Pragya. The show TRPs have raised because of the high melodrama. Nikhil is behind Pragya’s kidnapping. The evil doers always get a clean chit. It gets them many more better opportunities to separate Abhi and Pragya.

The fans of Kumkum Bhagya may have good expectations to see Abhi and Pragya united. Unfortunately, the track is getting dragged since many number of episodes. Pragya is seen weeping, Abhi is still searching for her, while Purab is being a helping hand. Pragya’s mother Sarla confronts Tanu for kidnapping Pragya. Nikhil is desperately trying to kill Pragya. His hired goon refuses to kill Pragya, getting emotional hearing her love story. Pragya buys some time. Tanu and Aaliya have their same unfulfilled wish of Pragya’s death, which they assume will solve their problem forever. To club it all, Kumkum Bhagya still brings the dilemma of Abhi and Pragya. The spin-off will get the story of Pragya’s family and her background. More of Pragya’s parents and their sorrowful struggles will be revealed. Would you like to have Kumkum Bhagya’s spin-off? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. In support of pragyas spin family spin off reavel what happened to pragyas father

  2. Mona146

    ide dandaga serial daridram epudu vadultunda ani choostunna. teesevadikaina buddudali leka choose vadikaina buddundali. deenki TRP provide chestunna maha prekshakulu evaro gani ekta kapoor ki baaaaaagaaaaaaa kavalasina vaaru

    1. Telugu….bale cheparu andi….the worst serial ever I have seen is kkb….such a creep story…..sath nibhana sathiya,yrkkh,sasural simar ka are even better than kkb….I don’t know how it is getting that much TRP…..hell of it…

      1. Mona146

        avi ante nandi yrkkh kochem better emo gani SNS lo love stories choodalekapotunnam and SSK mari comedy. oka 50 mandi nunchodaniki matrame puttinattu undi a serial. Kasepu stupid humans kasepu paranormal scenarios. God only knows.

      2. Nymisha281

        Even I agree…I hope at least now they unite abhigya

      3. yeahh! really! and did ekta kapoor didn’t get any other show or what? she wants to make a spin off of KB? like really? Whatching KB itself is a waste of time and now its spin off! God help us!

    2. Astra

      haha, yes. agreed with you.

    3. B_Ani

      truly true… correct. agree with every thing. once this was my fav but now it has reached a level that it can be no worse!!!

      1. Asmithaa

        Haan diii… it is so correct.. stupid shit always dragging.. writers we need Abhigya reunion.. plsss for gods sake don’t show the same crap again and again.. I feel like banging my head in the walll.. while reading the update… it is our request.. pls..??????

    4. Shrilatha

      Correctga chepparandi…dandaga serial…sudda waste…pragya.kumkum bhagya enta daridranga undi…ippudu..vala ammadi.kuda.chudala….deeni kante mana telugu serials nayam…atleast..oka logic untundi

      1. Correct ga chepparandi..kkb,yrkkh,sns,ssk kante Telugu serials chaala better.at least vatillo drag chesina eppatiko oka sari complete chestaaru …ivi asalu complete avutaayo ledo kuda doubt .

  3. Nope the original is the best but bcoz of sum uninteresting characters its not tat much interesting

  4. Kajol

    Beeter if they do it for purab bulbul

  5. We can’t tolerate your current serial…now thought to start new serial…1st change the track in your current serial…how many people hate this serial compare to like…dislike is more…I have a doubt..who told..your story is too interesting…it’s really boring..season 1…..u repeated same track at many times..u want to continue same thing in your season 2 also..1st change the track in current serial…your current serial is too too boring,draggging…I look surprised…y u never feel shame to create this kind of story script…we repeated our comments at many times…your current track is no story…again we are never ready to see same track at many times…finish your 1st season…your serial script destroyed the meaning of Kumkum bhagya…again don’t start….u can change the track in your current serial…I already complained to IBF…we never want this kind of worst director and script writer…lots of people feel ashamed to get this kind of worst director and script writer in indian television….but this director and writer never feel ashamed to create this kind of story script…..lots of people mocking about this serial script…it spoiled our cultural…marriage is not a game show…it’s holiness relationship…u spoiled the holiness of marriage… no new story..it’s really very boring…I request u…we never want new story…I feel very disgusting because of your season 1 story….Plze end your story…..

  6. I’m completely agree with you sowji .
    KKB is a soft porn serial.

  7. Raina

    they are dragging this serial for so many days!!

  8. maityswasanfan

    This is excessive DRAGGING! I think this show MUST END!

  9. please end the show

  10. Should end the show very bad show

  11. I wud rather they close all d serials dats been running for more Dan 5 years….n giv other new serials with new concepts a chance 2 shine…..
    but who s even listening ????

    1. n I am not supporting d spin off idea for kkb cos wen d original s beIN dragged den wat will b d condition of d spinoff??????

  12. Wow!! Jst bcz they want to show a spin-off, at any cost, they’ll show pragya’s family background..I mean didn’t they get anything interesting!!??

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