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Colors’ Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki got high drama by Rishi and Tanuja’s marriage. The fate has brought the lovers together by the lovely bond of marriage, but Rishi is not really happy the way the marriage happened by deceive and bride swapping. Tanuja was made to sit in the mandap by Rishi’s father Raj Bedi. Raj got to know some shocking truth about his would be bahu Malaika and decided to swap the bride for Rishi’s better future.

Everything will get fine between Rishi and Tanuja gradually after Rishi gets to know her better with time. Rishi understands that it was not Tanuja’s mistake, but Raj has made her sit in the mandap and marry him. Malaika comes running to the marriage venue. Malaika blames Tanuja for every bad happening. Tanuja is questioned by all the family members. Nobody listens to Tanuja’s explanation. The leads against Malaika are proved wrong. When the family reaches the hotel to check Malaika’s truth, she is proved innocent. Everyone blame Tanuja which gets sorrowful time for her. Rishi would accept Tanuja as his bride. The viewers can enjoy a interesting track with full on drama till Tanuja proves Malaika’s truth. Do you like Kasam’s current track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Shakaib

    Love it

  2. Me too shakib I too luv kasam current track

  3. Alister La Frenais

    I get a feeling of Deja vu with this serial. It would seem that history is repeating itself. Originally, when Rishi was trying to prove that Tanu’s would be husband was a two timing toad, all his efforts went in vain, including the hotel scene – does this ring a bell? Now 20 years forward, the same hotel scene with Malika and her lover, and then poof! no evidence casting doubt on Raja’s sanity. For goodness sake the show producers must employ better script writers, because the current trend this serial is taking is one of boredom and lack of imagination.

  4. So nice

  5. I love kasam
    Now only I came know that there is a written update

  6. Luv it….?

  7. Very bore track
    40 year but look young girl look old and story line is bad

  8. Very nice track, I love kasam

  9. Alister you are right. Watch the serial closely and you will get the feeling of deja vu again and EVery time . Earlier it was pawan and now malaika. Scenes are same too. Rano hated tanu and now tanuja too. I mean faces are same but personalities are different ? Cvs need to think differently. Now saas bahu drama will begin ,with girls always shown negative of the couple. ?Plotting. This serial was love story na? ?Show really lost the charm. Pata nahi kyun sab serials saas ko hi bura dikhati?mother in law are not always bad. And daughter in law are always not innocent. Change the perspective guys i mean cvs. Otherwise people will do kasam of not watching kasam. ?

  10. Annoying, I’ve never seen anyone who’s never had peace in their life like Tanu, it’s at the height of unbearable.

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