Do you like Kartik-Naira’s love track in YRKKH?


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s much hyped track of Akshara’s death got over. The story is moving ahead with Kartik and Naira as the prime leads. Actress Hina Khan left the show. Her exit was conceptualized dramatically. The track took good number of episodes before moving on with the happy romantic track of Kartik and Naira getting in limelight. There was much disappointment when Kartik was accused for Akshara’s death. The makers then showed the track change by getting a random guy as the culprit. It was a relief for KaiRa fans, who did not wish KaiRa to get separated.

The good thing is that the track did not drag for much time. Naira proved Kartik innocent on right time. Apologies and sorrows continued for some time. Happiness for Kaira is seen. The love story is back on track. The new family of Goenkas is equally interesting. There are complications in Kartik’s family. Naira will be mending Kartik’s relations. Naira will be seen evolving as a better match to Akshara’s personality. Naira will be uniting Kartik with his family, by striking the perfect balance between daughter and daughter in law’s duties. The show is going on well as per the viewers’ choice. Do you like Kartik-Naira’s love track in YRKKH? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Yrkkh is turning interesting day by day …kaira’s chemistry is ruling screens Nd making people fall for them with each passing day ….hope they both takes trps to a new height??

  2. Vrushy

    Just loving them !!
    The story and acting both are just superb. After naksh aka rohan coming back from big boss it would be more interesting. Also the entry of karthik’s elder brother who would be gayu’s love interest will attract more viewers.

  3. Kaira chemistry along with new family bring a new breath. Let’s wait and watch how Naira units the dysfunctional Goenkas. The show brings positivity in thoughts that you can win relations with love…..not like other serials….two three marriages, divorce, appearance after death, ghosts, rebirth, friends become villains then again become friends etc.
    I like Yah rishta kya kehlata hai……I hope people like it more and more.

    1. Yeah u r ryt … this show more about family values not like other soaps who think viewers r idiots believe their drama

  4. Yeah Karthik aur Naira’s Love story is interesting n we like it!!!
    I hope others also like it!!

  5. Yes I like The Current Track Of Show And Day-By-Day The Show In Turning Into More Twists And Turns.

  6. ShriyaT

    IS it a question to ask!!! Just love kaira and waiting for more kaira moments love mohsin and shivangi!!!!

    1. That was the easiest and the dumest question… that was asked.

  7. Who doesn’t like kaira Jodi!! Kaira is the best Jodi I hope yrkkh doesn’t go off air

  8. Kaira Jodi is the best !! Hope yrkkh does not go off air

  9. Avishi

    Kaira is always best always love them

  10. Best show ever! I love kaira…. ?…. I was never obsessed with something like this before… yrkkh is my favourite.

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