Do you like Jaana Na Dil Se Door’s mystery track?


Star Plus’ Jaana Na Dil Se Door got big twists after Shashank Vyas’ entry. His character of Ravish is seen as much sincere and true. Ravish and Vividha’s pairing was developing, but Atharv’s entry happened back in Vividha’s life. Vividha has taken the decision to stay with Atharv. Ravish calls off the marriage and limits himself from loving Vividha. Vividha gets saddened after realizing Atharv has lost his mental balance by Kailash’s attack.

Vividha dedicates her life towards Atharv’s welfare. While Ravish stays loyal towards Vividha and Atharv, the entry of Vividha’s sister Guddi happens in Vashisht house. Guddi gets attacked by Chintu. Ravish saves Guddi. The action and heroism of Ravish impresses Guddi. He gives her assurance that none can harm her from now on. Guddi gets infatuated with Ravish. Guddi gets crazy to get Ravish’s love. Vividha gets to know of Guddi’s infatuation. Vividha tries stopping Guddi from spoiling things in Vashisht house. Guddi threatens Vividha of exposing Atharv and Vividha’s affair. Before Guddi could succeed, she gets murdered by someone. There is lots of mystery around Guddi’s murder. Many love affairs come out in light while Vividha hunts for the mysterious murderer. Vividha doubts on almost all the family members. Ravish’s mother and grandpa also also in suspicion. The murder mystery is going on since long. It appears bit dragging. Do you like Jaana Na Dil Se Door’s mystery track? Let us know in this poll. You may also leave a comment.

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  1. No we are not liking the current mystery track. We want vitharv story to come back. Brother bonding between Atharva and Ravish. Responsibilities of Suman and Sujata towards ramakant’s family and how atharva being the elder son of the family can take story ahead with his love Vividha and younger brother Ravish.

  2. We want our artharva and Vividha to reunite y d hell is dis marriage concept happened too sad

  3. Any one in the world will wont like this new track.very waiting for vitharv unite

  4. This show needs to go off air, if you wanted Vividha with Ravish why even show her bonding with Atharv and equate them to Shiv Parvathi? Vividha will never be a Parvathi, with her inclination towards Ravish. You idiot writers made Vividha’s horrible father win. I hope the demons in your lives win too, maybe you won’t write such crap next time. So let Atharv and his mother die and that horrible Vividha end up with that equally annoying Ravish and be done with this stupid show.

  5. Sorry, but i like this track so much. Actually ravish ki entry show main charchand lagadia hai. Or ravidha is supoop or ye twist is also interesting. ??????????????????????????????????????love u ravidha???????

  6. jndsds is only for vitharvz love……plzz we need them back….stop this mystery track its becoming boring

  7. Hi yes, i too like this current track. Im watching this show from the very 1st episodes, but i wish to vividha and ravish to unite as they are legally married and Husband and Wife. Please CVS dont ever show any wrong message like breaking the marriage in order to join with her lover, still 99% of people still have a strong believe in the marriage and all rituals. Don’t just make a fun of it.

    1. So her evil father winning is just fine with you hey… marriage is not some shackle that should be carried around for life. Women like YOU make it a prison for others because you shame them when they try to be strong and walk away. You are backward.

  8. jndsds is only for vitharvz love……plzz we need them back….stop this mystery track its becoming boring……. missing old jndsd

  9. vidhatharv fan

    ye, makers please bring vidha and atharv meet. or if not atleast end this mystery act and bring back atharvs memory

  10. No .. we just want our old vitharv back .. please reunite our vitharv back .. bring atharva memory back and stop this boring track ..

  11. I also like ravish and vivtha pose unite them not atharv plse writers . Because in India all of them believe in marriage and ritual so plse unite vivdha and Ravish

  12. vivida athma se atharv se pyar karthi hain..nd about our indian culture atharv ne shadi sath vachan liye vivide se nd before their seperation atharv ne mang bara vivida they are wife nd husband plz jaldhi milavo vitharv ko..

  13. Plzzzzzz plzzzzzz get vitharv cute love story back….missing it a lot……stop continuing this crap and make it a happy ending

  14. Do any of the maker care if we like its or not????

  15. Do anyone really care if we like it or not???

  16. I really hate this track …we want our Vidhrav back….hoping for that…Ravish ko kuch bhi karakar Vividha ke zindagi se bahar nikalo…

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