Did you like Gulabo’s entry in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Star Plus’ hit show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein presented a big twist recently. Raman Bhalla’s transformation into a beautiful woman Gulabo kept the viewers glued to the tv screens. After the intense drama and Raman-Ishita’s separation, the show now gets a light entertainment by Gulabo’s entry. Gulabo has surprised everyone with the lovely looks.

Actor Karan Patel is playing a woman for the first time. Karan has played his role perfectly. He will be taking the drama ahead in a hilarious way now. He was seen as a dutiful son, loving husband and a protective father. Viewers well connect with his character. Now, the adorable angry young man will be doing his father’s duty by stepping in a woman’s role. Gulabo’s character is inspired by Kamal Haasan in Chachi 420. Gulabo will be seen handling the tensed situation of Bhalla family well. Even Divyanka Tripathi, who plays Ishita Bhalla had taken a guy’s disguise in the show. The lead pair has shown their talents by cross dressings. Did you like Gulabo’s entry in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein? Let us know your opinion in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. He looks so weird…and nothing like a girl!

  2. Mona146

    He looks ugly already…………why spoil the ladies look now? No one can ever play something kamal hasan did.

    1. Roby wolverine

      Agree.. I too watched ovai shanmugi.. He’s a fab actor.. This doesn’t suit karan at all.. They’re dragging this serial.

  3. Riana

    He looks funny in woman’s attire…


    Only copy of chachi 420…
    But chachi 420 was better than now a days of YHM

  5. its just height of stupidity , raman does not look good as gulabo . it is just disgusting . raman can be easily identified by ishitha in this look . if they think they r copying chachi 420 , its stupidity , because raman looks nowhere near a women but chachi 420’s hero looked woman . hope they end this stupid drama soon .i think they can find a track better than this

  6. I really feel DAT Ms. Ekta kapoor , the GREAT producer, and writers of yhm are expected to understand d feelings of viewers……. They r over and over repeating d same track……And if they are copying cha hi 420 I should say that at least kamal hasan had done sth from which he luked like a woman….. But Raman he luks like a transgender……. Chee….. Yuk….. And as yhm fan said raman can easily be identified by idhita…….

    U know guys first I used to luv this show lyk anything but now I don’t even feel looking at their faces…… I get irritated…… And on top of DAT ISHITA KI OVERACTING…… I seriously feel DAT divyanka tripathi has becum very overconfident after sh received many awards and I hate her and her dressing and make up sense

    1. I agree with you 100%…….no one could have said it as honestly as you, maybe viewers are afraid to say it. Thanks….it’s the truth.

    2. Agree with you…………

  7. Chachi 420 was a copy of English movies “mrs. Doubtfire” with Robin willams. That was the best . Kamal Hassan did not even come clost to that. Raman looks too big and broad as a woman. don’t like it. gulabo looks like a man. and the glasses are a dead giveaway. 🙁

  8. Looks Ugly. How can a wife not recognize him 🙂 🙂

  9. this divyanka tripathi is doing over acting , i used to love ishitha when the show started , it seemed real then, but now , since nidhi’s entry itself , the show is just unbelievable and disgusting . divyanka tripathi’s over acting is unbearable . there is no mohabbatein between ishitha and raman , then why is this show called yeh hai mohabbatein . they r seperated atleast three times till now . now abt raman acting as a woman . he is not at all looking like woman . it is so disgusting to see him . ishitha should be able to recognise him within seconds , this show has become useless now . jo bhi ho ishitha mahan . ruhi’s ishima left her daughter pihu and went away to attempt suicide , then how is she a good mother , but ishitha will always be shown as a mahan ma . now before somedays also when shagun got pregnant , ishitha was giving her advises , how can she , is this not funny? ishitha who has not even been pregnant once was advising shagun who is already a mother of three children including ishitha”s
    #jo bhi ho ishitha mahan rahegi

  10. Stop this crap yaar…. And uper se ishita’ s overacting…??

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