Do you like Ghulaam’s empowerment track?

Life Ok’s Ghulaam has got good change in the storyline. The show is no more of slavery and brutality. Ghulaam now presents an inspirational story of a loyal servant, who breaks all his bounds himself and sets for a fight for the justice. Veer’s slave Rangeela will be seen in a heroic avatar. Rangeela was always fearless, but now he got rebellious. Rangeela rebels against Veer’s tortures. He has suppressed his love for Shivani till now, hoping Shivani will find a life partner in Veer some day. He wished Veer and Shivani to have a happy life together, but Veer could not win Shivani’s heart ever.

Shivani always regarded Rangeela as her husband and loved him from the depth of her heart. Shivani’s true love has given the strength to Rangeela to take a stand for her in hour of need and voice out his feelings against Veer. Rangeela announces to Veer about giving wife’s place to Shivani in his life, which Veer failed to do. Rangeela saves Shivani’s respect, which was put at stake by Veer. Veer could not respect Shivani ever. Rangeela regretted to get Shivani in Berahampur and felt responsible towards her. Rangeela will now be seen fighting for women justice and empowerment, bringing a ray of hope in Berahampur. Do you like Ghulaam’s empowerment track? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Yes..the current track we waited for last..Waiting for coming episodes with eagerness..
    Pls dont show Rangeela back to being submissive..and want progress in Shira love story too

  2. Like the current track.. hope to see some love story and good understanding between Rangeela and Shivani..

  3. While I do like the concept of an empowerment track, I hope we will see real empowerment and progress, not a back and forth of Rangeela trying to figure himself out.

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Loving this track one of the best track of this show and ofc most awaited i thought it will take at a year if not 6 months for this track to fold as the show became a bit boring in a between but no this happened early and I liked it ??? but the Rangeela-Veer being stepbrothers was unnecessary and that seemed quite cliched and typical but for now the current track is awesome love this confident rangeela infront of his Malik too

  5. Yes I like this track ..crying baby becomes smiling shivani ….I want to see real empowerment and very good progress in.coming episodes..sweet and happy memories in rangeela’s life

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