Do you like ghost drama in Pardes?

Star Plus’ Pardes recently saw Arjun Bijlani’s character Raghav dying in a car accident, post which Naina marries Rehaan Khurana. Naina wanted to stay along with the child she delivered, and also take revenge of Raghav’s death. Raghav’s Dadi is training Naina in her revenge motives. Dadi is completely supportive of Naina. They both were too close to Raghav’s heart, and Raghav was also much close to their hearts. Naina can’t forget Raghav. She holds his memories. Naina takes the big step with the full fledged revenge plan in her mind. Raghav will be seen making an entry later on. As of now, the show brings Ahana’s spirit drama.

Ahana has returned as a ghost. She makes Naina a physical medium to return back in her household, and stay with her newborn baby. Naina is not aware of Ahana’s spirit captivating her. The track presented the ghost drama in a way, that it seems its part of Naina’s superb plan against Khurana family. Nevertheless, Ahana’s spirit has come back to safeguard her baby from her mum in law Harjeet’s bad intentions. Harjeet wants to murder the child and blame Naina for the crime, by taking advantage of Naina’s weird behavior. The show got unnecessary dragging by Khurana family’s story. Pardes would be better if story just focuses on Naina and Raghav’s love bond and their journey. Do you like ghost drama in Pardes? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Bringing ahana’s spirit is a nice twist fo all mystery to b cleared its high tim khurana to know truth about harjeet n brother n ahana death to giv justice. Raghav should com back n tak revenge on sudha n pam misdoings too n lov blossom wit naina

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    I am back to this show for its repeat telecast just because of the Ahana Spirit drama. Its quite interesting. Dhrasti is doing it perfectly. Missing Raghav if only he too was involved with Dadi..The fun would have be doubled.
    “Bhoot desh mein hai mera dil”.

  3. I like this only if naina is acting with dadi… If spirit is really entering to naina’s body, then this track must end soon on a positive note.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aww… another Astha in TU page.

  4. RoopaliVaishali

    The original story of this serial is long gone. With this twist this serial has taken the ordinary route of several Hindi serials.

  5. Santhiyalathamanian

    Actually this story was about Naina’s dreams and her mother’s support. This was the way they telecasted first. Then they gave us a good treat of raghav and naina love story. Now what is this? We need good tale of girl confidence. I excepted that. Drashti is an awesome actor. Sorry if my comment hurts anyone. I am sorry.

  6. I want Raghav and Naina banter

  7. rehaan naina

  8. Aditi_1075

    We want our Arjun back . We want Raina back. Can’t tolerate this ghost drama and Reyhaan with Naina
    Ekta should come with Arjun

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