Did you like the dual Dadi track in SSEL?


There is revelation made in recent episodes about Dadi/Chandrakala Birla and her twin evil sister. The fake Dadi was living with Birla family and none of them could notice the changes. She has executed all her crimes, right being among them. Even then, Yuvraaj did not let his trust on Dadi shake up. After knowing what Chandrakala did in the past, the family was convinced seeing the current Dadi happy with Suhani and treating her well. They did not know this new Dadi has come up with the plan to take revenge from Chandrakala and ruin their happy family.

The Birla family has all kind of characters under one roof. Fake Dadi is using all of their characteristics to create a Mahabharat at home. She has been scheming along with Sambhav. Sambhav is cheating Suhani by backstabbing her and joining hands with fake Dadi to settle scores with Yuvraaj. The only smart person seems to be Suhani, who works timely along with Yuvraaj to solve problems. Suhani finds out that Dadi is upto something and tries finding truth. Before, Suhani could get the real Dadi, Sambhav informs fake Dadi about Suhani and Yuvraaj looking for her. Fake Dadi plays a trick and meets Suhani and Yuvraaj, pretending to be real Dadi. There will be a face off between Dadi and her sister. It will be interesting to see how Suhani finds out their difference and identifies the real Dadi. Did you like the dual Dadi track in SSEL? Let us know in this poll and you may leave a comment as well.

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  1. No,it is a waste of time

  2. Please reveal sambhav’s truth to suhani and reunite yuvraaj and suhani. And then plan any track.
    This is like waste of time.

  3. Worst story

  4. Pls reveal the truth off sambhav and end this fake dadi’s track .. pls pls..
    Reunite Yuvraj and Suhani and start another track..

    I m fed up with this sambhav and fake dadi now.. just boring.. i watch this serial only for YuvAni … so pls reunite dem and start some another track..

  5. ek kaafi nhi this ki dusri le aaye? saaf zaahir hai, kaand karwa ke chandrakala chut jaaye isliye dusra sirdard khara kiya. bhaiyon, band kr do, saaf zahir hai ki aapke paas kuch dhang ki kahani nhi hai.

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