Like a dream we met-RagLak ff shots 2


Hiii frndz…dis s darshu…tq for ur response frndzz…i wil try continue regularly…lets strt..
Inauguration fnc ends ND evry1 disptches 2 their resp classes…
Ragz ND laksh belongs 2 different specialization…

•••In this epi am gonna introduce new character •••
Lakshmi nd dadaji wishes bst of lck 2 ragz 4r her 1st dy nd they get into their car…
Ragz waits 4r her frnd outside d class room…Finally she get into d class room whn she notices d class coordinator…
CC introduce herself nd gve general instructions 2 d students nd askd evry1 2 give self intro…
Ragz still wtches d door for her frnd…

Meanwhile laksh bunked his 1st dy class nd roam here nd there in the entire campus…
Suddenly laksh notices a girl running twrds his side(wait wait I knw wat u r thnkng…it’s nt lyk dat??)
Laksh:hey Sangi(it’s sangeetha-laksh’s cousin)
Sangi:hey..hii lucky…wat r u doing here
Laksh:hmm playing cricket…loosy grl I hav joind here…nd I didn’t expect u here ammu(her nick nme)
Sangi:Y da??
Laksh:I thought u would prefer outstation nd njy ur clg dyzz…hmm u too got struck here…
Sangi:am NT struckd…my frndz also chosen dis clg…so gonna hav blastful dyzz here
Laksh:oh Ho…y u were running dis mch faster nd whr r u gng???hav u seen paapa nd maa in the fnc??where is chachu nd chachi??I haven’t saw them n d mrng??they didn’t Tel me dat u too choose this campus???
Sangi:hey hello…plz giv me sum time 2 speak tooo…will ctch u later lucky…bcz am alrdy late 2 my classes…my frnd would b waiting for me..nd lastly don’t Cal me by nick nme inside d campus orelse I wil giv u tight punch…
Laksh:who??u va??lets see hw u would punch me…u can’t evn ctch me idiot
Sangi:will see u n d evng bhaai? ?…don’t wander here nd there..don’t skip ur class da…bye..
Laksh:bye ammu?

Sangi reaches d class nd ragz gets relieved finally…sangi nd ragz are besties frm schl dyzz…they did their schoolings outside Kolkata nd no one except sangi’s mom nd dad 1ly knws abt ragz…
Sangi nervously enters into d class room
CC:I don’t lyk people who r lte 2 my class…better come from tmrw onwards…this is ur 1st nd last warning…
Sangi:sry mam…hereafter I wil b on time
The class is over
Ragz:San,I hav been waiting 4r u outside…bt mam cme so I get into d class…sry yaar..
Sangi:it’s ok Ragu…am sry 4r being lte…i got struck wid my idiotic brother on d way…i knw u would b tensed..
Ragz:no pblm dr..u wil cum wid me r uncle wil cum nd pick u…
San:I wil cum with u da…
Ragz:ok den..cum 2 hme na..maa nd dadaji wil b hpy 2 see u…maa askd me 2 bring u hme 1dy
San:no Ragu…i wil cum for weekend..tdy I can’t mke it really sry dr..y bcz tdy I want 2 go to my bade paapa house…they haven’t see me 4r d past 2 yrs..if I dint go means badimaa will pull my ears..
Ragz:ok da…no pblm..
San:thnks ra…lets leav nw…
datz all 4r tdy…can’t write more bcz of my exams…so tell me frndz do u lyk it??…comments plzz

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  1. Sreevijayan

    Very sweeet update dr

  2. Tq drzzz ?

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    nice and plz can u use full words .xx

  4. superb part

  5. excellent superb amazing mind blowing plzzzz be regular don’t be late and plzz yaar give lakshya jeleousy please and plzz write more bcoz now raglak ff is very less and raglak fan missing them badly so plzz give them treat by giving me raglak ff

  6. Raglakholic

    Totally awesome update
    Loved ragini nd sangeetha bond
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon

  7. Darshini

    Tq for ur response frndzz…nxt time wil use full words..sry 4r nt rplyng individually…

  8. IQRA222

    awesome and superb

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  10. Good intro for sangeetha..? U hv to pay me for using my name..just kidding..continue writing..

  11. Darshini

    Tq drzz…

  12. Darshini

    Tq San…dedicated 2 u da? ND 4r all raglakians…

    1. Sangeetha

      Always welcome..

  13. Interesting episode and waiting for next episode

  14. SUPERB

  15. Darshini

    Tq everyone ?

  16. Asra

    awesome dear….

  17. Darshini

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