Do you like Dhruv getting negative in TPK?


Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki had the women vamps ruling till now. Shraddha and Vasundara have tortured Thapki enough. After Vasundara had a change of heart, she has become Thapki’s biggest support. Shraddha is still trying to get Thapki out of her life. But the sudden twist of heartbroken Dhruv adding up as the brand new villain in TPK raised interest. Initially, the short and troublesome Diwakar was the cause of Thapki’s problems. Now Dhruv has been breaking Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage, inorder to return the favor done by Bihaan in his marriage.

Dhruv got to know that Bihaan cheated him on Vasundara’s saying. He could not forgive Vasundara. Dhruv also got to know about Shraddha’s fake pregnant. Being ditched by his brother, mother and wife, Dhruv has lost belief on good things and relations. Dhruv just believes on his love and Thapki. Dhruv wants Thapki back in his life. Dhruv madly loves Thapki and had accepted his fate for keeping relations before, but now when he ended all relations with others, he wants Thapki to accept his love.

Dhruv and Thapki have a confrontation scene, where in Dhruv accepts all those cheap tricks he played to blame Bihaan and break Thapki’s marriage with Bihaan. He keeps a request infront of Thapki, to give him a chance to relive his love. Thapki refuses to accept his love and clears out that she just loves Bihaan. Dhruv challenges Thapki of stopping her marriage with Bihaan. Dhruv’s negative shade is overpowering the good character of Dhruv seen in the show’s beginning. Do you like Dhruv getting negative in TPK? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Hell yeah….i always wanted him to be negetive
    .now i want him to be blast off into pieces

  2. ,he is a gentleman.but he has also cheated by his family especially his mom.Which mother can do this with hers boy.
    ,he has deep pain and anger.
    ,I respect him.

  3. Lightsabre

    Druv was a gud sensible guy who cud hav easily moved on in life and though the serial is “thapki pyaar ki”…. wudnt hav hurt to bring in another charming girl to b druvs new luv interest.this wud hav helpd them create a diversion to add more interestin episodes insted of creating boring drag n morose angles such as aditi-diwakar drama. No harm in havin 2 luv tracks in a serial. Besides… this tracks unfair to druv fans ( aftral…they presumed him to b the lead). Also… druvs a wel educated calm man who deals with corrupt ministers n criminals and runs his own channel… i find this “psychotic ” episode hard to beliv…no mattr how much ppl try to justify it sayin “evrybdy cheated him”. Wud hv expectd him to b smarter…. atleast saner! Thumbs down.

  4. At least he got screen space like this

  5. Pls don’t turn dhruv negative dhruvs not the antagonist here it’s vasu and bihaan they are the first people to put dhruv into such a place and if bihaan had some brain why would he marry her brothers future wife???

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Even though Ankit is doing a great job in a negative role (I loved his acting in negative role more than positive role) I would say its not a good decision to make him a negative character. It is so unfair to ankit n tharuv fans. Already show is unfair for tharuv fans, I would say that despite being a big fan of thahaan. I wished it was tharuv and never thahaan in this show and manyasa in some new hindi serial as I hate it when tharuv fans bash thahaan fans for no reason. If this happened thahaan/manyasa would have got a greater fan following and definately won an award they deserve it. Honestly speaking I liked both tharuv and thahaan’s chemistry. But I love thahaan as their chemistry is too good according to me. Only reason why I watch this show is thahaan’s chemistry and nothing else. I liked the fact dhruv was a positive character only good thing about tpk besides thahaan’s chemistry but like other shows they also made the initial lead a negative role,which is so typical. If they made dhruv a postive character till the end would have been another appreciable thing for tpk.

  7. No offense and dont take it personally but some people need to get their facts correct.
    Blaming Tharuv fans always is not good.
    Please some people need read the comments proprly then, coz its specially the Thahaan fans who bash and foul mouth Tharuv and Dhruv especially for no reason.

  8. Hell yes.
    I am just loving him playing a negative character.

  9. Yes and no. In the whole scenario its him who is the loser. At start it was great to watch him. He was reasonable, calm, sensible. thapki and bihaan and his mother could not understand him. He was cheated badly and his reaction to it also was not good. Stopped watching it since thapki got married. Thapki-druv and aditi-bihaan would have been great.
    As positive character he would not got screen space but be just a statue. Really feel sad for this character which had great potential

    1. Dear R dont worry. After marriage the writers could not utilize his potential.
      They simply lost track of his character.
      And i too didnt like to see him standing like a statue and simply crying.
      And as far when its goes to him being turned into a negative character, I will always give a nod to the writers decision to it.
      Dhruv is a mere fictional character cultivated by the writers imagination.
      The real deal is Ankit Bathla.
      He is getting to play a meaty role, where his character has some meaning.
      He is par excellence in this role.
      So a yes from my side.

  10. Even in the beginning I did not like Dhruv now I can stand him.I fell like he is showing his true colors.
    Since the begin I fell like Thapki belong to bihan not Dhruv.
    with Dhruv when I saw is eye that anything can go wrong with him

  11. Luvleen

    I personally like his psychotic role…but it is unfair for those Ankit fans who feels he was dealt wrongly and should have given a better role to play.

  12. Radhika

    I stopped watching this show when thapki and bihan got married and everybody accepted that marriage. Seriously? That doesn’t happen in real life.
    About his negative character, negative role gets more attention than side hero. So it is good for ankit. But it’s not good for dhruv.

    1. Radhika you are absolutely right.
      Negative characters do gets everybody’s attention even sometimes they gather more attention than the protagonist themselves. And thats what happening on the show right now.
      So as an Ankit fan i would rather prefer to see him in this negative role rather then see him being the victim and stand in a corner crying.
      So yes i like that Dhruv has been turned into a psychoatic villain because we get to see Ankit outshine everyone.

  13. No…Am not intrested.. Dhruv z a gud sole..I love him more than Bihan..Dhruv z a gud handsome…Nop..itz not fare…

  14. I loved the chemistry of thapki and dhruv. Dhruv deserves thapki and not bihan.

  15. one and only THAHAAN….I like dhruv Turing to negative role….

  16. sum sum extreme volley lover

    I just liked how the serial was before thapki plus dhurv bihaann out thaahan zero thadruv always the best get lost in their lives bihaan pandey

  17. Where is Justice for Dhruv? I Understand that we have to move on with life but if God really exisits then i am sure he should do justice for Dhruv. Its easy to say forgive and move on…but only the one who goes through will understand the pain. Whilst it’s not wise to take personal revenge but i am sure in real life things really get better with God’s grace. We have to pray and act wise.

  18. ? ❤?? THAHAAN❤?? & Only ❤??❤?? THAHAAN…..THAHAAN❤??..THAAHAAN.??????
    It is no matter if Dhruv turns negative….lekin thahaan ko much nahi hona sahiayee….watching tpk only for THAAHAN…Don’t ruin their remarriage…because thapki never loved Dhruv….she luv bihan only Pls…CVS don’t separate Thahaan….

  19. Sorry typing mistake I want to say that thahaan ko much nahi hona sahieea…common vinu don’t take it seriously it is a fictional show & in real life these can’t happen just relax..?

  20. Sorry ,againtyping mistake ‘much’ nahi ‘kuch’

  21. thahaan thahaan thahaan

  22. I love thahaan,,…bt Dhruv is justified,,,he didn’t move on in life coz he got the worst partner…Thapki moved on bcoz of Bihan’s love,,,kinda love which Dhruv never got frm his wife

    1. Exactly. Even i feel the same. He would have moved on but shraddha didn’t give him time to do so

      1. yea,,,,I’m feeling bad for Dhruv seeing his state,,,

  23. Any person who loves someone deeply can’t see them getting married to someone. I know Dhruv is wrong but his own mom is the reason for this negativity. Dhruv is the only person who never humiliated thapki about her stammering. Even bihaan used to insult her .inspite of being si good only faced betrayal from his loved ones. He is not a god. After all, he is a human being who can’t take all this. So we can’t expect him to change instantly and become mahaan atma like thapki. But once the truth is out, he should be given one chance to transform. When That drama queen shraddha has got a chance then why can’t dhruv. If shraddha would have been a good wife, she would have helped Dhruv in moving on.

  24. I just love the BG music that plays for Dhruv. It’s very passionate and stylish

  25. dhruv should be positive lead role only. he is much good looking smart. and what i feel to keep audience attracted apart from story and acting looks of main lead actor matters.. vihaan doednt luk gud. he is not tall handsome. he is just average guy.. so from the time he is main role onscreen i didnt like to watch show. neither thapki and vihaan luks gud together nor their chemistry luks gud. dhruv and thapki used to look gud together.. their chemistry was awesum. so its my suggestion to make dhruv again as lead role else people will slowly stop watching show.. its my personal view.thanks

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