Do you like the current track of swaragini


The current track is kinda useless. It has too much drama but if it is not for swasan most of the people would not watch this drama. And dadi trying to kill sumis baby and swara memory loss is just too much. And most of all swara has to be the one who’s has to save everyone. The name of the show is swaragini but importance is only for swara. She is the hero. But a little happy as ragini is also starting to get equal importance. But another thing is that why did they have to make parineeta negative I mean she was alright all these days and suddenly out of nowhere she gets jealous. Now because of that she is planning on a revenge against swara.
I am sorry If I hurt any fans but according to my views I don’t like the current track much. I only like it because of swasan.
Tell me your views in comment below

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  1. I too agree with you……..though the name of the serial is swaragini , only swara is getting much importance…….b4 raglak united parineeta was all ri8 with swara…but suddenly she bcame a vamp and now wants revenge on swara………..

  2. They can bring new characters… They can kill some existing characters… Bt they are out of creativity now…. When SwaSan were together again ragini n fake marriage… That track was way more intresting than this….
    Bt I still watch show even repeats… Cz of varun ?????

  3. I’m excited for he memory loss track if it happens at all. And yeah, I do agree Swaragini should be given equal importance even though the sole reason I watch it cause of Varun ??

    And Pari becoming negative out of nowhere is just a lame idea. And the most disgusting thing is… Dadi trying to kill Sumi cause she’s pregnant. That makes no sense to me.

    I just hope they don’t separate Swasan in memory loss track but make them fall in love with each other all over again. That would be cute:)

    1. I agree with you dear…memory loss track can be good if they show love…and I am a silent read of all ur ffs. They ae lovely…specially Fixing Broken Souls… I loved its concept…update that soon…the mystery is killing me…

    2. i read a source in which it says like its swaras plan to act lyk memory loss as it will postpone the marraige

  4. Dear…somehow I agree with u…but now in the current episode they are again making the serial interesting. ..I was kind of useless track when rajat was not in the story when parineeta was negative..but now they are trying to make it more interesting….
    I don’t know why u people say that ragini is not given importance…she was given importance but she was shown to be negative..just think when ragini wax negative the trp of the serial were increasing day by day…at that time swara was also the saviour and now also she is the saviour but the difference is that ragini is positive now that’s y the serial rarely come on the top 10 shows…
    Sorry if any of my words hurt…
    I know my comment is long but do read…

    1. It’s OK dear I agree with you too. Any ways no need to ask sorry everyone has the right to express their views?

      1. Couldn’t use my tab so that’s y on my sis name

      2. Thank u soo much dear for supporting me..I thought everyone will bash me after reading my comment. …??

  5. hey guyz i agree that cvs are not doing proper impotance in swara and ragini they should give equal importance but moreover they are trying to give importance to both the couples that is swasan and raglak so guyz dontstop watching yr

  6. I too agree I also watch only for SwaSan scencs

  7. S I too feel t same both pairs r given imp I don’t feel t diff…wen raglak come I can’t c anyone else tey r really cute…swasan also…both rocks…nd I’m eagerly waiting fr memory loss drama…v can c t love btwn t pairs wen tey r apart…nd s I want to c ragsan(frnds)bcoz I like tem as pair too…bt atlast want raglak nd swasan

  8. Guys d makers cldnt give equal importance to swara and ragini earlier bcz ragini aka tejaswini was busy shooting for a movie but now they are trying to do so and adjusting according to tejaswini’s schedule… So that is why we are only seeing swara so much lately…

  9. I tòoooooo agree with u ………. UNKNOWM.
    Actually i dont know wats happening in swaragini.anyway i am happy tat ragini and laksh united.And she is looking dam cute?but swara i wish creators xould change her appearence.Anyway,,,
    The curent track is very borring… every where swara is being MAHAAN??I hate it.but anyways SWASAN??????its only becoz of tem tat i am watching swaragini……..

    1. I totally agree with u meenu. Me too love swasan.
      Don’t worry bout name coz I’m using MA sis phone to reply

  10. Guys get ready for swasan love story part 2 .personally m very exited. And for those who r feeling swara mahan, guys just put urself in their place.swara being brought up in family of 3 womens that’s why she is strong because she know that she have to face this male dominating society alone and hence this made her that strong that she is person with lots of experience and bravery in this short age. She can judge a person only by his or her body language.whether ragini being the only daughter that too widout mother is pampered and protected by her dadi and dad. They never let her face the cruel world that’s why she is still innocent and can’t get things easily. And this makes swara matured than her age and ragini way too innocent to understand these things.

    1. And personally I think if India will get police officers like swara , the criminal would immediately surrender themselves only after looking at her cute face???????????????????

      1. I’m very excited for memory loss track too. Yep swara would make a very good police officer.???LOL

    2. I agree with you shivi but this doesn’t mean a story of sisters and story of a girl who lived her childhood with her maa and dida facing the worst society. Ragini is pamphered from childhood as dadi doesn’t want her to feel bad as she lost her mom, moreover she was hurt a lot when she came to know that her dad never loved her mother, she faced a lot in love which made her turn as a villain. I love Ragini than Swara

      1. “love some1 enough to let them go if ur luv is true it’ll come back 2 u.” i hope u hv heard dis. And in case of ragini , i think that was childishness and somewhere overpamperness of her grandma which made her villian.

      2. You r ryt shivi

  11. and belive me i also like their sis bond coz i also wanted a sister but i dont have any.

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