Do you like Child marriage track again in Balika Vadhu?


Balika Vadhu is a tale of a girl, Anandi, who had fell prey of the illegal practice of Child Marriage. Balika Vadhu has successful run of seven years.he story about how Anandi fought for her rights and how she fought against Child Marriage practice. While Shiv’s family had gone from the show, a new family is introduced. The new track post leap is about Anandi and her three month old daughter, Nandini/ Nimboli.

Akheraj Singh kidnaps Nimboli and gets her married to his son Kundan. Harkhi Devi is Nandini / Nimboli’s cunning, impolite and gender biased mother-in-law. Balika Vadhu – Ek Naya Adhyay is about Nandini/Nimboli’s struggle and how Anandi reacts when she sees her daughter falling prey of such practice which she always opposed.

With an 11-year-old leap, the show makers are set to revisit the original theme of the show to highlight the plight of young brides forced into a marriage at an early age. The focus will be on protagonist Anandi’s daughter Nimboli, who has been kidnapped and finds herself bound by the chains that plagued Anandi’s own childhood — child marriage. Let us know in this poll about this new track in the show.

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  2. […] Also check ‘Do you like Child marriage track again in Balika Vadhu?’ […]

  3. how can it happen once again??!!!!! dat too to the daughter of “balika vadhu”….

  4. […] Also check ‘Do you like Child marriage track again in Balika Vadhu?’ […]

  5. No, the track seems boring and repetition. The in-laws of nimboli are showing cruelity towards a child which is intolerable. Anandi staying at Badi Haveli for 11 years seems to justify the child marriage as Anandi’s first husband and in-laws have supported her after Shiv’s death.

  6. Ya it’s really boring.

  7. Bhavana Desai

    It is good to show, old ideas could be changed as the world moves forward. Let Akhirashingh’s family be exposed to new ideas and let them join the world of knowledge and progress.

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