Do you like Champak’s track in Kumkum Bhagya?


Zee’s Kumkum Bhagya finally looks like getting some proper track coming. Champak would just get Pragya and Abhi closer, as Abhi’s jealousy and restlessness is getting increased. Tanu and Nikhil planted Pragya’s boyfriend Champak. Tanu points to Pragya’s lecture about her Kumkum, her Maryada and character. Tanu remarks Pragya for going mad about Champak and not caring of her marriage with Abhi. Tanu’s accusations get high and high on Pragya. Pragya does not get any supporting statement from Abhi. Tanu threatens Pragya to prove her wrong.

Purab tries to get the truth out of the bags, but Tanu stops Purab. Tanu makes Abhi believe that Pragya is characterless. Tanu provokes Abhi against Pragya and Champak. She tells how Pragya and Champak were romancing in a closed room. Poor Pragya tries hard to give an explanation to Abhi. The video Tanu shoots of Pragya and Champak totally shatters Abhi. Pragya defends herself and calls Tanu a liar. Tanu and Pragya’s arguments, and Pragya and Abhi’s nok jhok always continues. Tanu blames Pragya for having an illicit affair with her boyfriend Champak. In upcoming track, Pragya will be getting a DNA report of Tanu’s baby, which proves the baby is not Abhi’s. Abhi will get another shock about Tanu. It has to be seen how Pragya succeeds this time and clears her image from the planted affair and also expose Tanu’s truth which was wrapped since years. Do you like Champak’s track in Kumkum Bhagya? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. I honestly hate this show 😛

  2. Total waste of time and the story is moving no where with tanu being pregnant for one and a half year. I stopped watching this show for 4 months and nothing has moved. looks like the writers of this show are brain dead more over the directors and producers have lost their mind. any way the dramas are mish mash of bollywood movies and other dramas. if you see the common trend in all the shows:
    Child not talking to parents for some misunderstanding
    extra marital affair
    some outsider walking in and taking over the house
    spouse dying/dead and comes back to life after some time
    scheming, twisted shows

    1. ABSOLUTELY right… brain dead is just the precise description for the writers

  3. Because of champak so much fun is going on it’s ok to see because of him abhi’s jealousy was increased and his restless towards pragya and his fear losing pragya and his antics to prove best himself in front of pragya was gd but nice they ended his track soon

  4. I already stopped to watch this serial guys just think this track never needed for this story..easily they can prove tanu pregant with not abi child…this kind of unwanted scene never need for this story…this much year they r dragging when tanu said pregant that minute they taking this DNA TEST..thats minute they all knew she is not carrying abi child in her womb…i hate this kind of worst track…this kind of lengthy episode never need this serial..previous i lyked the story and hero heroin acting but now how much before lyk this story that much i hate this story …hereafter my friends and me decided v never watch ekta kapoor show…ekta kapoor all serial showing same story..same track nothing difference in this story ..if u all ppl doubt on me juz check it….guys this jealous sequence never needed for this story…tanu track proved in 3month after that this champak scene came i enjoyed the track thatz a minute but now this is never need this story…hero believes alot evil not his wife wat type of man he is…this kind of untrustworthy person y he married our pragya he luv our pragya truely he trust her words not believe other words and proof…this is not trueluv…i frankly say episode 280 to till now….i don’t like this track i don’t like this show…this DNA scene now only thinking this director…KKB already lost their ratings and fans also…i never support this kind of evil track ever and my friends 100ppl stopped to watch this serial guys i lyk all story in teleupdates story compare to real KkB ur story r tooo better thatz the reason i am reading ur story….

  5. One characterless lady blaming like she is pure. And another Abhi the dumb is hearing and rest the dumb group (Rachana, Purab, Akash Specially Dadi) as ususal no mouth to open. I doubt on promo also with these possibilities (Tanu’s Dream, Pragya’s Dream, Tanu play with the evidence) and for sure this evidence also not enough to that dumb Abhi. May be he is waiting to check is his baby look like him or nikil. And every time Tanu and Nikil plan is full proofed even I can say they are smart. But with dumb praya and her dumb party even more than 4 their plan always fail. Some time somebody steel her recording, deleted etc., etc.

  6. Hey I totally agree with u guys. even I hate tis show.. but I love abhi and pragya…I just think this show needs a better written..pls change the script writer of kkb … this show is blessed with excellent actors… great editor and wonderful director….it’s the writer who is spoiling the show… I stopped watching this serial since Jan.but I love abhigya pls don’t end tis serial..but for heaven’s sake pls end tanu’s track… if her exposure is difficult at least abort it , like tanu faces an accident and the baby is aborted..and start with abhigya’s prem pyaar kahaani.even champak tracks is fine… if the writer has no good idea.. then start kkb season 2..take a story from the ff’s .. and I guarantee that it will in crease Ur t.r.b. rating.. ’cause the fans are upset with the story ..but are crazy about abhi and pragya pair…

  7. I just hope ekta kapoor starts season 2 kkb with a ff story..

  8. Really not interest to say

  9. just stop tis stupid serial its wil b nice… so annoying… hate it as much as can

  10. I just hate champak, but in advertisement they showed pragya showing DNA test of tanu i am waiting for it i like champak’s just for this.

  11. Kashaf

    I used to love this show,now rarely watch it but whatever sriti and shabbir has amazing chemistry

  12. Hai friends,,I also hate this show now…But friends plzz remmbr one thing,DNA test can’t be done wthout Tanu ‘ s permission..And for a foetal DNA test there should be a specific indication..

  13. Hated the episode. Why do you give so much air time to tanu. Can’t anyone speak up. Daadi and others are always plotting but nothing comes out of it.
    I hope no one out there has a boyfriend / husband like Abi. Just watch, abhi will become all dovey as if nothing happened. When will this Champak story end, hate his episodes. However his role is much tougher than stupid Abhi.

  14. Why bother with Dan test result – taking will steal it anyway.

    Also why showing Pragya being drugged with ‘date rape drug’ very irresponsible of the producers. Enough nuts around without giving them further ideas

  15. There is nothing left worth liking in this serial now

  16. Every bad thing that could possibly happen to any woman is what this series is all about. rather unfortunate as one would think the producers would know that KKB is shown at prime time. now this Champak thing is beyond belief! please remove him immediately.

  17. Yeah DNA ka idea phele kyun nahi aaya.typical no (sense) show.imagination ki toh koi limit hi nahi iss show m. Please ekta kapoor please wrap the show bring something sriti and shabbir are good actors.

  18. Kum kum bhagya has no story and they are just dragging it. It’s just getting boring day by day watching the same pragya n tanus drama. Abhi is playing the lead and his role portrays him as a dumb guy who can’t see or sense what is happening around him

  19. I seriously don’t watch this but still after reading the summary I got bored. One proverb” no logic story no fans

  20. Seriously all r just waste of time,,i left watching the a year ago but still its dragging tanu’s elephant pregnancy !! N
    abhi so called hero oops No
    Zero dumb cant he himself try to know the truth by dna test lyk real hero bt no he want anyone to cm n tell him ,,wth cnt he beleive his dadi n frnd
    Ab bulbul bhi nh h its gud mrunal left the show ,,,actually what the writer n director wnt to tell society !! IT should wrap up

  21. Love word ka tho koi meaning hi nh h yaha ,love is trust but abhi cnt trust pragya this is what love NO ,.Worst example fr True love ,Marriage,etcc

  22. There should be a medical warning on this show : “THIS SHOW IS HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH”. We are hooked on it regardless of the horrible story line and the attitudes towards women, date rape drug and fabrication.
    Abhi still does not know who hired champak, or does he.

  23. This is the worst hindi show that I ever seen… from years together serial is going on a single track… such a shitty serial… til now I feel like abhi is a joker abhi is a zero abhi is a villan abhi is a dumb person…. He did not prove himself that he is the hero of the show at least not even once… what a dumb show ever and ever… I’m happy that I stopped this bullshit show long time back… another one is even we hate this show to the core, even we comment badly on this show writers won’t change their track… because they are deaf and dumb fellows…. senseless idiots…. This poll is utter waste….

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