Do you like Bihaan and Thapki’s love track in TPK?

Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki is now bringing the love track of Bihaan and Thapki. As the viewers would have seen in the show, Thapki is giving another chance to her marriage just to get her marriage truth known. Thapki is eager to find out the third person present in Dhruv’s room on the wedding night. Thapki stayed in Pandey Nivaas after reading the message in Bihaan’s phone. Thapki wants to just know the entire truth and her biggest enemy. She then decides to leave the home. But there are many things between Thapki’s mission and her stay in the house.

Bihaan started falling for Thapki. After a fight with his death, Bihaan grew his feelings for Thapki. He was struck seeing the care and concern in her eyes. While he was happy to have her in his life, the shock given by Thapki asking for divorce just intensified his emotions. The current track shows Bihaan going nuts in his just realizing love. Bihaan hears dhol music around him and everything gets cheerful when he sights Thapki. He started imagining her everywhere. Bihaan is taking ultra care of Thapki and wants to give her happiness of the entire world. Bihaan’s sweet and cute love story is very interesting. Thapki Pyaar Ki’s Ghazab love of Bihaan and Thapki started. Do you find Thapki and Bihaan’s love track interesting? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    It is good but I thought they will unite dhruvki but it is OK thahaan also nice pair

  2. Pls unite thahaan! Bihan always believe thapki & support her but not druv.Dhruv doesn’t deserve thapki!,pls unite thahaan & make thapki accept her feelings towards bihan !!!

  3. i realy like bihaan and thapki couple i hope they wil hug in next episode i think after knowing the truth thapki will also love bihaan plz dont change this twist

  4. Love hone ke baadh bi romance common hai …..waise bi eye lock dekh ke boring hogaya aye….
    Alli thahaan fans want to love come romance…..
    But track still too much of dragging. ….
    I want thahaan re marriage and 1st marriage full truth……

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Mujge lga tha ki dhurv or thapki sath honge …. but now i am not interested in watching…

  6. Sakthi

    Stupid poll will senseless options.. I hate tpk after thapki dhruv’s separation ..CVS had ruined a good story

  7. vinlora

    Thahaan is the best pair ever..Bihaan always trust and support thapki… Even thapki has feelings for bihaan but she has to realise it…They both compliment each other…waise hamare moti budhi Bihaan pAndey ko pyaar hoyi gaya…..Gazaaab…..

  8. iyenene

    Funny how ppl say bihaan supports Thapki and druv doesn’t, all d actors are playing the script given to them my writer, the problem isn’t the actors but the story! I don’t get the moral of TPK…is that it’s ok for a brother to betray his other an marry his woman or is also ok for a mother to manipulate the love of an adopted son to destroy the love life of her biological son simply Becos the lady he loves stammers? what I know of India I watch on CNN or thru Indian serials but finding that most soap lack any authentic moral story that can inspire the viewers to be better persons or that evil has consequences, mostly see ppl getting away with evil in almost all d series, which is a little scary for me. My opinion of all their series: Great Actors But Unrealistic or base less storyline

    • Ammu

      U r very correct… Even I feel d same. The plot is very irritating.
      In the begining I liked the concept. After bihan married thapki I stopped watching .
      Nonsense story. Irritating plots

    • parvini

      i agree with you,the story line is horrible. Come on trust that the viewers are not 13 to 16 years old. I mean it’s so far fetched, i thought it was about people overcoming blocks in life due to a weakness.

      Thapki stammering she is still stuck on stupid being weak..

      Bhiaan not college educated but he is the only one that evolves in the show, into a mature adult. Just true heart that do good. Good never really wins in this show..

      I like the spark between Bhiaan and thapki..but they will never be a couple as far as the producers/horrible director/writers are concerned. come one

    • jitha

      U r absolutely right.i too feel this same.they doesnt hv a crrct stry moral also.jst showing smethng to get trp.

  9. ariya

    The love track between Thahaan is just fab I was waiting for the love and romance between them feeling very happy and excited to see more and more romantic scenes

  10. Inde

    Do you think what happened to thapki during the wedding would be acceptable in a real situation? The betrayal of bihaan and vasundara is too hard to forget.

  11. Fatarajo

    Of course I m loving this track, but I want Bihaan to confess love to Thapki soon n Thapki also realize her love hope they don’t drag their love confession or realization, honestly speaking initially I was a Dhruvki fan but thahaan is too good, I accepted thahaan but now they are just fabulous, so I m a thahaan fan just lov their nok-Jhok too good

  12. sham

    they are not good fare as he cheated her because of his mother and married. May be Tapki can love any body as she has feeling to everybody first Diwakar, Dhruv and now Bihan what about Dhruv he loves Tapki till now

  13. anu

    i really cant understand that why some of u want to unite tharuv
    i know dhruv loves thapki but why he didn’t saw truth in her eyes when she come to dhruv to tell shraddha’s truth.
    how can his love so foolish?
    if u want proof that how much bihaan loves her trust her even he don’t love her thapki too realise his goodness.
    now bihaan realise his feelings & its good i know after knowing the truth thapki will also realise her love for bihaan.
    Love thahaan a lot
    the true lovers

    i m dhruki fan earlier but now i m huge fan of thahaan
    love thahaan

    • sham

      First Tapki forced him to marry with Shradda and at last moment if she give some proof who will accept. As i remember he waited each moment Tapki to stop wedding but first she forced him to marry

      • anu

        hey sham i respect ur feelings i know u r hurt as thapki marry happens with bihaan
        but i don’t know that why u not accept thahaan u have to accept reality.Thahaan love is from the soul they r meant for each other & about dhruv i don’t think someone is so fool who will not listen about his/her FIANCE past or anything.Dhruv marry shraddha only for her mother & thapki also try to let dhruv move on bcoz she want to see him happy how u can say that thapki is bad.Its all bcoZ Vasu who did this say her not to our thahaan who is very innocent & made for each other couple
        thahaan marriage is fraud done by vasu but now its turn into a pure relationship
        we have to accept the truth & enjoy the ongoing track.
        Dhruv had face injustice but soon he will also realise that his love for thapki is not so pure & truthful as thahaan love.
        Thapki never love dhruv i think she always attract towards him and she only agree marry to him to see his goodness.
        i know somewhere she has feelings but she never express it than how can u say that Tharuv r the real couple.
        thapki concern for bihaan
        she cares for bihaan
        she surely realise the feelings and accept him i know.

  14. RaNan fan

    Jigyasa & manish already worked before in a regional channel serial ,Chore tera gaon bada pyara as lead pair

  15. Deepu

    When thahaan got mrd untill now I wait for only there romance.
    its okay one side love soon thapki also realise that
    thahaan rocksss

  16. Malu

    Thahaan rockss
    want more romance.
    since loong we wait for this
    this is the right time start thahaan romance otherways show will be boring only sbs

  17. Sumu

    Eagerly waiting for this track…
    wondering if thapki had any feel for bihaan.
    plz love story make long

  18. Thahaan

    Plz cvs dnt reunite tharuv we want only thahaan. Thahaan is the heart of the tpk dnt separate them we have very eagerly waiting for thahaan confession we love manyasa

  19. nims

    dont say dhruv doest belive thapki.thapki s the first persob who didnt believe dhruv after their marriage.and they all made dhruv to not trust thapki.even thapki s part of tht.dhruv in his heart deeply want thapki.and their pair was cute abd matured one.
    thahan s good.itz i guess bihaan and aditi vl be btr pair than thahaan

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