Do you like Beyhadh’s obsessed love track?

Sony’s Beyhadh has powerful actors, portraying well defined distinct characters. The show was accepted well right from the first week. Beyhadh brought similar concept from hindi movies, where serious obsession is seen. Such craze in love becomes the reason for many crimes, and also spoils other’s life. Beyhadh’s lead character Maya is obsessed with Arjun. Maya believes in passion, madness and determination to get love, than giving sacrifices and shedding tears in true love. Maya is completely opposite of the other lead Saanjh, who happens to be Arjun’s best friend.

Saanjh is in love with Arjun and has genuine concern for Arjun. On the other hand, Maya is very possessive about Arjun. If anyone hurts Arjun, Maya becomes the revenge taker. Likewise, Maya can’t stand Saanjh coming close to Arjun. Maya wants to trap Arjun in her love. Maya’s obsession, fears and madness are shown clearly now. Maya proposes Arjun in the hot air balloon, being in the middle of the sky so that Arjun does not have any option to say now. Maya keeps Saanjh away from Arjun. Arjun does not know in which big trap did he fall by his charming nature. The show is going on interesting. The viewers have to see how Saanjh saves Arjun from Maya’s obsession. Do you like Beyhadh’s obsessed love track? Let us know your opinion in the poll.


  1. Anzum

    obviously.. amazing..
    but m finding Maya’s love for Arjun 100% pure And Finding Sanjh as an obsessed lover instead.. she keeps following him,scolding him!she gives unnecessary advise also.if she loves him she can also wait!lol…she blames maya but herself does every wrong deeds😂😂😂

  2. Priya

    Hey correction,Sanj can’t save arzun.i don’t lyk her and her concerns r not genuine either. Maya did nothing dangerous till now so there is no trap.clean obsessed love story.don’t ruin ds by making maya villain.. huh

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