Did you like Beyhadh’s marriage twist?

Sony’s romantic thriller show Beyhadh recently had the suspense driven marriage track. Arjun and Maya’s marriage is the new twist in the tale. Ashwin wants to stop the marriage at any cost. He was doing everything possible to ruin Maya’s happiness. Ashwin breaks out Maya’s childhood incident to Arjun’s mother. Maya’s psychotic truth gets known to Arjun’s mother and Saanjh. Saanjh reaches the marriage mandap on time and stops the rituals. Arjun’s mother tells him Maya’s shocking truth of stabbing her father when she was a little girl. Arjun does not get affected knowing Maya’s truth. Maya acts absolutely normal and tells Arjun how Ashwin always wanted to ruin her life. Maya fights with her fears, just as Saanjh wanted to see.

Arjun and Maya exchange their Beyhadh Ishq vows in the marriage mandap. Maya clears to Arjun that her love will be garland for him if he stays with her, else it will be danger trap for him. Arjun takes Maya’s crazy love sportingly, while Arjun’s mother worries for him. Maya and Arjun get married in the burning mandap.

Maya and Jhanvi were already against Ashwin, and even Arjun got against Ashwin. The mystery of Ashwin’s murder will be seen. Arjun, Maya and Jhanvi are the suspects. Ashwin reaches the mandap in injured state and dies after pointing finger at Maya and Jhanvi. Beyhadh has more thrills and surprises for the viewers. Did you like Beyhadh’s marriage twist? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Pooja26

    itne maze toh kissi shaadi mai nhi aaye 😉
    best serial best epi till date
    faad dala 😉
    its beyhad !!!!!!!

  2. Pooja26

    best dialouges !!!!!!
    can’t think of ever better
    its best……
    comendable job by everone !!!!
    loved saanjh yr !!!!!!!
    mtlb no words yr…….
    every think she did in yesterday’s epi……..
    just loved it !!!!!!!

  3. love u saanj more than anything.ust move on . leave d idiot arjun.

  4. Loved the part when Maya took control and got married to Arjun with the mandap on fire. Who knows what would have happened later with so twists. They might not have been able to marry one another. Saanjh interfered too much and her character is given too much importance. This took the intensity out of ArYa marriage. And she has no right to interfere between two people who love one another. Why did she have to interfere during the seventh vow. From the beginning I have found her character irritating, she is a drama queen, is nagging and never gives space to Arjun to grow. Why did she have to tell about her love for Arjun during the ceremony in the midst of so many guests? And the stupid Arjun had to leave his bride’s hand and go and hug his best friend in the middle of the ceremony? It’s natural for Naya to feel insulted and get angry. No wonder she got married then and there. And Vandana is a disgusting person and another drama queen. The final twist of Ashwin falling down on the fire was spine chilling. The mystery begins next week.

    1. I feel the same she interferes too much

  5. Why can’t things be just normal?

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Though i don’t follow this show regularly, but I really liked the Maha episode and found it worth watching. There was a lot of twists and turns in this Shaadi. For a moment i thought saanjh will really marry arjun ??? and what was diff was that arjun stopped his Best Friend saanjh not the typical love confession this was quite different and also whether maya will turn out in the wedding or not and she did . So finally maya’s wish got fulfilled she got married with arjun but marrying while the mandap caught fire seemed very unrealistic and no one even realised that the mandap caught fire until saanjh realised it. And the channa mereya part was epic and soothing ???. And that last twist when ashwin fell and died, and three suspects arjun maya or Maya’s Mom. Many thinks maya is the one but I don’t think that’s the case maybe someone else, now the show is finally interesting. And yes special mention both maya and saanjh looked very beautiful and both did amazing acting maya as always but saanjh also did very good acting

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Jennifer and Aneri rocked the episode

  7. For what ever reasons.. arjun left maya twice on the alter. One time for mother n for his best friend.. still maya kep her calm..

    1. Maya is not mad. Her keeping calm and talking things under control is one more proof.

  8. Roby wolverine

    Honestly No… I expected something else not the Vandana drama and a week willed backbone less arjun nor the lecturer epitome of good Saanjh… it was as usual.. Arjun left the altar twice without taking a stand or explaining what he feels about the situations.. Typical saas drama by vandana.. And Saanjh I don’t even want to go there.. She interfered the seventh vow… Honestly Arjun is stupid if he didn’t realize Maya’s beyhadh love by the intense and deep seven vows she asked. Anyone can realize it.. And if we see logically Ashwin is so stupid to waste his last breath to come to the mandap rather than calling 911 or going to hospital.. I don’t think Jhanvi did it because she had gun, if Ashwin was shot by gun then he wouldn’t be alive after hours. And he was shown being in his flat.. All police has to do is check the security and surveillance camera.. So disappointed with the usual drama.. Not even thrilling.. At least should have shown a romantic marriage but ruined by Saanjh, a stupid clueless insensitive Arjun and a very superstitious brainless hypocritic Vandana.. Watching only for Maya

    1. me too

    2. AmCee

      Bang on!

  9. Fuggysona


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