Do you like Anika’s new look in Ishqbaaz?

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz has got a new makeover for its female lead character Anika. Actress Surbhi Chandna plays Anika in the show. She has been defining an interesting slang with her character. Her character became more charming with time. The actress has won many fans and recognition with Ishqbaaz. Surbhi has portrayed many shades and shown her versatility. Anika has been a strong character since the very beginning of the show. Her different speech and persona made her stand out.

Anika has acted of memory loss before. She picked up a more serious and intense role of Kalavati Thakur in that track. This time, Anika dons a very different character Kumari Rosie Rani. She puts bits of humor, emotional liners, tons of attitude and very different style. Her get-up is very filmi. Good detailing and efforts can be seen. Anika gets a unique makeover. Her walking style becomes more specific, along with the beats on which she does the catwalk. Ishqbaaz now focusses on Shivika battling with their new enemy Veer, while the family prepares for Rudra and Bhavya’s wedding. The drama by Anika’s new look has got more fun in the track. Do you like Anika’s new look in Ishqbaaz? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. I can’t say about the look..but whatever Chandu di wear..She carried every outfit so beautifully that if the dress is not good but it looks beautiful on her…..
    Sometimes Shivani shocks us..but sometimes she do a very good job…
    And about this…i am.aam.actually laughing at this look..slook..specially her choti.. ??????…..according to Rosie Rani character This outfit is perfect…

  2. Yes but I feel bad for other two lead Gauri and Bhavya. always Anika is given more importance in this serial from start even shivay didn’t do so much for his family but Anika did for his family from starting.they should involve Bhavya and Gauri too in their Anika shivomru plans it is just not fair to always keep them in dark they are also main leads in this show they should also do some nautanki and drama like Anika shivay om rudra.bhavya and Gauri kept in sidelined just like they are some side characters.this show is not at all doing gud with Bhavya and Gauri. the plan in which shivomru Anika are planning they should involve Bhavya and Gauri too soon otherwise it will look like one character along with shivomru is giving more importance.bhavya and Gauri should handle the villains along with shivomru and anika.i think CVS always forget that this story is not about Anika shivomru but it is also about the Oberoi’ sons(shivomru) and daughter in laws(Anika Bhavya and Gauri). The whole six members are Important to this show not just four of them.

    1. Hey sis Gauri n Bhavya are also involved in this planning thing
      I saw this in a sbs segment

  3. Riana

    I said no and gave one like loool ???
    I cant say

  4. Third class look, third class show, third class actors and writers. Ending in June right? Good riddance.

    1. O please if you dont lyk the show then dont watch it and also dont speak any rubbish regarding IB as it is highly intolerable

  5. Nikita_jai29

    This look become nice because sc has carried it very well

  6. Just agree with u sana stupid people need about Anika Surbhi is doing gud a nice actress she is but bcoz of dis track n Anika’s luk we r not seeing any Shivika moments during discuss wedding it hav been more amazing I hope dat dis track ends soon not we get some Shivika moments again

  7. Moonlight_luver

    I do agree with you Sana….and mainly, I had many dreams regarding Ruvya’s wedding…lots of masthi and cute nok-jokes of Shivika and lovely scenes of Rikara…Family jokes and all…but what I got to see is entirely different from everything… But still the show is the best for me…
    To say about Anika’s new out look, mmmm…well, I’m not much happy but the way how our Chandu is handling the role is to be honoured…her hair literally make me to laugh but I’m enjoying these…
    I’m dying to watch the past revelation of Aniri…
    Even I agree with you Hiyori…Gauvya should get more importance… Hope everything will get fine soon…Love you Naakul & Surbhi for you wonderful performances… IB will always remain as my dream show whatever may be its story line, bcoz each the characters have showed their proficiency which have attracted the viewers…
    LOVE YOU Ishqbaaaz….

  8. I love anikas new look. Its an entirely different look and its soo funny to watch her in such a outfit and especially her plait looks sooo funnny and her waking style and the background music played while she is walking is sooo funny and anika playing her role extremely good. I love roosi rani

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