Lights,Camera,Action!!! – episode 5

Hii all thank u so much for commenting.. ur love amazed me.. note from me at the last.. now to the episode…
“ Abhiiii what is this?” pragya asked shocked looking at abhi throught he mirror.
There abhi was standing in a rockstar attire. A black leather jacket, a blue tshirt, a tag which looked like dog tags to pragya, left hand full of bracelts, a big watch in right hand, a torn jeans which pragya thought would have fought with a dog to get this jeans, that much torns were there, and lastly a big long hair and a shades which were so kewl for him.
Pragya couldn’t believe her eyes, abhi is standing there looking dashingly handsome which is so hard for her to take her eyes off him. But what confused her was the long hair.
“ didn’t I see him correctly for the last week? Most of the time I was ogling him? Then how did this thing I missed? But must say he is looking more handsome in this long hair” pragya thought
She decided to voice her thoughts,
“ abhi I want to ask u something which oil u r using?’
Abhi who was so proud that pragya looked dumbstruck at his attire was correcting his shades shrieked in surprise “what???”
“ I want to know which oil u r using coz I don’t have any memore of u in this s*xy long hair but within over night ur hair is long?” she stretched her hands like a small child,
Abhi looked at her are-u-crazy? Looks.
“ pragz I know u r stupid butu don’t hv to prove to me again and again u r stupid. Like really? U believe that my hair has grown over night? Yesterday only u saw me at the dinner and today morning my hair has grown am I a Rapunzel?” abhi asked her.
Pragya showed her tongue and said “ its my mistake that I asked u I thought u r looking handsome in this but u r too dumb abhi get lost”
Abhi looked at her disbelief that she called him ‘handsome’ he felt shy andscolded himself for taunting her.
Before pragya could go abhi grabbed her arms and sai “ arrey meri maa sorry see I will tell u turn around”
Pragya turned flaring her nose in anger and roared “ what?”
Abhi slowly took his hands to his head and pulled the hair band and with thay band came his long hair which was fitted. Pragya looked at it shocked and said “ it means?”
“ still u didn’t get it pragz god it is fake… see “ he tossed the hair band in front of her. Pragya laughed hardly at this and saod “ abhi.. this is crazy”
Suddenly someone shouted “ abhiiiiiiii what the hell have u done?” abhi showed ‘ oops ‘ he ran and hid behind the mirror. Pragya looked around and saw Sridhar their make up man standing there with his hands on hips and glaring at the mirror where abhi is hiding.
Sridhar shouted “ abhiii what have u done? I made this fit after an hour struggle and u easily pulled it off come in front of me boy I will strangle ur head so that u can never do ur hair”
Abhi looked with his head only out and said “ sridhar this girl only told to take that don’t scold me only”
Sridhar looked at pragya “ pragya y did u tell this idiot to take this off? Why sweetheart? It took a lot time”. Abhii with his eyes wide open and said “ what? Sridhar this is not at all fair I only sat there patiently for one hour showing my head to u I am idiot but she made u scold me u r calling her sweet heart not fair” he pouted and looked at pragya with cute anger.
Pragya laughed at his childishness and called abhi out “ Sridhar sorry I only got doubted about his sudden growth of hair I am really sorry pls for me forgive me pla bhai”. Sridhar looked somewhat convinced and said “ ok just for u pragya come abhi”. Abhi cme out sheepishly and held his ears in his hand and said “sorry sri bhai:. Sridhar smiled and said “ I was kidding abhi leave t come I have to fix it again”
After half an hour all were assembled in the press conference hall,
Ekta took the mic “ so ladies and gentleman brothers and sisters, I welcome u all to the launch of our new telecast produced by our Balaji Telefilms. We have produced a lot shows and this is also one of my dream project. I hope u guys will enjoy as much as we do to satisfy u all. I don’t want to speak a lot I want to speak with my work so guys presenting to u our new show from our balaji telefilms KUMKUM BHAGYA. Hope u all enjoy it and now I will introduce our cast”. She showed her hands to the ramp, and introduced the cast from purab bubul and everyone”
Ekta “ so finally the awaited time came so here we go our heroine of this love tale, Pragya arora”
Pragya came with a elegant wlk having her books at one hand in a blue coloured full sleeve salwar and posed for photos.
Then ekta announced “ Pragya Arora beauty with brains professor hun so be careful” all laughed even pragya.
Then ekta said “ heroine came so where is the hero? Aahhh not this easy “Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You ain’t heard nothin’ yet. Wait a minute, I tell ya, you ain’t heard nothin’! now tune in ur ears to hear nothing but only the name of our rockstarrrr…. Here comes our hero Abhishek Prem MEHraaaaa”
Abhi walked on the ramp with attitude and waved his hands at the crowd and shoved his hands in the pocket and looked at the camera with a don’t-u-dare look.
All clapped their hand till it hurts. Both abhi and pragya stood together standing hitting their backs. Pragya gace a pose like adjusting her chashma holding her books while abhi showed the rockstar sign.
Then after the photo shoot all sat at their seats.
The reporters started asking their questions.
R1 : ekta mam, u r said to be the queen of television. U have produced many shows what is the difference in ur this new show?
Ekta : well I always love my career with a star family like mine I hv many expectations so I do only choosy shows, with this story line I am confident that I will able to give u all a new perception of love between a rockstar and a professor.
R2 : abhi sir u have not been on screen for years, after kayamath u have been producing and doing films so what made u take this show?
Abhi : well after kayamath I did cameo roles but there were no such roles that would challenge me so I waited for a perfect one and my wait was worth ekta gave me this show with this role of rockstar I think I will give u justification to this role and most important reason is Ms. Pragya arora I always want to work with her. A professionalist like her is enough to give me a healthy competition so I took this without thinking. Pragz be ready to face this rockstar
R 2 : abhi sir, before this show, mohammad iqbal khan has done a role of a rockstar and he has made an impact on the people with his work. Do u think u will be able to overcome the impact of Angad khanna with Abhishek Mehra?
Abhi : well abhishek mehr ais not an ordinary rockstar, angad did a fantastic job in KAisa yeh Pyaar hai. But abhi ithe rockstar is different so wait and watch u will soon get the nswer.
R 3 : pragya mam, u started ur career with a school girl and now u r dng as a professor how was this journey?
Pragya : well the journey wasn’t a bed of roses but it was like a trip in a rose garden I had my defeats and I rose from it so here I am.. with a milestone of my career yes this journey was memorable.
R 4 : pragya mam, u r working with abhi sir for the first time what do u think abt him how do u think ur chemistry would be?
Pragya : well to say it frankly abhi has been my school crush, from the days of kahiin to hoga I am admiring him it wa a dream to work with him so when ur dream come true u ought to work hard. We share a nice friendship in this one month I don’t doubt his acting ability coz I grew up seeing him we will do our best the rest is left to the audience.
Abi was surprised hearing pragya praising about him

Precap: press conference and the first ever episode of KUMKUM BHAGYA

Hii all so here is the episode so sorry I am late. I was busy with the works of totaling getting Xerox copies of my marksheets after my result. All asked abt my result ti am so so so blessed. When my realtives has forgotten abt it u all made me feel honoured. I am truly blessed to have friends like u love u all.
I don’t think I got awesome marks but its ok. I got 1169 out of 1200 . lan – 194 eng -187 eco -194 commerce -200 accounts -199 business maths -195.
Sorry all I couldn’t able to reply to ur comments for the last two episodes I am feeling so bad pls forgive me and I don’t know how this episode is I hope it is good fingers crossed. I think last episode was not good coz my regular ones didn comments so sorry for tht hope u guys like this. I am in a hurry now will psot the next update sson love u all sta blessed, sayanora

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