Lights,Camera,Action!!! – episode 4

“Guys, I’m gonna sleep, see you all later” Purab said taking his room keys from the lobby manager. “See you guys in the morning, oh and I want to go to shopping too want to buy some stuffs”
“Sure, we’ll meet at the breakfast table sharp 9 then, I know a very good place for shopping its called Janpath, you can get loads of stuffs there” Abhi suggested to Purab and he agreed.
“Okay then, I’ll too come with you all, want to buy some nice gifts too” Pragya spoke up hearing about shopping. Her cousin Priya has specially instructed her to buy her loads of gifts when she returns back. agreeing on with the morning schedule, all retired back to their rooms. Purab, Abhi and Pragyya’s room were respectively side by side. Bidding good night, all three went in.

Pragya tossed and turned on her new bed which was comfortable but her hungry lion of a stomach is not letting her sleep. Pragya took some money and walked down to the hotel’s restaurant. As she entered the grand place, she saw several couples and families having their dinner. She noticed that there was no single person who was sitting alone. Thinking that it would be too awkward to have her dinner alone, she turned her heels to go thinking that she would order room service. She was about to leave when she heard someone call out her name. She turned around and saw Abhi sitting at the far corner with a broad grin.

Abhi was bored sitting alone and having his dinner and wished that he could’ve asked either Pragya or Purab to join him but since they mentioned that they were tired, he decided not to disturb them. it was only then he saw Pragya entering the restaurant. He watched her carefully as she scanned the room and turned to leave. he had guessed that she was feeling too nervous to eat alone and his guess was confirmed when she turned to leave.

Pragya waved back at him and approached his table. “hi, I didn’t know that you would be up now” Pragya said taking a seat opposite him.
“Yeah! empty stomach don’t let me sleep” he laughed and Pragya smiled “ same here dude order before my stomach makes a concert” when a waiter approached and she gave her order.
“I too thought that I would have to eat alone, I hate eating alone” Pragya said. ‘Where’s Purab? Don’t he feel hungry?”
“Nah! I don’t think so, he has finished almost 4 packets of Lays during the ride, I tried to call but thought that he would be sleeping so didn’t disturb him”
Pragya smiled back at him and began to ask him about the places in the hotel as she had got to know that Abhi has stayed at Hyatt before. He told her about the massage place and the pool area. Their conversation went over a huge dinner and two glasses of cherry wine. Pragya saw the clock and she was surprised that it was almost eleven and she excused herself and hurried to call hermom.
Abhi watched as Pragya made her way out, paying the bill, he too followed her out.
“okay mumma, now I’ll hang up will call you again tomorrow good night” he heard her say and hung up.
“So you done?”
“Yeah, you going somewhere?”
“Yeah! gonna check out the club here” he said walking away but turned back. “You wanna come?”
“No, I don’t like partying at all, you go on” Pragya said plastering a smile on her face. She hurried off back to her room not wanting to show off how she dislikes the word clubbing. She somehow didn’t like the idea of Abhi gng for clubbing and dancing with other girls.
Abhi however noticing that shrugged and thought that he might as well go back to his room and rest as he knew that when Ekta comes, they won’t have a chance to rest.


The next morning, Purab,Abhi and Pragya met at the breakfast table. After planning out what they were going to do for the day all three, headed out to go to the Janpath Shopping area.

Abhi sat in the front seat while both Purab and Pragya sat at the back. Abhi saw Pragya through the rearview and smiled as he saw her peeping out of the window seeing the Jama Masjid. He saw her close her eyes with the sound of Prayer call and whisper a prayer to herself. “ god knows what she prayed for?! But she looks beautiful with her eyes closed but she is way more cute with her eyes open. Those hazel brown eyes has something that always pullsme towards her” abhi thought
They reached the Janpath shopping area. Purab was the first to get out and he walked hurriedly towards the shop. Abhi too got out and walked behind Jay as he remembered that Pragya was still in the car. He turned and went to open the door for her.
“Thanks I didn’t expect Rockstar Abhi to open the door for a boring prof like me like a… Chaufer” Panchi replied and ran inside before abhi could react.
Abhi shouted “ I will not leave you BP” he shook his head at her childishness. He turned to go inside.
It was only then Abhi realized that they were being followed by the media. He heard the female reporter say, “Aaj hum aap sab ko, Kumkum Bhagya ke cast se milwane waali hoon”
“how did they know that we are to come here” Abhi asked their guide. He told him that Ekta has informed the media about their arrival to promote the new show. Abhi however didn’t like the idea of media being there before the actual press conference. He didn’t say anything though and went inside the shop.
“so what are you going to buy?” the reporter approached him and asked.
“Kurte, kurte” he replied to them and began to ask for the price. Pragya giggled as she saw him trying to avoid them. she turned to see Purab who was busy buying shirts for him.she went near Purab “ Purab this one looks good on you” as she saw him looking at two shirts in confusion. One black and white stripes and squares and other one was navy one with full hand and V neck. Pragya showed the lack and white shirt and said “ u will look handsome in this Puru”. Purab beamed in happiness and said “ perfect dii I also thought of buying this one” both Pragya and Purab asked at same time to each other “ shall I call u Puru?””shall I call u dii?”. Then both laughed at their coincidence and said in unison “yes sweets”. Then they bboth hugged sideways while abhi came with a hint of jealousy “ wahh is there any huggin function here?”. Pragya told him smiling “ nahi toh.. puru was seeing shirts and I was helping him” abhi asked in confusion” who puru?” pragya hit abhi’s forehead and said “ buddhu purab- puru simple”. Pragya and purab laughed seeing Abhi’s face and hi-fied each other.
Before Abhi could give a fit of reply Pragya turned her attention to the bags. Since she was very fond of them, she began to search for a nice one. after seeing them, she was confused on what to buy. She cut down her choices with two bags. Pink and a black bag. She wasn’t sure which one was more beautiful. She felt someone stand by her and say, “This one” she turned and saw Abhi smiling at her pointing at the pink bag.
Abhi has seen pragya taking both bags and staring at it not knowing what to select. He found the pink one better than the black one she held. He went to her and suggested his choice.
“Wow, this really looks better than this. So finally Abhishek MEhra has let down his ego to talk to this innocent Pragya Arora anyways Thanks” Pragya said excitedly handling the pink bad to the shopkeeper.
” fear for god PRagz. After deing u have to face him. See “ he made her face the mirror next to them” this face looks innocent this face is enough to make anyone scary with u just glaring at them and anyways No problem” Abhi said turning away smirking and ran towards purab. Pragya stomped her feet but after sometime she calmed down and smiled at his back. Before gng she looked at the mirror again and remembered abhi’s words and thought “ yes he was partially right even though I am not scary I am glarng a lot should stop this”. Abhi who heard this smiled at her innocence.
. Not long, the media too left after questioning few more.
Purab and Abhi stood outside waiting for Pragya to finish her shopping. They both exchanged comments regarding how girls take so long with shopping. Pragya came after 15 minutes with both her hands full of shopping bags.
“What are they?” Abhi asked shocked while Purab laughed. Pragya glared at them angrily before keeping her bags in the car.
“Oohh! Boyfriend?” Abhi asked winking at her.
“ nope I am not like u rockstar flirting around girls and irritating them and FYI it is for family”
Abhi bit his tongue while Purab laughed at his shocked face

After they reached to the hotel, their guide informed that Ekta has arrived along with Bulbul. They all went to meet her in the lobby area. After Ekta’s arrival, everything happened in jet speed. While they were hvng their dinner. PRagya and bulbul were immersed in a serious convo. Abhi and Purab who were seeing them talking to each other seriously said to each “ bro what do u think abt them talking so seriously is it abt our track or something?” purab asked. Abhi looked at the girls and said “ purab may be the seriousness in their faces tells like that only. May be they are discussing their roles? Only we two are standing vetti (simply) come we will join them and show our gethu ( attitude)”. They both guys corrected their shirts and went near the girls to see the corret time to enter the convo but what they heard made them close their mouths in shock.
Pragya “ bulls I know Ian Somerhalder is handsome but don’t u think he is a bit old”
Bulbul “ yaa dii but u know George is also old but doesn’t he look s*xy and handsome?”
Pragya “ yaa that is also right. Don’t u think ranbir should marry now?”
Bulbul” it is high time he should get married do u think there are any chances for us?”
Pragya and bulbul giggled and hi-fied each other and said “ we are waiting”. Then they again started talking about shopping and different types of beauty items.
Abhi and purab moved from there in shock with their mouths wiede open. Ekta who was passing there asked the “ close ur mouth dude or else mosquitoes will go inside. What hpnd?”. Abhi and purab came out of their shock and said what hopnd. Ekta bursted out laughing and said “ that’s why elders don’t enter into girls talks. You guys are not fit for this”. Then she walked aways with attitude and joined the two girls and immersed in their convo.
Abhi and purab looked at the girls army in shock and surprise.
After 2 days,
The promotion for the new show Kumkum Bhagya has started. All news reporters started thronging at the venue to get a gl;impse of the new leads.
While in the makeuproom p[ragya was gvng her final touch up and was confused on deciding the type of glass she had to wear for the role. She looked at the glass case and saw various types half frames full frames, and many more. While she was confused what will make her look good as it is the final deciosion for the entire show she heard “ this one”. She saw a pair of hands taking a full framed black glass and make her wear it. This glass was perfect “ she thought while looking at the mirror. She raised her head to thank the person but what she saw was enough to make her shout.
“ Abhiiii what is this?” pragya asked shocked looking at abhi throught he mirror.

Precap : press conference

So so so sorry guys for making u wait for all these days. I know I am not at all punctual but please forgive me until my result comes which is tomm oops today as the time it will be posted it will be Friday. Yes the big day of my life my 12th exam result is cmng so was bit busy with the visits to skl so only couldn’t update tomm night sure one update I promise.. please don’t hate me now also I am running late so a quick sorry and thanks to all those dears who commented on my last episode. U guys are like a pillar to me even though I update worst episode and also not at time pls forgive me and saranya akka thank u so much for ur wishes akk I am so blessed so guys pls give me ur wishes for my life changing ,moment and special wishes to moni dear who is also waiting for this nail biting moment.. love u all stay blessed keep smiling and sayanora….

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