Lights,Camera,Action!!! – episode 1

EK’s office,
Ekta kappor was sitting in her big chair talking to someone in phone “ haa haa bhai u r the new lead I have decided just come to my office today at 11. And today I will introduce ur female lead. Come fast waiting for u. bye abhi take care”.
Ekta kapoor, the queen of telly industry has given many hit shows which captures millions heart with her shows. Being the queen, she believes only some people to make her proud. And one among them, no the important among them was her blue-eyed boy, Abhishek Mehra. Her brother cum friend. Right from the first instance they both hit it. Ekta would always share all her dil ki baatein with abhi only. They both always spend their weekends in either of their house. Ekta’s family too loves abhi. He has done many hit shows with ekta. Ekta believed a lot in his discernable skills. Now also she wants her dream project to be done with abhi only. Being an orphan abhi considers ekta as his elder sis and respects all her decision. One glare from her, he will do whatever she want. That’s the power they both had on each other. Now ekta waited for her choti bhai to come and discuss about her dream project.

At 11,
Abhi entered Ekta Kapoor’s office through gates. The watchman Krishnan opened the gates and saluted hi. Abhi came out of the care and said “ what kaka how many times I have to tell you? Don’t salute me it makes me feel small. You are like my father. Here after don’t greet me please”. Krishnan kaka “ but abhi beta, you are Ekta mam’s blue eyed boy as everyone says and the famous actor in telly industry and dream boy of all girls I should give u respect na”,he chuckled lightly. Abhi sighed” ok u want to give me respect na?” he bent down to touch kaka’s feet and said “ kaka now give me ur respect by ur blessings kaka”. Kaka smiled “ be happy always, ur life should be colourful by ur future wife”. Abhi said with attitude “ come on kaka I have an image of play boy how can I spoil it?” kaka pulled his ears “ badmaash”. Abhi shouted with mock pain and hugged him “ ok kaka I will go and meet bossor else she will shout at me for sure”.kaka nodded and abbhi left inside the building. He entered the conference room where his boss and also his elder sis was sitting in her chair going through a file. He went and sat in front of her and said “ good morning boss”.

Ekta looked up from her file “ finally u came. Man it is so easy to handle a child but to make u agree is so tough yaar”. Abhi “ I didn’t even imagine in my wild dreams that ekta kappor my boss is thinking to have a child without being married”. Ekta shouted “ abhiiiii” embarrasses. Abhi chuckled seeing her expression. He said “ now tell me TV queen what this servant has to do?” ekta” abhi u know my dream project I have decided to make u as my main protagonist. So get ready we are starting this one in next month. First we are gng for promotion tour and…” abhi interrupted “ woah woah take a break boss. I didn’t ven say my decision” ekta glared at him “ who asked ur decision? I have decided and u r dng it” abhi “ but ekta all are thinking that u r dng all ur works only with me and they are thinking I am using u by my fake concern for u “ ekta interrupted “ abhi stop it I don’t care about others u r dng it. Coz my character is like that only u can do it I made this char with u in mind so u r dng it and that’s final.” Abhi sighed defeated “ fine u have taken decision who can change. Also the BOSS and the WIFE is always right.” Ekta grinned and said “ oh yaar when u say wife I gtot remembered do u want to know who is ur female lead?”. Abhi nodded his head “ yaa I want to know who accepted to play as heroine with this Casanova rishi garewal?” ekata smiled as he mentioned his previous role in balaji which was a huge hit. Ekta “ yaa she is equal to don’t worry. After hearing the story she was silent but after hearing u r the lead she said ‘ yes’ immediately. What magic did u do?” abhi grinned with attitude tossing the paper weight “ well that’s what abhishek mehra is known for?!!” ekta “ well ur female lead is PRAGYA ARORA”. Abhi dropped his mouth in shouck “ what? The pragya arora is pairing with me. Man I cant even believe” ekta” I know how much u respect and adore her she will be here any min”. while she was saying, the door opened there came the angel of the industry “pragya arora”. Abhi smiled like an idiot seeing her. His silent crush for a long time ‘pragya arora’now she is dng as his heroine. “mujhe tok numer lag gaya” abhi thought. Pragya took her seat next to abhi and smiled at him nodding her head acknowledging his presence.
Ekta saw this and smiled inwardly “ now this two cant avoid each other lets see what destiny brings for these two”. She said to both “ morning pragya. As u know the story we don’t have to waste our time we can start with our promotions. Take a look at ur files both of u. ur character descriptions are there u have to modify urselves for this. Make sure u r ready by the end of this month.” They both nodded their head.
Ekata “ so guys congratulations.”. she shook her hands with both abhi and pragya. Both abhi and pragya looked at their files which had their new serial’s name KUMKUM BHAGYA.

Precap : promotion tour.

Hii all I think u all know me for those who don’t know I am vaishali, one of the insane writers oops sorry scribbler in this forum. Just got this idea when I was sitting infront of my CPT classes, so though tto give it a shape. Hope u all enjoy it. Sorry for not gvng abhigya scenes will give more for sure. And I will continue it on the basis of ur comments and so sorry as I will upload only on weekend. Only this story but if I update I will try to give longer episodes. And some may be confused as with their names. I will not use their real names just the serial names. Hope u guys don’t get confused. If u r confused pls tell me ur views. And for those who are waiting for my old fics sorry I am trying to post but still didn’t get the good idead as I don’t want to bore u all with my scribblings. Thank u once again. Loveu all stay blessed don’t forget to comment ur views.
p.s : do mention ur fav scene in kumkum bhagya and some scenes which u don’t like. I will try to enact those moments again in this fic.

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  1. wow wow wow wow i love it vaishali i like it i luv it i always think tat anybody should write like this n u fulfil my dream thnku thank u dear thank u so much

  2. please update soon akka it is different from other ffs it’s great

  3. oh dear…awesome start….please continue further…. waiting for you….

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  5. Ooh superb

  6. Interesting n its entertaining

  7. Awesome ….

  8. Saranya24

    Wiw lovable to the core cant wait to read it and yes all abhigya scenes are fav fr me evn if thr s villain its k coz its needed but dnt make abhi dumb like real kkb tats my oly wish in tis love u dear??????

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  10. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dear

    rock it

  11. Superb and interesting yaa nice

  12. Superb start dear..

  13. Prathi

    Hey Vaishu what happened? Why are you introducing yourself.? Btw different and interesting concept

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    Wow wow ? I really love it eager to read next epi

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    awesome, awesome, awesome dear nice start.infact it is such a great fiction. lovvvvvvve uuuuuuuuu…????????? but plzzzzzz I ve a special request u can add any character u want as far as ur likes are concerned but plzzzzzzzz don’t add tanu as she is a venom in my veins so if I get an eye contact with that name, then I would die for sure.plzzzzzzzz???????????

  16. Jasminerahul

    wow…based on the real life with some changes.waiting for abhigya meeting.
    shabbir aged his play boy image with the show kayamat

  17. wowwww!!! vaishaliiii… !! its sooo soo cute da… i loved it.. different & unique plot…!! &i love all abhigya scences espclly i love to see druken abhigya then pragya proposed abhi for the first tym na.. tat one then abhi’s proposal in pragya’s ad shooting & also after abhi’s concert.. then their silly fights.. ! love to see tat again & again da.. ! eager for ur next update..!

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