Lights, camera, Action! SWARAGINI….(Intro)

Ragini Sarkar/ ragu/ laado/ rags – The sensational model, she’s hot, beautiful and successful actress/ model.
Acting is her passion she loves to dance and singing is her passion. Her album’s are the most awaited one’s every year.
She’s a trained singer and knows to play veena. Her carrier began when she was six she acted as child artist in movies,
when she was 16 she signed her first movie with the now known heart throbe hottie of the country Laksh Maheshwari!
Rumours even said they started dating after their movie but the circumstances and their carrier lead to their breakup.
Now she’s signed up for a new movie it’s a hollywood project and her second big project after diva !. The movie has few more
big artists to be roped in and it’s shooting commences at LA from tomorrow…..
Good morning good morning… as the morning alarm starts buzzing at the bedside annie comes in
“ragu time to get ready!!” she smiles politely as our diva miss. ragini sarkar gets up yawning .
ragini stretches her arms a bit ” so what’s first ??”
annie ” A visit to miss.sarkar she seems to be annoyed by your trip to LA!”
ragini pouts “mumma and her worries ! get the car ready i’ll be ready in 30minutes !”
annie “breakfast??” ragini jumps out of bed “you think my mom won’t feed me anything ??”
annie chuckles as ragini rushes to the bathroom. It’s 8:30 and ragini sarkar seems bored now at her own house the sarkar villa
“Annie ” she whispers to her cousin sitting next to her “why are these mom’s so loving !”
annie shrugs ” i guess you forgot the difference between loving and annoying ragu!”
and they squel as she holds each of their ears “ouch ! ouch i’m sorry!” ragini whines as annie makes a puppy face

“maasimaa it’s all your daughter’s fault i told her to inform you earlier!!” ragini stares at her ” haww !! maasi ki chamchi!
maa she told me that we should surprise you on your birthday !”
sumi leaves them and sits on the sofa upset “what sort of a birthday surprise is this?? my daughters won’t be with me for next 6 months!”
annie ” it might extend ” ragini glares at her and she keeps a finger on her lips!. ragini goes and sits next to sumi .
she cups her face ” i’ll call you every hour a day or maybe text you. we’ll have video chats at night !” she side hugs her
sumi” promise me you both would take care of each other and have food on time no late night shoots and yea no extending your
shoots much if necessary??”
annie interrupts ” maasimaa y worry when annie’s here . i will take care of everything!”
ragini “and i’ll take care of her !” she winks at annie as sumi hugs them both .
Anahitha sethi/ annie/ ana / anu / shonu : ragini’s maternal cousin and her PA .She’s a designer by profession. She lost her
parents in an accident and stays with sharmishtha and ragini since then.
Sharmishtha sarkar/ sumi / mishti : Ragini’s mother and a divorcee. Her husband left her and ragini 15years ago due to some

peronal reasons.She also has a daughter whose now with her husband. She’s a social worker and runs an NGO called MY ANGELS
for young children and women. She stays with her mother konkona sarkar and her two girls ragini and annie.
Konkona sarkar / nani / nans : She’s the eldest in the house and the cutest too.Loves her naathins and daughter a lot and yea
she’s a really good cook πŸ˜‰
So this is my first try to writing something totally different from the current track of swaragini a credit to the best sister
jodi in the world hope you guy’s like it do comment and like our new page and it’s first fanfic.
constructive criticism is more then welcomed do point out our mistakes and do suggest your views and opinions.

P.S. – it’s unedited hope you guy’s like it.

swaragini meant to be together and swaragini the beginning readers i’m sorry i’m trying to write the episodes but i’m short of idea’s and had my cousin’s wedding too so sorry and i’ll
try to submit it soon πŸ™‚ hope you guy’s like my new ff

Credit to: nidhi


  1. Anu

    Its awesome dude !!! I loved it. You are an awesome writer. Just reveal the pairs and where’s swara’s intro ? Waiting for the next update πŸ™‚

    • nidhi

      obviously she’s there in my ff priyal without swara how can the ff be swaragini πŸ™‚

    • nidhi

      i have not decided yet enjoy the story swati there will be doublle love story and romance you’ll know soon πŸ™‚

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.