Lights, camera, Action! SWARAGINI….(Epi-1)


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As the bg music play’s!
A girl is shown stand at the window stretching her arms lightly as the camera zooms her hair curls dancing to the wind’s, and so are her legs to the music that she feels within herself. A pillow comes and hit’s her as she turns rubbing her head cutely .
Swara gadodia – The cute and bubbly girl, actress by profession but what intruiges her is music whenever whereever she goes she feels like music follows her. In every situation of life there’s a background music that play’s in her head, her heart, Known as the expression queen of London, every boy desires to be her special friend but she has no time for such stuff. A trained guitarist and a good vocalist she has her own band the rocking angels. The group is her life her band means everything to her. Her family stays in LA a place she hates to visit to. Her dad shekhar gadodia and her step mom janki gadodia(here janki is not a negative character and she’s modern) with her little whiny half sister Kavya gadodia. She just hates her family alot and stay’s at london inorder to avoid facing their beautiful faces daily. She misses her Mom and twin sister a lot though she doesn’t remember how her mom looks and her sister well she does remember her name Ragini….
A smile appears on swara’s face as she murmer’s to herself the name ragini…
The girl who threw the pillow stares at her “seriously ! dude it’s afternoon and i’m dying with hunger didn’t sheena inform you it was your chance to prep lunch today??”
Tanya sharma (meera from sath nibhana sathiya ) – The guitarist of the band she play’s electric guitar it’s her passion and have been part of many rock albums.She’s an actress in demand for her bold roles in movies and tvseries she thinks playing some stupid dumb girl’s role and being called the heroine is not cup of her tea for her the tittle vamp suits better.
swara pouts – sorry i forgot but hey what was the need for that piece of action with me what if i would have fell out of the window??
tanya smirks – one more dharti ka boj would have got less! a good work for the world people would have praised me!
swara lifts her brows up and fake smile – acha then fine i don’t prepare lunch today and from the count’s of people feeding on that lunch i guess 4 people would get less wow! swara’s such an angel doing so good for the world!
Tanya – and what about the fifth one??(she points a finger at swara)
swara – me ohh i can even stay alive on a piece of bread and some water.
tanya makes a cute face – okk fine sorry swara my sweet friend i’ll try not to hit you next time .
swara smiles – good then how about bangers and mash(it’s a famous dish in london)??
Tanya snorts – whatever just be quick !
At the lunch table there are three more lets move to the one with the phone in her hand as we zoom in
Sheena bajaj – The cutest kiddo of the band she’s really a mess at times but then she’s the cute and innocent sheens of the band. The girl is a professional anchor she has hosted many tv shows and functions. For daily purpose she owns a slot at one of londons famous news channels.She loves her piano
She squels and jumps up of the chair as swara comes out running and so does tanya with her washing gloves still on sheena jumps down of the chair and hugs swara tightly – you got it swara!! the movie with none other then ragini sarkar!!
(yess my friends sheena and almost the whole band is a fan of our ragu ) and the other big news your co stars are none other than ??
The girl who was by now busy in her books completes her – sanskar karma and laksh maheshwari.
As the trio stare at the girl she shrugs – can’t nerds seem to have interest in handsome actors??
Kavita garg – The nerdy tomboy of the band she’s their drummer. She’s beautiful and simple doesn’t really dressup but when she does she’s the hottest and the only one who can be equals to tanya.
But then it’s now swara and kavita staring at sheena she’s revealed something someone still doesn’t know as the trio(kavita sheena and swara turn to tanya she’s standing miffed)
tanya – so when was i going to know that my friend has given auditions for a movie which she’ll have to shoot in LA??
swara fumbles – ta.. tanya jus..
tanya hugs her – so you’ll go to them?
swara – no never the directors have booked a room fr me and they’ll look after everything where i’ll stay and most of all
(swara turns to sheena and kavita with a big grin)i’m gonna stay with THE DIVA RAGINI ! so no worries her PA annie has texted me she seems to be having something with surprises as she informed me to keep my arrival at LA for the movie as a secret from ragini
kavita – so when are you leaving??
swara looks at sheena who beems with joy – tomorrow morning’s flight
Precap – A Surprise arrival for Ragini Sarkar !

Hope you guy’s like it do comment and share me your views and no pair’s decided yet enjoy the story guy’s and the story will have even more fun romance and masti when the shooting commences !

Credit to: nidhi

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