The Light Of My Life ( SwaSan ) OS


Mom…. Dad….. plz hurry up..! U know na today is my result.. its almost 12:55 pm.. only 5 mins are remaining.. omg.. m getting excited… & & tense also.. what if I won’t get good marks in 10th??? How will I get admission?? How will I complete Mom & Dad’s dream??? Huhh!! Hey, its 1 pm.. let’s check.. Dad!! I’m very nervous..!! 🙁 Shekhar comes to her & comforts her.. Princess! Calm down, dear! Everything will be fine.. I have full faith on you.. cmon, get up! I’ll check ur result.. 🙂 Shekhar starts to check.. The girl is sitting crossing her fingers! Swaraaa!! Shekhar shouted! Yes, the girl is our cute, bubbly Swara! Swara gets scared- wh.. what..hap..happened Dad..??? I didn’t expect this from u! Shekhar said.. Swara breaks down & started crying.. M sry Dad.. m..m.. really sry.. I broke ur trust.. I.. I.. She sobs.. Shekhar quickly picks her up & twirls her.. Swara gets shocked! Dadda!!! What r u doing?? R u fine ?? Shekhar stops & kisses her forhead & said- my dear princess, who told u that u broke my trust?? Infact u rocked my dear.. You scored 95% in 10th.. M proud of u dear..
Swara can’t believe her ears.. she is on cloud nine.. she jumps on shekhar & kisses him on cheeks- yipppii.. I did it.. Dad!! Yahoooo!! But Dad.. I wont talk to u.. U scared me to the hell.. why didnt u tell me before.. huhh!! Katti!! Swara pouts! Shekhar smiles at her & says- Princess I was just kidding.. okay, m sry.. My crying baby, now smile plz.. Swara smiles.. I love u Dad..!! I love u too princess..!! Sumi was seeing father- daughter’s bond & had tears of happiness in her eyes..

3 years later….

The girl was walking on the road like lifeless body.. Her face was all dull & pale.. It looks like she was crying from long time.. She was going towards river.. She reached at the edge of river, closed her eyes & jumped in it.. The boy was sitting there listening songs on headphones.. He sees her jumping & jumps to save her.. He reaches near her & picks her in bridal style.. She was uncouncious.. He takes her to the hospital.. Doctor treats her..

Boy : doc, how’s she??

Doc : She’s fine nw.. bt is stressed.. btw who r u?? I mean what relation u have with her??

Boy : I’m Sanskaar! Sanskaar Maheshwari! Actually, she’s not my relative. I saw her drawning in river so I saved her & brought here..

Doc : Okay. I think she is in deep guilt.. Which is breaking her from inside.. She needs her family now.. Its ok.. when she’ll get concious will ask her..

Sanskar : Can I meet her??

Doc: sure..!

Sanskaar goes inside.. The girl was awake.. she was looking at nothing.. Sanskaar goes near her & tries to talk..

Sanskaar : Hii.. M Sanskaar.. How r u feeling nw??

The girl looks at him & asked
Why you saved me??

Sanskaar : bcoz God has given us a beautiful life.. & I want u to live it..

Girl : no.. life is not beautiful.. it is full of hurdls & pain.. life gives us nothing other than pain.. sorrows.. ( cries )

Sanskaar : Hey, don’t cry! Calm down.. If u dont mind , will u plz tell me what happened??

Girl : ( nods ) I’m failed in 12th.I had got admission in best clg after 10th coz I scored 95%.. My mom & Dad always wanted me to be a doctor! Though they never forced me or showed me bt I knew it.. I decided to fulfill it. I love my parents alot.. especially my Dad!! He is everything to me.. He always gave me what I wanted.. He had full faith on me.. but Its me! Its me who broke their trust.. their dreams.. From the begining m interested in languages.. I like to read books in different languages like Hindi, english, marathi, sanskrit, Tamil etc.. I always wished to be a writer.. a perfect writer.. but bcoz of my mom- dad’s wish, I decided to forget it. Coz they r everything fr me.. & the very important part of my life- Music! I loved no no.. I love music & will always.. Music is my life.. Everyone has 3 common needs- food, cloth & house.. bt for me, its 4. Music is also included in it. Music is my passion. I have got lots of trophis & certificates in singing compititions.. my dad always motivated me, encouraged me in every situation.. I wanted to be a singer! Yess.. now u must be thinking that this girl wanted to be a writer, singer & doctor also..! Well, I avoided my dreams to fulfill Dad’s dream. But.. I couldn’t. I couldn’t stop myself frm getting involve in singing.. from writing.. from reading.. & the result is- I failed.. bcoz of my carelessness I broke my Dad’s dream.. Their trust! Yesterday was my result. I already knew it so I left home. I can’t face them. I’m ashamed of myself.. Though I tried hard to learn science.. to understand it.. I failed! & that is the reason I don’t wanna live.. & why should I live?? For whom?? ( cries hard )

Sanskaar : ( keeps hand on her shoulder) for ur Parents.. for ur Dad! For ur dreams.. for ur music u have to live.. Did u even think once when ur Dad get to know abt ur death hw will they feel?? They will feel guilty that bcoz of them u did suicide.. They will blame themselves for ur death.. They will complete break . Is their dream is more than ur life?? No.. they didn’t even force u to do anything.. They r ur parents.. dont they have right to know abt u? Y didnt u told them ur dreams?? I think u should talk to them. Tell them ur problems.. They’ll surely understand u..

Girl : Thanks Sanskaar! Bcoz of u I understand my mistake.. Thank u soo much.

Sanskaar : Its ok.. Btw u didn’t tell ur name.


Sanskaar : ( shocked ) Whattt??? Shona??? U r my Shona??!!

Swara : ( shocked ) Sanky!!! U??

Both hugs each other tightly..

Sanky : U idiot?? Wat were u doing ha?? Omg Shonaa! Thank god I was there.. u changed so much! U looks really beautiful.. U duffer.. we were best buddies na?? Didn’t u once feel to talk to me??

Swara : Actually, Sanky I had ur no. in my old phone which is missed.. soooo.. but u knw I missed u sooo much!

Sanky : me too, Shonaa! Ok leave that.. 1st u call uncle & tell everything. I’ll drop u at ur home.

Swara : no Sanky! I wont go home..

Sanky : What? But why??

Swara : I want to prove myself.. I wanna stand on my own feet. Once I achieve my goal, I’ll return home. Till then I’ll live at ( cuts her )

Sanky : my home! Yes! This is my final decision.

Swara : but Sanky..

Sanky : no ifs & buts.. u r coming.. Mom will also feel good.

Swara : okay! 🙂

SwaSan goes to Sanky’s home. Sujata gets happy seeing Swara. They all had their dinner & leaves for their respected rooms. Swara was sitting near window. Sanky comes to her room.

Sanky : what r u thinking now??

Swara : From where to start my journey! M confused Sanky. 🙁

Sanky : hmm.. Bt I know! 😉

Swara : Then tell me buddhu! Why r u wasting time??

Sanky : ok.. ok.. listen! M sighned one album.. as a male singer.. bt still they didn’t get female singer.. Auditions are going on.. would u like to give that audition??

Swara : Like??? I’ll love it.. I’ll surely give it..

Sanky : ok then sleep nw.. will practice frm tmrw.. bye.. gn.. tc.

Swara : okay. Bye. Gn. Tc. 🙂

Days are passing.. Sanky is helping swara for preparing for auditions.. Meanwhile they both come very close.. They are started to feel for each other.. Sanky takes care of Swara very much. So as Swara.. Both are very possessive about each other.. In fact, unknowningly, they fell in love.. They just didn’t realised it.. or may be they don’t wanna accept it.

Finally, The day of audition come. Swara was tensed. Sanky was comforting her.

Sanky : Shona! Don’t worry.. Everything will be fine.. u r gonna rock it..

Swara : ( tensed ) but Sanky.. m scared. What if I won’t get select?? What if I forget song?? What if I ( cuts her )

Sanky : ( cups her face ) Shh.. Shonaa! Nothing will happen.. I’m with u.. What is ur blood group??

Swara : ( shocked ) Sanky!! R u mad?? Here m in tension & u r asking blood group?? Seriously!

Sanky : uff! Stop ur bak bak & answer my question!

Swara : huhh!! Okay. B positive..

Sanky : ( smiles ) Thats it.. be positive shonaa.. U can do it. 😉

Swara looks at sanky lovingly & smiles.. 🙂

Now its Swara’s turn for audition.. She was tensed..

Sanky : Shona! Go ahead! U can do it! B positive.. only u will be the female lead singer of my album.. Go.. best of luck!

Swara smiles at him & goes inside.. Sanky sits there waiting for her.. now he is getting tense. He was pacing here & there.. Coz he knows that if this time Swara gets disappointed, she’ll completely breakdown.. & Sanky can’t see her like that.. After 1/2 hour swara comes outside running & hugs Sanky.. She was crying.. Sanky gets tensed..

Sanky : Shona.. Shonaa! Don’t cry.. look at me.. what happened dear??

Swara : ( cries ) Sanky.. They.. They selected me as female lead singer..

Sanky is super duper happy.. He is on cloud nine.. He picks up swara & twirls her several times..

Sanky : ( very happy ) Yeppieeeeee… Shonaaa!! U did it! U crying baby, u know what when I saw u coming towards me crying.. my heart skipped beat.. tsk! Now Why r u crying Shona???

Swara : ( cries ) Sanky! M missing my Dad! My family.. My Dad always wanted me to be succssessful, independent girl.. & see when It happened he is not here..

Sanky : ( comforts her ) Shonaa! Don’t cry dear.. once our album gets released, we’ll meet him.. ur family!

Swara : ( happy ) really??

Sanky : yess! Now cmon, lets celebrate.. will go out for dinner..

Swara : okay! 🙂

The day of recording has come.. All is set.. Both are ready to sing.. music starts-

Sanky : Tu hi ye muzko bata de
Chahoon mein yaa naa..
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahoon mein yaa naa…

Swara : Tu hi ye muzko bata de
Chahoon mein yaa naa..
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahoon mein yaa naa..

Sanky : Itna bata doon tuzko
Chahat pe apni muzko
Yoon to nahi ikhtiyaar..
Phir bhi ye socha dil ne
Ab jo laga hoon milne
Poochu tuze ik baar…

Swasan : Tu hi ye muzko bata de
Chahoon mein yaa naa..

Both sings song looking at each other intensely.. after hearing clapping sound both came out of their world.. like this, all songs of album gets completed.. The album gets complete.. Swara is very happy coz it’s her 1st album.. Tmrw is a launch party of album..

Swara : sanky, lets go for shopping.. tmrw is launch party.. I have to look beautiful.. 😉

Sanky : How many times I should tell u?? U r very beautiful shonaa!! Ur heart & u also.. urgghh!! Ok.. will go..

Swara : really?? ( Pulls his cheeks ) u r shooo shweet!! & runs.. Sanky smiles..

At evening.. Swara was busy in shopping.. Sanky was admiring her beauty.. her smile.. the way she speaks..

Swara : oh! Hello!! Where u lost?? Lets go to the home.. its late.. aunty will be waiting..

Both left towards car.. Swara’s dupatta sticks in door meanwhile a car was coming towards her from opposite direction.. Sanky was terrified! He shouts Shonaa & runs to her.. He pulls her towards him & both falls..

Swara : ( cries ) aaah!!

Sanky : ( panicked) Shonaa! R u ok?? Show me ur hand.. shit.. Its bleeding!! U r very careless.. can’t u see.. what if I was not there?? What if that car hitted u??

Swara : ( overwhelmed) nothing much! I would have been reached at God’s place.. & would have told him to give u some brain.. 😉

Sanky : ( fumes in anger ) Just shut up swara!! Life is not a game!! U r selfish! U wont understand others pain..

He bandages her hand in anger & both left in car..

Sanky didn’t talk with her.. She is trying her best to apologise him.. bt he always ignores her & speaks nothing.. atlast she shouted..

Swara : U r so adamant na?? Ok then.. I’ll also see till when u won’t speak with me. & if u really don’t speak na then I’ll go that much far from u that u can’t even watch me.. u can’t hear me.. never ever..

Swara left room crying.. Sanky too felt bad.. A tear escaped from his eyes.. He thinks- Shonaa!! M sry.. bt fear of loosing u made me angry.. I love u soo much shonaa! I can’t live without u.. & I know u also loves me.. I’ll confess my love for u infront of all Shonaa.. Tmrw! U’ll get biggest surprise of ur life..

At swara’s room- swara was sitting on floor & crying..

Swara : Idiot, duffer, rascal, angry bird… What he think of himself?? Sanky- hanky! Made me cry.. after sometime she sleeps while sobbing..

Sanky was seeing all this.. He smiles at her behaviour & felt sad for making her cry.. He goes to her picks her up in bridal style & places on bed.. He softly kisses her forehead & said sry Shonaa! I luv u..!! & left.

At launch party-

Sanky comes early to the place for making special arrangements.. 😉
All guests started to come.. Swara’s parents also come.. Sujata come.. bt swara is nowhere to be seen.. Sanky was waiting for her.. He asks sujata abt her.

Sanky : mom, where is swara?? Party is gonna start..

Sujata : beta, she left home 3 hrs ago.. I thought she reached.. bt she didn’t reach yet??

Sanky : ( shocked & tensed ) no mom.. ( monologue ) where r u swara?? R u ok?? Plz come dear.. m feeling restless.. r u safe?? Where u went?? He tries to call her.. bt she didn’t pick up.. Sanky gets really hyper.. He is getting flashes what she told yesterday.. she’ll go far away.. He starts sweating.. Suddenly lights get off & a lady come holding mike in her hand & start singing..

Tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
Ishq majhab ishq meri jaat ban gayi
Sapne teri chahaton ke dekhati hu ab kayi
Din hai sona aur chandi raat ban gayi
Tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat bann gayi..

Sanky recognise the voice.. he gets happy & turns.. Lights get on & he sees swara standing infront of him with teary eyes..
Sanky goes near her & sings wiping her tears-

Zindagi bewafa hai ye mana magar
Chodkar rah mein jao ge tum agar
Chhin laounga mein aasma se tumhe
Pura hoga na ye do dilo ka nagar

Swara : Khwahishe milne ki tumse
Roz hoti hai nayi..
Meri kismat hi tumhari
Jaat ban gayi hoooo..
Tum jo aaye zindagi mein
Baat bann gayi….

Both looks at each other with teary eyes.. Sanskaar stretches her hands & swara runs to him & hugs tightly.. Both have a long passionate hug like they dont wanna loose each other for a sec also.. They broke their hug after hearing a huge clapping sound..

Sanskaar sits on his knees & take out a ring.. Swara is crying..

Sanskar : hey, crying baby, hw much u will cry! Rajasthan doesn’t get that much water through rain in 1 year which u waste in 1 day! Thank God government doesn’t applied tax on tears.. U would have sold my home in 1 month! Arre.. Now I joked then also u r not smiling.. smile na.. plz..

Swara looks at him & says I love u Sanskaar… I love u sooo much! ( smiles) 🙂 now okay??

Sanskaar nods & puts ring on her finger.. everyone claps for them.. Shekhar, sumi, sujata have tears of happiness.. They both launch their music album.. Swara’s 1st music album! All leave the venue when party gets over..

This album gets very popular.. Every music director, film producer wants Swara’s voice in their songs.. & off course sanky’s also coz he was singer frm begining.. SwaSan sighned more & more music albums, movies etc.. Their jodi become very popular.. In all this musical journey swara also completed her Graduation, post graduation taking english language.. She did Ph.d in English.. & completed her parents dream.. to become a doctor.. Dr. Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari! Yes.. SwaSan get married after completing Swara’s education.

There were an award ceremony & Swara got all awards for movies or albums she sang. & our sanky was always with her.. He gave her strength.. He was her support in every situation…

Today, all have gathered for launch ceremony of a book which is written by Swara. Swara starts to speak-

Good evening all.. As u all know we all are gathered here to launch my 1st book.. I dedicate this book to my husband- Mr. Sanskaar Ramprasad Maheshwari. When he came in my life, my life changed.. He taught me to laugh.. He taught me to live.. He taught me to love.. everything.. He is the one bcoz of whom I’m infront of u all.. Otherwise I.. She looks at Sanskar.. he nods no.. I was nothing.. He made me a perfect. Without him I’m incomplete.. He inspired me to do in which m interested.. He never pressurised me.. Looking at Sanskaar- u r my everything Sanskaar! U r The Light Of My Life! Whose beam brought me in this beautiful world again.. I want u to launch this book.. will u??

Sanskaar comes near swara.. he opens the cover of book & show it to everyone.. The name of book is- ” THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE”! Sanskaar looks at Swara.. she smiles & says- l love u sanskaar.. He hugs her & says I love u too..

The end!


Hey guys I’m manu.. cousin sis of Shalu ( swarmayi ).. actually she came today frm kashmir so she was tired & asked me to post Ishq Wala Love ff’s next part which is she written in her diary.. bt when I was reading her Diary, I had saw cross mark over some pages.. & that is non other than this OS! I read it & I loved it really.. so I thought to post it Instead of IWL.. She’ll surely kill me guys.. plz pray for me.. It’s her most favourite os she wrote in her diary.. anyways.. plz do comment.. my hands are paining.. its quite big no?? 😉

Credit to: Manu

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  2. Hey! When we do Ph.D in English we can’t become a doctor! These two professions are totally different!
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    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Hey nt by profession.. bt we get prefix as Dr. as per my information.. I donno whether it is right or wrong.. 🙂

    2. yeah..these two r different. .but Swara became Dr.Swara after getting her PhD degree.. this is correct..

  3. Awesome 🙂 but why didnt she write it was super duper awesome os loved it to the core

  4. Shalmali Kamble

    Manuuuuuu… Why u did this!! M sry guys! I didn’t knw abt it.. this idiot creature posted my OS! I’m gonna kill her!! I knw its very boring.. sry guys on behalf of manu & me..

    1. its really nice..i loved it..heart touching..awesome…

    2. Arey!…..I will kill u for thinking like this….no no if I kill u who will write ff…os for me and us???….
      Manu did a very great job of posting this os and though I didn’t know ur ff….I wanna say this os is just fab……
      If the real writer is u…even manu needs credit coz manu have typed and posted it…..
      So awesome and I just love this???

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