THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE [SS] – (Episode 9)

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The light of my life…….

Precap: swara stopping sanskar from committing suicide. Swara leaving him. Sanskar getting his siya and living his life again with full happiness.
Episode 9…….

Two men are sitting in a very lavish room. One is talking and the other is silently sitting with him and listening to him with full concentration. They both have tears in their eyes.
First man-[teary eyes] thats it this was my and ur shona ma’s love story. Its about her pure love for me and my true love for her.[smiles] this is it arjun. Now tell me…..what u think
Arjun-[emotionally] sanskar papa…..u……ur story is just soo heart touching. But……but….don’t u miss her……don’t u want her by ur side
Sanskar-[smiles] beta she is always with me.[points towards his heart] she is here. She may not be physically present but still i feel her presense. Every night when i sleep some caresses my head. Whenever i cry someone wipes my tears whenever i am sad someone holds my hand and whenever i am happy i feel like someone is hugging me. I don’t know what tgis unknown force is but i feel a familiarity in its touch. Its touch tells me she is my shona my swara. She didn’t leave me beta. She is still here i feel her presense. I feel her ii…..i……love her.she is not gone she is still here. She may not be physically present but still she is here. She is here for me.
Tears are continuously flowing from both of their eyes.
Arjun-[choked voice] nothing papa that day was shona ma’s soul really tgere or it was just ur imagination.
Sanskar-[teary eyes] i don’t know beta i don’t know….but one thing i know is that she was there for me….she is and she will always be there for me.
Arjun-[teary eyes] papa how can u love her soo much.
Sanskar-[smiles] no beta she loves me more…..she gave her life for……..for me……..i just…..i justt……..don’tlove her i love myself beta bcoz she is my need……she is THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE……she ….everything is about her beta……and about me loving her….i don’t know beta i don’t know…….i am just connected to her.
Arjun- papa i have never seen someone loving the other soo immensely sooo truely u both are just a heavenly couple. But papa don’t u feel like going to her.
Sanskar- not any more beta not anymore in starting i wanted but not now. I have my siya with me who loves me immensely… princess……and about my shona she is not gone i said she is with me only.
Arjun- i don’t know papa if i could love siya like u love shona ma but i promise i would try my best. After marriage she would be my queen. I would love her from the deepest core of my heart papa. I would never make her feel sad. But i am not like u papa i am not strong enough sooo i would never let her go…..i would die without her…i [starts crying]
sanskar immediately hugs him…
Sanskar- beta arjun shhh….bache stop crying siya would not go anywhere shhh…….she would always be with u ok….now stay strong…..
Arjun- but y u both separated papa i……it…….its not fair [sobs] is u both deserve to be together.
Sanskar-we are together arjun we are……now stop crying chalo stop.
Arjun tightens his grip around him more and sobs.
Sanskar- arjun bache stop….acha listen if u want to marry me i am telling u i am not interested i am totally normal.[giggles] now stop hugging me if siya woyld see u she would be shocked seeing her woyld be hugging her papa so tightly[giggles]
arjun- papa[puppy face]
arjun departs from him. And wipes his tears.
Arjun- but papa would u be able to live wothout siya when she geta married with me.
Sanskar-[chocked] siya ……m.y bacha…..i don’t know a…..
Arjun was shocked seeing sanskar this much worried.

Suddenly a beautiful lady enters and and tip toed towards arjun and shouted in his ear.
Lady- arjun!!!
Arjun jumps on his place.
Arjun-[glares her] siya [pouts ] u always do like this with me thats not fair.
Siya[pulls his cheeks] u r just soo cute my would be hubby…… cutiepie…..
She again laughs……sanskar was just admiring them. They were same like swasan.
Arjun-[pouts] u papa see na she is teasing me.
Siya – wait wait what will he say…..he is also mr cutie maheshwari……[pulls sanskar’s cheek] right papa…..
Both sanarj glare her. And soon burst out laughing.
They talk for sometime. Suddenly siya hugs sanskar.
Siya-[teary eyes] papa i will miss u papa after marriage…..u also come with me na….plzzz…..i can’t live without u.
Sanskar-[teary eyes] siya beta i can’t …….beta try to understand……
Siya-[teray eyes] plzzz……..
Sanskar- betaa……plz understand na…..acha leave all this tell me have u invited ur friends for marriage.
The both father-daughter duo were busy in talking but arjun was busy in his own world.
Arjun singhania- siya’s fiance……simple and decent. Very caring and a nice person. Loves her very much. Thinks sanskar as his father and swara as his mother. As his parents also died at a very early age. He has only his small bro with him now….also loves him.
Aarav singhania- arjun’s younger bro….loves himvery much. Thinks siya as his oen sister. Treats sanskar as his buddy. Both sanskar and he has a very nice bonding. 18 year old.
Marriage day of siya…..bidai time
Siya hugged all her friends and now it was the time to hug sanskar.
Both were controlling their tears. Siya stood in front of sanskar. Both looked towards each other with taers. Soon both started crying and hugged each other tightly.
Siya-[sobbing ] papa i don’t want to go.
Sanskar-[sobbing] princess, don’t say like this u love arjun right……don’t say like this…..
Siya tightens her grip around sanskar.
Siya- [innocently] no u ask arjun to live with us. I won’t go…..papa i can’t live without u.
Sanskar-[crying] baby i also can’t live without u[interrupted]
siya[crys more]- no……..papa how u will live u will be alone…..papa……plzzzzz…….i won’t go[sobs]
sanskar knew his princess , she was not so strong to live without him. But she have to leave she had to go to her love. Both were crying. People present there also had tears in their eyes seeing their bond.
Aarav- [whispers to arjun] [with tears] bhai do something na….i can’t see them crying.
Arjun-[with tears] i have ready planned something aarav. U also know na i can’t see my princess crying and my father sad.
Sanskar breaks the hug with siya. He cups her face.
Sanskar-[sobbing] siya bache sshhhhh….u know na i can’t see u crying…..shh……[wipes her tears] acha listen to ur papa bache listen na[siya looks towards him] bache u have to go to arjun. U love him na…..i know u can’t live without me but u have to bache. In starting it would be difficult but slowly it would become easy.
Siya nods in no like an innocent child and crys more. Sanskar was also crying till now. Arjun signs one if his servant something.
Arjun-[calmly] papa she is right don’t make her understand.
All look confusingly towards him. He continues.
Arjun- papa u r also like my father u guided me cared about me helped me and what not and siya [smiles] she gave me all tge happiness in the world. When u two can make my whole life then i would never separate u two. Papa u r also coming with us to our home forever.
Sanskar- no beta how can i….
Aarav-[interupts] no uncle bhai is saying correct u will come with us and that’s final. We are family right…
Sanskar- yes beta we are family but…..
Arjun-[sternly] decision is final mr. Cutie maheshwari u r coming with us.
Sanskar- but….
Aarav- yes mr sweetu maheshwari ur coming.
Siya- yaaa papa is coming
All the 3 shouts- U R COMING!!!

Sanskar puts his hands on ears and says ok and smiles whole heartedly seeing their love. He walks towards them and hits on arjun nad aarav’s forehead. And glares them
Sanskar-[glares] don’t u dare call me cutie or sweetu again.
They both smiles meekly. Soon the family hugs. Till now a servant comes with sanskar’s luggage. And they all leave for arjun’s mansion but before going sanskar locks his mansion and closes his eyes and feels swara’s presence.
Soon they all reached arjun’s mansion. All stepped in and arjun showed sanskar his room. Soon all started going towards their room but aarav and sanskar shouted.
Sanaar-[shouts] best of luck for the first night.
Arjun and siya blushes and rushes towards their room. Sanskar and aarav burst into fits of laughter.
Aarav- buddy now no jogging for tomorrow’s morning i am very tired ok[sanskar glares him] no buddy i will not go jogging ok. Why u r so desperate i know many beauties come for morning jogging but one day if they would not talk to u its not a big thing ok[sanskar hits him] what….u r still handsome…..[teases him] bye i am very sleepy[yawns]
sanskar- u r full mad.
Aarav- i know so bye mr cutie maheshwari…..
Saying this he runs into his room and closes thedoor.
Sanskar- pagal[laughs]

He walks in towards his room and inhales deeply.
Now everything was perfect siya was happy and he was not alone. He smiles and walks towards the balcony. He sits on the nearby bench and stares the moon. He smiles.
Suddenly he feels someone holding his hand. He recognizes the touch and closes his eyes while smiling whole heartedly.

Sanskar-[calmly] u came swara….u alwaysremember to come every night na.
Winds started moving and we see swara’s soul sitting beside sanskar.
Swara-[whispered] yes….how can i not cone to meet my cutie maheshwari.
Sanskar-[giggles] u know swara i am very happy i have both THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE with me.
Swara- see i told u.
Sanskar- i am very happy swara.
Swara- i know.
Sanskar was still closing his eyes while feeling the moment.
Sanskar-[calmly] I LOVE U SHONA
Swara- [calmly] I LOVE U TOO…….
Soon silence took over sanskar feels the grip on his hand getting loose. He opens his eyes.
Suddenly he feels her hugging him. He again leans back close his eyes and smiles. Wind was gently blowing.

He started remembering everything. His darkened life. Their first meet. Accident of sanskar. Swara saving him. His outburst on her. His locket getting replaced. Swara coming to him and returning it to him. His fight with her. Their friendship. Their date. Their outings. Their confession. Their happy days. Their marriage. Every night when she massaged his head. Him sleeping in her lap. Swara sleeping in his arms. Their soothing talks. Their surprises. Tgeir sweet memories. Swara’s accident. Her soul. Her soothing words. Siya arrival. Swara’s soul taking care of them. Siya nad his happy moments. Arjun and aarav’s arrival. Their adventures. Aarav’s pranks.Arjun confessing his love for siya.He telling arjun his story. Siya and arjun’s marriage. And finally their happy family.

Soon sleep took over him.
Sanskar- [murmurs in sleep] siya and shona u r THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE.
soon swara’s soul vanishes while whispering.
Swara- sanskar, THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE.

Their presence for eachother was not important their love was. They both may be far but still together.
Their pure love was enough. They loved each other infinity. They were always each other’s light of life. They both always considered each other the light of their life. They both mumurmed in unison
…………….THE END……………

SO…. here comes the end of my first ever ss. I enjoyed writing it very much. And thank you soo much for ur response. In march’s end i would again come with many one shots.For the last time i am asking plzzzz……comment.

SO…this is shubhangi sharma signing off

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