THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE [SS] – (Episode 5)

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Recap: dinner date and sanskar singing a song for her.


4 Months later……
4 months have past and love has also started blossoming b/w the 2. They both developed this unknown feeling for each other
Sanskar has also started laughing and enjoying the life to the fullest.
Today they have went to eat ice cream.
Near the ice cream vendor…..
Swara- bhayia[brother] give me a chocolate ice cream, a strawberry ice cream, kulfi and….
Sanskar- [glares her] swara!! Take only 1 ice cream. U will catch cold.
Swara-nooooo i will take this ice creams. Sansku u always stop me today i will eat.
Sanskar- swara no no no a big no. If u want to take one ice cream take 1 if not then come with me.
Swara-[puppy face] sanskar plz i will not catch cold plzzzzz. Let me eat 2 ice creams.
Sanskar – swara no means no.
Swara-u duffer khadoos irritating old man don’t talk to me. U r not cutie sansku u r hitler sansku. Jao don’t talk to me[shows her tongue]
She walks out from there and sits on the bench of the nearby park. Sanskar sighs in displeasure. He sees towards the ice cream vendor who was giving him a tight smile. Sanskar took 3 ice creams of her choice and went towards her. She was sitting there with an angry pout. He sat beside her. And he showed her the ice creams and grinned. She glared him with anger and turned her face.???
Sanskar-[gulped in fear] swara [glared him] acha listen i am sorry na. Acha see i brought 3 ice creams for u[showed them][cutely] plzzzz take it and forgive me.
Sanskar-[puppy face] sorrryyyyyyy
Swara-[smiled seeing his innocent face]ok….. this time forgiving u. But if next time u deny me to eat anything u r going to face hell mr. Maheshwari ??? Sanskar- [gulped in fear] ok swara maam
They both bursted out laughing and finished their ice cream.

Next day……..[saturday…. yippeeee]

Sanskar went to swara’s home and ringed the bell. She didn’t opened the door.He ringed it twice still she didn’t opened the door . He was worried for her. Now he called her 2-3 times still no response. He was hell worried for her till now.
Suddenly the door got opened with a bang!!! There was swara standing with a full sleeves tee and cutepajamas. Cute slipper with a bunny on them and her hair tied in a loose bun. Her eyes were looking sleepy and also filled with anger. Her nose was red. He was mesmerized seeing her in such a cute attire. She rubbed he nose and her shout broke his trance.
Swara[shouted loudly]- u stupid sanskuuuuuu u broke my sleep. Y r continuously ringing the bell and disturbing meee???? . U have the spare keys then yyyyy r u disturbing me.
Sanskar-[plainly ] u again got cold. Right?
Swara-no i…..ok i got cold.
Sanskar- i warned u not to….
Swara- ots ok sansku its not a big thing.
Sanskar- not a big thing….. ok bot a big thing then….[he poked her nose]
swara- aanchuuuuuuuu!!!

Everything directly went on his face[awwww…..poor sansku].sanskar took out his hanky and gave it to her. Swara instead of using it for herself wiped his face with it.
Swara-[? ] sorry sansku…….
Sanskar-[sighed] its ok acha come i will make tea for u.
Swara-[excited] ur special ginger tea[he nodded] then make it quickly…….
She ran to her room. Sanskaer quickly made the teaAnd went to her room. He gave her the tea and sat beside her. After completing the tea they both started talking.
Suddenly swara said something which made him angry.
Sanskar- yes swara say
Swara- vo ummmm……can i ask u something?
Sanskar[smiles]- arreee is there a need to ask permission.U ask na
Swara-sanskar…..ummm do u still hate ur parents?
Sanskar-[smile fades away] [angry but controls]swara plzzz…. don’t ask this que. [Joins hishands] i beg u….
Swara-[shocked seeing his reaction][holds his joined hands] sanskar….plz
Sanskar- [shouts] swara plzzz.
Swara-[teary eyes] sanskar….i…
Sanskar-[holds her shoulder tightly] u want to listen then listen……yes yes yes i hate them.

Still i hate them. U know it hurts here[points towards his heart]it hearts whenever i see people with their family it hurts swara.
Swara- but..
Sanskar- this life is like a punishment to me and it is darkened only because of ur god.
SWARA-But sanskar u r misunderstanding life…….. and the god. Its just tha….
SANSKAR-Swara enough.
Sanskar already walked out of there.
SWARA-I will become the light of ur life. I promise……sanskar….[sneezes] aanchuuuuuu……[pouts]chalo lets rest but is he still here.
Swara came out of the room and searched him but he was long gone to his home. She knew he was very hurt but it was necessary to talk about it. He would be crying but she had to talk about this topic.
Swara-[mind] sorry sanskar……
Meanwhile sanskar was driving the car with tears in his eyes. He stopped the car with a jerk. He came out of the car and fell on his knees and started crying miserably. He was feeling pain for hurting swara and being alone without his parents.

Next….day….. sunday……..
Swara got ready in a black and pink color kurti and leggings. She let her hairs open. Wore matching accessories with light make up and went to meet her sansku…..

Sanskar’s house………
Swara- ramu kaka where is sanskar
Kaka-swara beta he is in his room.
Swara-ok kaka
She went to his room and saw him standing beside the window. She didn’t know how to ralk to him so went and stood behind him and……
Sanskar-[jumped in ?] aaahhh
Swara started laughing loudly. But soon realised that he didn’t said anything and had tears in his eyes. She cupped his face.
Swara-[softly] sanskar….
Swara-sanskar what happened?y r u crying? R u still upset with me? [Puppy face] sorry sanskar…..
Sanskar-[chocked voice] nothing shona…its just that….leave it.

He removed her hands and was about to get out of the room but stopped listening to her.
Swara-[teary eyes] its just that u feel u r alone[sanskar turns towards her with wide open eyes] its just that u r afraid. U don’t hate tgem u angry on them for leaving u all alone. U are afraid of living all by urself. U want someone by ur side. Right? Life hasn’t given anyone to u till now that is y u r angry with life. Right?
Sanskar-[teary eyes] swara…..
Swara-[softly] sanskar don’t blame life for all this. Many people don’t have their parents with them. I also don’t have mine with me. But i don’t blame them. I moved on sanskar. There is no use for crying for the thing we don’t have. Life is not about what we had,what we were its about what we choose to have , what we choose to be.
Sanskar-[stares her]
Swara-[cups his face][softly]sanskar u have to let go. U have to let go. But remember i will always be there with u.
Sanskar-[teary eyes] no swara 1 day u will alsoleave me. [Feels pain in his heart] 1 day u will also have someone in ur life and u would also leave me.
Swara- no sanskar i will not
Sanskar- u will leave me. Swara yes u will.
Swara- no sanskar no
Sanskar- yes swara u will.
Swara-no no
Sanskar[holds her shoulder] yes swraa

sanskar-[shouts] yes
Swara-[shouts] no
Sanskar[shouts] y swara y…..
Swara-[shouts loudly] bcoz I LOVE U…..
Sanskar-[looses his grip on her][wide open eyes]what!!
Swara-[gains her senses and avoids eye contact ]n…n…nothing
Sanskar-[cups her face with teary eyes] do realy love swara….
Swara[avoids eye contact]- ummm….
Sanskar-[makes her face him] swara plzzz tell me do u love me….
Swara-[gets lost in his eyes] yes……..
Sanskar-[innocently] really
Swara- yes….but i am sorry[teary eyes] i am sorry sanskar don’t thing i betrayed u. What can i do i…i..fell for u. Sanskar….i..i..[starts crying] i am sorryyy plz don’t leave me…..i….
Sanskar kisses her…….
After sometime he broke the kiss. Both were looking into each other eyes.
Sanskar-[softly] I LOVE U TOO[joins her forehead with his]
swara-[innocently] really….
Sanskar- [softly] yes……….now promise u will never leave me….
Swara- promise[pecks his cheek and giggles]
sanskar- i love u swara
Swara- say it once again
Sanskar- [loudly] i love u….
Sanskar- [loudly] i love u….
Sanskar-[shouts] I LOVE YOU…..

Soon the day passed………..
1 month later
In this full month swara has completely changed her sansku……
Sanskar has started to love his parents and his life
SANSKAR-I love my life swara. I love it. I also love u so much. I LOVE U U U !!!
Swara was just standing and listening to him and smiling whole heartedly.

Soon time passed. They both started enjoying. Day started with sanskar’s sweet surprises and ended with swara’s pranks. They both enjoyed each other’s company. Life was just perfect. Soon sanskar proposed her in a grand way . Both got married soon.
Their day started with each other’s smile ended with each other’s embrace.
They both loved each other to infinity.
Its been 2 yrs to their marriage but still love b/wthem was the same.


precap- ACCIDENT!!!

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