THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE [SS] – (Episode 4)

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Recap- swara coming to sanskar’s mansion and their friendship.

Episode 4


Sanskar was very happy. He never new that the sunday which he hated the most would turn out to besoo wonderful. Afterall he found a true friend. He was soo happy that today swara became his friend. She was such a nice person which a big heart. She forgave him even after knowing what he said about her parents. She became his friend. She didn’t hated him. She became his shona. He was feeling guilty bcoz of his deeds but he promised himself that he would make this dinner soo nice that she would forgive him with all her heart. His shona would forgive him. He was a little bit confused that y he was addressing her as HIS SHONA. But everytime he said that he felt peace in his heart. He wanted to surprise her soo he decided to make food athome for her all by himself. So, he gave holiday to all the servants. He started making the food.

At 6:30 everything was ready. He gave a final touch to the food and ran to get ready. He got ready in white jeans with red t-shirt and white coat. He was looking sooo ?. He was standing in front of mirror and was combining his hairs. He was soo happy. He was humming diff. Songs like a teenager. He was so excited. He gave himself a final check in the mirror . He took the car keys and went to her house. From outside her house looked nice and cute just like her. He rang the bell. After some timeShe opened the door. And there she was standing in red colour knee length dress with matching accessories. With open hair she looked like an angel. An unknown feeling was felt by him in his heart. Both were mesmerized seeing each other. Their trance was broken by swara who felt a ticklish feeling on feets. She looked down and found a rat licking her feet. She was horrified and started shouting.
Swara- [shouted] rat rat rat HELP ME !!!
Swara was jumping here and there. Sanskar came to calm her down. He tried to catch her but she was just jumping in fear.Sanskar- shona shona calm down see its gone.
Swara- sanskar help me. HELP MEEEEE!! It will eat me. Help meeeee…..
Swara fell on him bcoz her foot got twisted while jumping.
Sanskar- swaraa…. ahhh see what u did u r fu..
Suddenly his eyes met her eyes which looked very innocent. She was just staring him with big innocent eyes. He was just lost in her eyes. His trance was broken by swara’s moan[ everytime swara always break their eyelock very bad swara?]
swara- aaooo!! My foot.
She tried to stand up but again fell on him.
Swara-ahhh….. sanskar help me. Its paining[teary eyes]
sanskar- shhhhh…. calm down. Wait let me help u.
He made her sit there. She tried to stand but felt pain and again fell down. She was trying again and again but failed and now a tear escaped her eye. Suddenly picked her in arms.
Swara-[shocked] aree sanskar leave me i can walk.
Sanskar-[gave her a cold look] enough swara already u got hurt bcoz of ur nonsense. And nowalso i now ur foot is paining very much.
Swara- no sanskar its….
Sanskar-[little loudly] shut upp swara. Enough. Stay quiet.
Swara-[teary eyes]ok ?
Sanskar-[guilty]sorry swara for being rude but i can’t see u in pain. I can’t see ur tears swara. I just can’t. U r only the person whom i can call mine. So… i can’t see hurt. [Teary eyes]
She felt very happy seeing his care and kept staring him.
He made her sit on the bed. And himself sat on the ground. He took her foot in his hand and startedmassaging it.
Swara-no no sanskar don’t do it. There is no need. I will do it ny self
Swara- sanskar leave it na
Swara-sanskar…..what happened say na.

He applied medicine and treated her foot while swara was just calling out his name. He was doing everything silently. Suddenly swara felt a drop of water on her foot. She made sankar face her and was shocked seeing tears in his eyes.Swara-[shocked]sanskar…..what happened[tried to stand] ahhh……
Sanskar- swara careful[made her sit carefully]arevu ok
Swara-leave about me tell me y were u crying
Swara-[angry]sanskar tell me before i kill u.
Sanskar-[teary eyes]ummm…..vo…..ummm….i am sorry swara for scolding u actually u r the only person whom i can call mine. I can’t see u hurt but slipped and……i am sorry swara. I am really sorry…i….i…..i…..i……will never do that agian. I prom….[swara hitted tightly on his head]aaoooo….swara[herubbed his red nose]what r u doing[swara glared him] here i am apologizing and u r….[hitted him]aooo…..[she started continuously hitting him]ss..s..s..wwww..a.a.a..r.r.r.ra.a.a.a swaraaaaa .
Sanakar got hold of her hands. Still she was glaring him with anger.
Sanskar-what happened?
Swara-[angry]u stupid idiotic crybaby u always do[mimics]swara swara i am s.s..sorry [normal] what is this u always cry arre see me i always scold everyone and irritate them and not even apologize. U know once i irritated my classmate sooo much that he didn’t came to school for next week hahahahah istill remember his face. [Angry] but uuuuu next i see u crying MR SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. I will kill u and i not give u any options that what u want to take like poison or something like that i will only strangle ur neck.
Sanskar- swara hawwwww…. u know i have heard that friends don’t let their friends to talk about death and u r only telling me that u will kill me. Hawww…..[like a small baby]veryyyyy bad mmhhh….
Swara-[glared him]uuuuuuuu…. one more word and i will kill u.Sanskar-[flirty] oho seniorita i will glad to die in ur arms. I would love to die then. U know only kill me with ur beautiful hands.
Swara-[blushing]hawww…. stop it sanskar. Stupid!!!
Suddenly swara remembered something.
Swara-[sad] sorry sanskar bcoz of me our date got spoiled.[pouted] sholly
Sanskar-[teasingly ] ohooo DATEEEE i only sad dinner swara i think ur motives r not gud. Do u want to attack me. Hawwww……[clutched his touch tightly] god plz save me from this demon.
Swara- shut up sanskar.[sad] but…. sorry.
Sanskar-u just now told me not to sad and now uonly. [Thinks something] acha do u want to go on dinner[swara nods] ok come.

Saying this he lifted her and walked towards the car.
Swara-areeee where r we going.
Swara-[innocently ] really
Swara[smiled brightly]yahooooo
Sanskar- hhahahah swara u r full mad
Swara-vo toh i am mad tell me something new sanskar?
Soon they reached home. Sanskar carried her to his room.Swara- sanskar y u took me here we were supposed to go on a dinner. Right?
Sanskar-wait swara.
Sanskar already walked out of there. Swra was checking out his room. Suddenly her eyes saw his one pic in which he was standing shirtless.
Swara- oh god man sansku is soooo HOT. He looks sooooo uffff. How handsome he is. I just can’t stop staring him. I am sure all girl would always drool on him. Ufffff stop it swara stop it. Stop staring him. He is just sooooooo……
Her trance was broken by a whistling sound.
Sanskar-i know swara i am very irresistible. But pl stop satring my pic i am feeling shy.[blushes]
Swara-[turned crimson red]shut up sanky i was just…..if u r so hot what’s my mistake?
Sanskar-[shocked]swara how could u say like this. How could u directly say to me[blushes]
Swara-[teasingly ] someone is blushing. Hahahaha………sankyyyyyyy u r so cute[glares her] acha ok ok ur not cute u r sansku my sanskuuuuu….
Sanskar-[felt happy hearing my sansku] ok leave all this come have dinner.

He carefully took swara and made her sit. There was a table in balcony. The balcony of room wasvery beautiful. Also the sky was full of stars and a full moon. Sanskar was setting the food on the table. Swara was looking towards him. Sanskar looked towards her questionably.
Swara- sanskar i was thinking that i am soo lucky .
Swara- the great businessman sanskar maheshwari is serving me food. Oh god i am feeling soo proud.
Sanskar- hahaha swara u r full mad.[he also sat down] acha now eat the food and tell how is it
Swara- How is it what do u mean by that. U r saying as if u have made this food.[tasted the food] wowwwww sanskar its so tasty. Tell me from whichrestaurant u have ordered it. It just wow. Arre why r not saying anything tell na.
Sanskar-[planly]if u would stop talking then only i will speak. U r non stop nonsense.
Swara-[cutely] hawwwww……
Sanskar- acha ok. I only made this food. Only for uuuuu my friend.
Swara-[very happy and innocently] really u made it for me?
Sanskar- [happily] yes swara. Only for u . U r one and only my true friend with i had over the years. I can do anything for u making food is a very small thing for u.
Swara was overwhelmed seeing his care and friendship for her. Sanskar was standing beside swara as he was very curious to know how it was made. Swara tightly hugged in emotions of happiness. Sanskar was firstly startled but was somewhere feeling happy seeing her hugging him.
Sanskar called her name.
Sanskar-[softly] swara
Swara’s trance was broken by his voice. She was feeling embarrassed but somewhere she was also blushing.
Swara-[blushes] ummm………sorry actually….
Sanskar-its ok swara its ok[feels her discomfort]
acha now lets eat the food.
They eat the food with lots of talks and teasing. Both were enjoying each other’s company. After a long time sanskar was laughing whole heartedly. After finishing the food both were enjoying the weather. Suddenly swara spoke.
Swara- [cutely]sanskarrr…..
Swara- [cutely]sanskarrr…..
Swara- [cutely]sanskarrr…..
Sanskar-hmm ….. swara speak na
Sanskar-swara[glares her]
swara-acha ok ok. Tell me which is ur mosttt favourite thing to do.

Sanskar-[calmly ] singing swara singing. [Closes his eyes] it gives me inner peace swara. It has always been my side. [Opens his eyes. His eyes shone ] [turns towards her] u know swara in college i was the most favourite singer. [Hw was telling like a child] u know i ….i have a guitar also. [Sadly]but it has been many years i have played it. After college i have been soo busy in fighting the darkness of this world all alone.
Swara-[calmly] do u have ur guitar now.
Swara- will u sing a song for me
Sanskar- but swara ummmm…. it has been many years and…
Swara-[puppy eyes] pleaseeeee….
Sanskar- swara….ummm….
Swara-[super cutely]plzzzzzzzzzzz….. sanskuuu
Sanskar-[sighed] ok let me bring it.
Sanskar went to take his guitar.
Swara-sanskar u r sooo innocent. How could [points towards the sky] u do this much injustice with him huh…. but now u and i will always make him happy happy.[laughs]
Till now sanskar entered with his guitar. He sat down on the nearby chair and made her sit on the bed.
Swara- its beautiful sanskar. [She rubs her hand on the guitar]u have written ur name on it[points towards his name]
sanskar-[softly laughs] hahah….. yes. Acha now tell me which song should i sing.
Swara- mmmmm……yes HASI BAN GAYE
Sanskar- ok
He starts singing[do listen this song]
Haan aa…
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

Haan hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jab se hai jaana tumhein
Teri ore chalne lage (x2)

Har safar har jagah
Har kahin ban gaye
Maante thhe KhudaAur haan wahi ban gaye

Haan hansi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

Pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaahon mein bhi hai dhoondte wo tujhe
Pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaahon mein bhi hai dhoondte wo tujhe
Hum the dhoondhte jisey wo kami ban gaye
Tum mere ishq ki sar-zameen ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

O.. aa…

He stops the song. Swara was shocked listening to his voice. His voice was so melodious.
Swara-[whispers] u sang beautifully sanskar.
Sanskar_-[calmly] thanks.
Acha now leave all this and just enjoy thebeautiful weather.
After some more enjoyment and soothing talks sanskar left her home and came back to his house.
They both slept thinking about eachother. They both were confused y their presence was effecting both of them this much?y both felt connected? Its been only 1 day but still both felt that they know eachother from eternity?

Have they fallen in love or not lets see….


Precap- love confession and lots of masti and romantic moments.

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