THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE [SS] – (Episode 1)


Helloooooo….. Everyone. So,here is the 1st episode of my 1st ss. And a biggg sorry for late update.


Sanskar was standing beside the window and sipping his hot coffee in the chilly weather. The weather was beautifull. Natures beauty was on epitome of perfection so was his wife. He laughed at his own thought he always used to compare his wife with all the beautiful this afterall he loved her from all his heart. He was all busy in admiring the nature and comparing it with his wife’s beauty. He didn’t even noticed that his wife entered the room. Swara saw him being deeply immersed in his thoughts. She went near him and shouted in his ears.
Sanskar jumped at his place. And glared at his wife who was rolling on the floor laughing looking at his terrified face. He angrily pouted.
Sanskar-[pouted] Swara u r very bad. U always do this with me.
Swara-[controlling her laugh] s…sss..sorryy. But sanskar look at ur face how much u are afraid. Hahahaha

Sanskar- go i will not talk to u.
Swara- nautanki. Shut up. Ok ok sorry. But u look shoooo cuteee. My cutie pie.
Sanskar- swara dont call me that.
Swara- i will call u that mh sansku, u r shoooo cute sweet and innocent. Muahhhh.
Swara-ok mr boringggg.
Swara- vaise sanskar u have not at all changed. In past u were also mr khadusss mr boring mr pakaoo mr..
Sanskar-areee stop it.

Swara-ok ok.
Suddenly, she hugged him tightly.
Sanskar-swara what happened.
Swara- never leave me.
Sanskar- aree how can i leave my wife my love MY LIGHT OF LIFE. Tell how can i. But u also promise u will never leave me. Promise me.
Swara- promise.
She pecked on his cheeks and smilled brightly . And ran from there.
Swara- ger ready. I will prepare the BF. Come soon. My cutie pieeeee….
She ran away.

Sanskar- SWARAAA!!! This girl is really mad. But i love her. I love my mad girl.
He smiled and went to take a bath.
He started getting ready. Suddenly, his gaze went to their marriage pic. He smiled seeing it and started remembering their past and their first meet.

It was the first day of swara as a doctor in a well named hospital. But today ball was not in her court. There was a traffic jam. She was so tensed that time and suddenly her gaze shifted to a man who was also in his car but there was a lot more frustation and irritation on his face rather compared to any one present there. But still there qas innocence in his eyes. His eyes , his eyes were so expressive. It reflected everything with was felt by his heart mind and soul. But, his had frustation also but something was also there disturbing him, something something like EMPTINESS. But still they showed his pure heart. His gaze shifted from the traffic to her face and their eyes met. There was a long eyelock. They felt connected. Suddenly their eyelock was broken by traffic and they went to their respective destinations.
Whole day passed but still they both remembered each other. They neither spoke a word nor there was some kind of action. There was only an eyelock which connected them.
There hearts only wished that they meet again in future. With they both went to sleep


So…. Thats it for today. Sorry for the short update. And please tell how was their first meet. So…. Comment comment and comment.

This is shubhangi sharma signing off

And yes, i am not the writer of devil and its angel.


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