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Aanya & Zara r here
Most of u know us…

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So now we decided to strt a combine story


Vampire love revenge thriller suspense story from 2000BC to 2017 AD

So here is promo

VOICE:according to Researchs Vampires actually exist but no one know how to recognise them…few things we know but only few things …from 4000 BC we hav so many evidence of their existence

Ancient sumerian
European myths
Chinese ancestrs
Egyptian History
Even Indain vedas

Believe in demons spirits …”Vampires”

They also hav feelings in their unbeatable heart

Scene in 2000BC

Snow is falling nd two beautiful princess walking on terrace of their palace…their eyes colour r Red they both r angrily walking here to there…

Princess1:whre r u ?? M waiting ?? i will kill u…half human

Princess2:shh shut up swara if anyone listen na so dad kill them

Yes they r swaragini

Thn two boys come there

1Boy:ohh sry ragini
Nd hug her..

2nd Boy :aww my swara is angry on me

He hug her…

With hug to their love they calm down nd eyes colour chng to green…

But Both Guys winked to each other nd there eyes r dark black…

Scne 2

In full moon night

A grp of people stab in heart of both princess…Swaragini

They screamed out..

Swragini:we will come back for our revenge Sanskar nd Laksh u hav to pay for this.

In 2017

In dark jungle both r in graves of ice from centuries…

Sanlak come to their graves …they try to realive them but failed…

Scne 4

Swaragini out from graves…they both hug sanlak…
Both guy happy.. their eyes r green…but SR eyes r dark black now…suddenly they jerk them
they lift them …

Nd push faaaaaarrrr away sanlak try to stop but both r too powerful…sanskar run but swara tilt her face to right side

Swa:not so easily

She wave her hand in air


Ragini waving her hand in air…nd laksh is in air she throw him on rock harder

Scne freeeze

To be continue…

NOTE:Oh never eat sheep meat or lamb meat killed by a wolf. That’s a surefire way to vamp out.

So guys if u r intersted tell us…

We want atleast 15 comments to continue


If u want to continue this..need.15+commnts ✌
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  9. Different concept and intresting but will you give equal importance to both pairs are not because some of swasan lovers dont give equal importance to raglak and viceversa and upto my knowledge you are an swasan lover so i have an doubt.I might be wrong also.
    And sorry if i have hurt you.

    1. Anniya

      I am just updating this story here, they( Zara and Aanya) like both pair. So don’t worry they will try to give equal importances to both….

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      It’s not my story??, I am just updating it here. All credit goes to Zara and aanya

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