Light of darkness part-6

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Swara and Ragini sitting on the one side of tree nd SanLak at other side…

They were thinking about each other

Swa:Ragini we have to be strong We can’t loose this chance

Rag: I know but it’s too hard for us

Swa:let’s go to home


Scne shift to Sanlak house


Swara is sitting in her balcony

Swa ^^in mind^^ What should I do?? I die bcz of him but I’m alive bcz of him only . I love him but I hate him more

Sanskar seeing her nd come close to her


San: hhuh??
She look at him with love in her eyes

San: Can I ask u for one thing?

Swa:yeah say

San:come with me


He take her to another room


Sanskar turn nd hug her

San: U know Swara I try my best to stay away from u or to forget u and it’s not impossible to do but the thing is I don’t want to do this I don’t want to forget u I want U to be happy when i gone

Swara’s Eyes widend to listen these lines from him

Swa:But why r u saying these things where r u going??

San: Farr

Swa: where?

San; Nothing just kidding ….(He Cup her face) I Love You

Swara hug her

Swa: I Lov…(she stop) Mmm sansakar let’s go to room hmmm

She left him there nd go to room

She remembering her parents nd her happy family moments

Swa:Love huh! I can’t trust him again noo Tomorrow the dawn comes with the new moon of my life …

She open her arms nd face towards moon for gaining powers


Laksh is reading a book (PRETENDING)

Ragini sitting on other side



Lak: Do u want to share something?? May be I’ll not able to listen after tommrw

Rag:What?? R u going somewhere

Lak:Yes… me nd sanskar

Rag:ohh… how do u know i want to say something

Lak:In love there is a connection

Rag:In Love really?? Well I want to say that I want be strong I hate myself to be a fool to be a blind for someone

Lak:someone?? Who? Me?

Rag: Did u do any thing wrong with me…No… than why u say that well leave it bye i want to spend some tym with swara

Laksh look at her nd remind his mistakes

Next Day

ShiJin nd MoYeon came to outside Sanlak house

MoYeon: ShiJin I don’t want this fight

ShiJin: I know it’s difficult to see ur father …

MoYeon:No No it’s not about my father this is the Karma but I can’t see their seperation again I can see love in their eyes for each other

Shijin: True love finds own way… I know they will be together Forever

MoYeon: Did u see that???

Before He answered SanLak came there

Sanskar nd Laksh came close to them nd MoYeon worriedly Come in front of Shijin

MoYeon: Both of u stay away from him

Shijin cross his hands over her neck

Shijin: I think I know ur brothers better than u


Shijin touch to show her how he easily they were able to escape him


Sanskar nd Laksh came to the place where Shijin was trapped

San: Hyung(Elder brother)

Shijin listen nd attack on them But his powers were not working there (That’s the reason he never can escape from there)

Lak:We r here to save u

Shij:U both bcz of u i lost everything My Parents My sisters even my Love

San:We can’t get ur parents back but Swara n Ragini they r alive again MoYeon is fine

Shijin look confusingly at them

Laksh look here nd there with his powers he control the mind of soldiers so they easily escape from Jail

Lak: Guys wait We can talk later now time to escape from here..

San: Noo Wait they r coming here soon

Lak: who??

San: Our Girls*

Sanskar close his eyes

Lak: sanskar wait u can’t use ur powers more Do u really wanna die

But sanskar break the bounds on shijin powers

San: Now u r free

Shijin touch his (Sanskr’s) wrist to See the whole truth nd Laksh Go out to control situation

He see How Swara Ragini die nd how they save them …till the date he understands everything

He loose the grip

Shij: Soon U die Do u really love Swara that much

San: She is more than Myself for me

Than Swara ragini nd MoYeon came there nd they easily able to escape Shijin

Flashback ends…

MoYeon look at them

MoYeon: Now both of u Go far away from here nd gain r powers back

Lak: noo this time we can’t let them fight alone we r with them till the end

San:But promise me if I die so u guys will not tell Swara that I love her bcz I don’t want she will miss me

Before anyone say anything SwaRag came there nd SanLak hide them…

Swa: R u guys Ready

ShiYeon nodes Yes

Rag: This time we will Win

Shij: I asked all the Immortals Around world to help us So this tym we’ll show our power to them

Few Hours pass…

At The Maheshwari’s empire the get to know about Battle

@ Battleship Ground

One side The Half immortals nd other side the Immortals

Dp: Where r Sanskar n Laksh??

Sahil: Do u really think they r alive These Immortals surely killed them

Dp Signaled for the Start nd the Fight start between them

Everyone fighting

SanLak r looking over SwaRagini from Above They(SR) were fighting like a soldier

Suddenly Sanskar heart ache nd he fall on the Ground

Laksh panic to see him

Lak: Are u ok??

San: No I’m dying I almost looses my powers

Laksh Heal him little but that’s not enough for him..


Dp nd Shijin are Face to Face

Shij:I’m waiting for this day from so many centuries

They fought for a while DP see MoYeon n he capture her

Dp: I know ur weakness Now u can’t do anything

Both look at him shockingly

MoYeon: Don’t care about me Our Love is eternal we don’t need to be Live Forever Our Love is Immortal

Shijin look down nd He signal somthing then Throw his weapons..
Seeing this Dp loose his grip on MoYeon

SR attack on him from Behind nd Shijin cover the eyes of MoYeon so She is not able How Shijin Cut off his father’s head

Shijin Swara n Ragini give each other the victory look but MoYeon numb to see her Father like this

The Fight is over but no one knws where is SAHIL

Shijin MoYeon Swara Ragini they hug each other

Swa: M soo happy today Finally I got my family back

Rag:This Empire is not in the condition of Kingship need Humans can Survive on their own

Swa: Lets go Farr…

MoYeon; Family is still incomplete u both need ur partners

Shij: They both love u much more than ur imagination

They explain everything to them nd they quite understanding but

Sahil came from behind with slow steps nd Attack on Ragini with the arrow( A holy arrow which is harmful for Immortals/ Vampires)

But Laksh came between the arrow nd her…

Evryone look at them n he fall on the floor…

Swara run towards Sahil With a single jump she Cut off his head

Rag: Laksh…Lakshhhh Nooo Noo not this time U can’t betray me Don’t leave me alone here plzz…

Lak: I’m Sorry for everything Ragini I Love you More than anything I love u more than Me I Love u from So Many centuries

Rag:This time Love wins I can’t let u go Like this…

she kissed him nd heal him with her powers

Then the Snowfall Starts …

Sanskar came there

Swa:U r here but For whom No one needs u here Ragini can Forgive Laksh but I never can Forgive u I let you live bcz U give me this life

Sanskar just stand there n smiling to see her as Victor

Swara push him harder nd he Fall on ground

Swa: Goooo…

Shijin n MoYeon were standing there but they don’t know what to do now

Shijin help Ragini to Heal Laksh… Soon he is better now..

Sanskar laying there… He is loosing himself but still he is smiling nd looking at Swara with full of Love

Swa: Go othrwise I’ll Kill u

Her eyes turned blood red

Laksh come close to Sanskar ..

Lak:Let him go … Plzz Swara

everyone convince Swara to let him Go …

Laskh make sanskar stand nd said : Go from here U can use power Of Gem but bcz u r weak u can use it only once for around 10 mins

San: But Swara..

Lak: Don’t worry she will be calm soon than u can try but now if u dont go to earn ur powers again u’ll die…

Sanskar noded nd turned to go

Lak: It’s Good to be selfish somtimes

San: Selfish should I???

He smile nd Look at swara He close his eyes nd Use his Gem powers But not like Laksh said…

Everyone Everything Stop at that moment even the snow falls stop in the air

All the humans Immortals half immortals stop there Bcz the Time stoped

Sanskar Go near to Swara ns stand in front of her

San: I know I hurt u I know I don’t deserve ur apology But I Love u Swara I love u I don’t know when i Started Love u but u r the most important person for me I Love u Swara but U know what ur anger is not bcz U hate me it’s bcz u love me U Love me this feeling relief me so much I hate myself because U changed so much I miss my Bubbly Swara… may be after loosing my powers i die so I want to be Selfish Now… I want to kiss my love last tym

He kiss her rose petal lips He just feel it… nd his eyes closed

Swara nd everyone free again nd time starts like before

Before she can understand anything Sanskar fall on ground…

She closed her eyes nd see what happens with her…

Laksh MoYeon came close to him…


His body start heating up…

MoYeon: Shijin Plzz help us We need to reach hills faster

Ragini: We can’t let him die

Everyone goes to Hills side but swara stand there only..

After so many efforts

Shij: It takes 50 years to his condition will be fine

Lak: Thanku

Ragini give him side hug nd MoYeon hug Shijin

Rag: Today to this new beginning We promise each other that

Lak: we will love each other Forever

Shijin MoYeon smile to see them

Shijin: I wish Swara nd Sanskar would be Live together

MoYeon: They will I see that..

Shijin: Reallly

she nodes nd smile..

Everyone left that place but no one notice Swara

Swa: I’ll wait for u like u did Sanskar I Love u Sanskar

She sit on a rock there

At Sanlak place

Ragini nd Laksh sitting on terrace

Lak: I’m Sorry for everything I have done..

Rag: Do u know what is real pain

Lak: what??

Rag: the feeling that u love someone nd u know that person loves u too But there is noo hope to be together Thanx for relieved me from that pain

Lak: I love..

Rag: Shhh…Don’t say anything… just feel the moment
They both hug each other

Shijin MoYeon r in their room

MoYeon: Today is the best day I never can be happy like this nor i was…

Shijin: For me it’s second

MoYeon: Huh?

Shijin: 1st was the day I realised my love for u..

he hug her nd both lost in their world

Otherside swara was on same place

Swara:please look at me, like the faraway stars can’t you be the one that’s in my heart i will be waiting for you I don’t want to see the tears of pain anymore you let me know this love that’s like a lie, i’ll never let it go because that love is you

Half century pass but swara is there only she never left the place every one came there to met her but her eyes always saw the way of his came back

Finally the day came when he is fine …
He slowly getting into sense n only mumaring one thing “Swara ..swa. …rah… forgive… me. .p. .llz”

Swara rush to him and keep her hand on his chest ..providing him power

Swara: sanskaar I am here only …ur swara is here ..plz open your eyes …

He slowly opens his eyes …and see his angel in front of him they just looking at eo for some moments like time had stopped for them …

Sanskaar : (cups her face and hugs her ) swaraa…. u r fine na …m so sorry ii. .I know

Swara: shut up …now I will only tell and u will listen .?… I forgive you long back …and m sorry too… when u didn’t loved me I thought u did but when u actually loved me I didn’t believe you ….and this happened

Sanskaar : sshhh. … time had played worst joke with us …let’s start our new live from now …let’s live 1000 years together

Swara ;No Forever… I want to love u Forever I never know love can be like this

Both hug each other

Then they goes back to their palace started living happily

The place where they met Rome Empire but now there is nothing like a kingdom… it became common place where Humans live.
Swara Sanskar
Ragini Laksh
Shijin MoYeon

They purchase a bunglow nd start living there like others no one know who they r … They work like normal humans nd Soon the Curse on immortals n half immortals break …There is noo ending of love nd happiness everything is forgiven but not Forgetened because thats the proof of their Pure Love…

Never ending story..
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