Light of darkness part-4

Hw r u all??
Well no response but fine we just wrap it up fast hardly 2 epis more



Everyone busy in their work

#Shijin&MoYeon room

MoYeon looking at mirror

Shijin: r u mesmerising ur own beauty???
He is doing his work… at other side of the room

MoYeon: m just trying to see my dark side

Shijin: what??

He gave a confused look to her

MoYeon: can u see my dark side..??

He come close to her nd turn her so they can face each other

Shijin: Mirror never can reflect that if u want to see somthing.. look at me nd lost urself in my eyes

MoYeon: don’t love me.. m not worthy of it…

Blood tears fall from her eyes

He embraced her in his arms

Shijin: u did somthing wrong??

Before she can say anything the curtains of thier room caught fire Palace is covered with Rivals from all sides

Shijin: what is this..?? U stay here noo …Go somewhere fast with both princess

He said while cupping her face

MoYeon: They attack on us… I..I..

He look at her

Shijin:don’t say u r involved in this

She look him with teary eyes… he tytly close his fist nd throw her away

Shijin: Dp King Queen All the ministers Where r u alll

He left her in locked room while screaming nd preparing for war…

MoYeon:noo noo i can’t loose i can’t

She take out her weapons nd jump from window

Swaragini r sitting in there room on top of the palace

Swa:ragini what is this…?? Too much noise uff
Rag: who cares may be ur rabbits r fighting

Swa: shut up m going outside too check out

She open the door

Rag: dont leave alone wait m coming

Both get shocked to see… fire nd blood they nver saw somthing like this


Shekhar nd shijin come out with their army

Shijin:Who r u all??why u come here to fight

He asked to opposite side people

Shekher:where is Dp?? Find him…

Dp:M here King

He uncovered his face nd give a evil smile

Shijin:you ? But why

Dp:M half vampire half human… it just make me Double evil..

He again laugh louder

Dp: Here r my two son

He signal to Sanlak to attack nd they nodes yes

The war started

Swaragini seeing everythng but sanlak faces r covered

Swa: what is this ragini should we help nd go there

Rag: but we lost our powers swara we r weaker thn a normal human being

Just thn a men come there

Men: King ordered us to save both of come on fast

Swa:but how can i left my family like this

Rag: I think we should asked for help now we can’t do anything dnt be emotional be brave

That men show thm way to a place.. but a wicked smile is on his face


Vampires r loosing bcz half immortals r huge in number

Sanlak r looking for Swaragini

San: laksh did u saw swara

Lak:noo nd did u saw ragini

He nodes noo

Both go to upside in their room

Sanlak: Swara Ragini

The same men come inside

Men: Master order me to give them easy death

Sanskar grab his collar

San: whre is my swara

Men: soon she will die I spread the news they both become addicted of human blood now humans killed them

Laksh kicked him nd he fall from top of the palace

Lak: Ragini..Ragini

San: Swaraaaa Swaraa

Lak:how could we do this with them

San: i cant loose her


Dp come close to shekhar nd Shomi

Dp:time to say bye bye

He killed them without any pain any hesitation

MoYeon: Nooooo… Mom Dad…

Shijin come there to listen her voice

Shijin: soo r u successful in plans… Thats the reason to love to… or I said to play a game of fake love

Dp: shhhh… Mr prince how could u shout on my daughter

Shijin: m more stronger than u

Dp: huh?? (He look at MoYeon) so u did not complete ur work.. Ahhhh ur brothers more smart .I caught both princess

Shijin: what?? Where r my sisters u bas**rd

Dp take the fire nd start hitting Shijin with that
(Vampires afraid of fire)

Shijin loosing his powers

Dp take out his sword to kill shiijin but three swords taken place on his neck

Dp: what my own children reallly

He said while he turned himslef

MoYeon:let him live or loose ur daughter too choice is urs

San:Whre is my Swara

Lak:tell us now…where u send them

San: Be fast otherwise i will destroy every single thing… our myself

Dp tell them … sanlak nd ShiYeon left the place

But Dp overthrown the empire


Swa:Ragini m feeling too weak without powers my eye sight i cant see clear now like before

Rag:Same here even i cant walk more uff it’s too hard to be like a human

Suddenly they listen voice of huge no. Of public nd see fire

Swa: ragini they caught us.. ohh noo

Rag:ohh noo… Laksh.. Laksh…

Swa: Sanskaaarr …Sanskaar

They calling their love who r far away from them

A men grab swara’s hand

Men: U witch we will kill u

Swa: leave us.. we r Princess of Rome Empire Ragini Ragini

Her eyes searching for her nd see few people caught her nd covered her mouth

She look at Full moon nd close her eyes… to gain her powers

Men: what r u doing? what r u doing???

She open her eyes which r full of blood he left jerk her hand nd take step back

Swa: Just leave I don’t like to kill humans so don’t force me

Thn a Guy come near to her

Guy: what about a Vampire huh???

He uses his spell nd throw her away which give her wounds on her body


All humans run from there very few people left all were the Half vampires

Rag: U… how dare to touch her

Rajat rotate his hand nd give her unbearable pain

Rag:ahhh… papa

Rajat: Haaha!( he laugh evily) no one come here.. ur Family member r resting in peace

Swa: who r u… Sanskar md Laksh will killed u understand

Rajat: they.. what non sense they killed ur family on their own..

Swa: shut up they love us

Swara punch on his face nd throw him away… but ragini is laying in pain..

Rajat; poor girl dont u know why u r helpless now… just after loosing ur powers … we attack on u… this was all planned

Swara nd ragini look at him lostly

Rajat: ahhh.!!! They wants to kill u but seriously this is my fav. Work let me do this..

But again Villagers running towrds them in with priests

Rajat: ohh god they …humans senseless I think they r enough to kill u…

Swara^^He cheat me…He never loves me…He killed my family

Ragini^^He used me…he makes me fool…He killed my family

Villagers fired around them… nd throwing garlic nd holy water on them

But they r in shock helpless but full of anger

Suddenly Villagers throw two Cross✝✝ that stab into their hearts

Meanwhile sanlak come there

Sanskar look at swara who is standing there with stabbed heart


Swa:I will come back to kill u

She fall on floor

Laksh look at ragini


Rag:I will be back for my revenge

She also fall on floor

Flashback over


Swaragini open their eyes…both of their eye lance r red due to anger …they closes their fist tytly ….ND earthquake came around ….

Swara : Aaaaaa….. I won’t leave u sanskaarrrr…. U PLAYED WITH MY FEELING ..DESTROY FAMILY… I will finish u alll ….

Ragini : LAKSH U THINK U PLAYED EITH ME …BUT NOO U PLAYED WITH UR DEATH …. I won’t spare u ….I will kill u …now …

They about to leave but meyon stops them ….

Meyon : nehi ..ruko …Swara Ragini … u can’t go like this …we have to handle everything very carefully …or else romans will crap us easily …

Ragini : what do u mean ..

Swara : say clearly

Meyon : look we hv to finish sanlak powers gradually ….then we will get rome informations from them n finish them … but please ek request hai ….
Don’t kill Sanskaar and laksh … finish their power punish them but don’t kill them

Laksh: Sanskaar bro m really worried…

Sanskaar: becuz of moyon ?
Laksh: ha ..I just worried ki wo ragini or swara KO bata na de

Sanskaar: m worried too but hope ki na bataye …

Swasan room …

Sanskaar hugs swara from back ….

San: how r u feeling now ?

Swara: feeling like to kill someone ???

San: what ??

Swara: nothing… I was joking…(her eyes r red in anger)

She leaves

Raglak room

Laksh entered the room n see everything is messed up…all the glasses r broken … And he’d sheet n pillows r on floor

Laksh : ragini kya hua ? Y r u so angry ???

Ragini:? m not ..m finding my ring that’s y …


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