BE THE LIGHT OF MY DARK LIFE (SWASAN FF) Episode 2: Swara’s past

Episode 2

“Ragu, you know that I am never gonna fall in love after that betrayal by someone I loved the most” Swara claimed.

“Swaru, don’t think about the past, past is in the past!” Ragini beamed.

Ragini left the room but Swara couldn’t handle herself from remembering the dark memories…”

Swara loved someone with all of her heart, his name was Ankush. Whenever she heard his name, she would find herself having a weird feeling. Ankush was Swara’s crush. Swara didn’t believe in love but he made her believe in that love exists.

Swara gathered courage to propose him which turned successful. Their marriage was fixed. Everything was going fine. Swara and Ankush’s marriage was about to take place but Ankush and his family are nowhere to be found.

Their marriage was a conspiracy to loot Swara’s family by giving them dowry. It was revealed that the family placed a condition to give them dowry of 2 lakh rupees. Shekhar and Sharmishta agreed for the sake of Swara’s happiness. They kept their house auction.

Swara believed that love never gives you happiness and blamed herself for this.

**Flashback ended**

“I will never fall in love” Smirked Swara.

In Sanskar’s office, Sanskar kept looking at the pic of Disha and smiled.

He remembered to go to temple as his mother requested him. He quickly drove there.

Swara was also there as per request of Ragini. She had a palate of laddoos with her. Sanskar and Swara collide.

“Excuse me! Mr Dariwala khadoos, are you blind! You ruined everything!” Swara said in an annoyed voice.

“Excuse me, you are the one who is blind, okay I am sorry!” Said Sankaar in his snobbish voice.

“Sorry vorry se kam nehi chalega, you have to clean this!” Smirked Swara.

“Thats your laddoos so you clean it!” Exclaimed Sanskar.

“Nah, who spilt it? You! So hurry up, clean it!” Claimed Swara.

“I am going, I am not interested in fighting with you! I have a life not a person who has time for useless fights” Said Sanskar.

Sankar leaves. Swara gets annoyed of him.

“RUDE!!!” Said Swara.

Inside the temple. Ragini was lighting Diyas, Laksh spotted her and tries to flirt with her.

“Hey, Rags babe” Said Laksh.

“What did you say ‘Rags babe’!” Said Ragini.

“Nope, not at all, I am such a decent boy, I said Hey redbull” Explained Laksh.

“Redbull???” Questioned Ragini.

“Well you are wearing a red dress and you sometimes get angry like a bull so redbull” Replied Laksh.

“Thats a lie” Said Ragini.

“Anyway, you didn’t answer my question, you have bf?” Asked Laksh.

Swara interrupted the conversation.

“Sorry for interrupting, she is taken, her bfs name is Devdas Golmaal Dilwale!” Said Swara.

“Oh, his name is well weird” Replied Laksh.

“Oye, I won’t hear a word against my jiju, now leave!” Exclaimed Swara.

“Okay, okay, calm down, I am dafa hogaing!” Said Laksh.

After his deperture. The sisters bursted into laughter.

“Ulloo banaya, bada maza aya!” Laughed Swara.

“By the way, Swaru, who is Devdaas Chulbul, whatever the name was?!” Asked Ragini.

“I got them from films, bet people don’t exist with that name” Explained Swara.

Sanskar returned home. Sanskar mum hugged him and showed him pics of girls.

“Do you like those, I am wondering if we can get you married” Marveled Sujata.

“Mom, how many times have I explained to you, I don’t want anyone in my life!” Ranted Sanskar.

“Okay marry someone not for yourself at least for Diya! Even she needs a mother, she is only 3!” Insisted Sujata.

“She doesn’t Mom, she has us, I can’t think of marrying anyone else so Mom don’t bother doing this!” Bellowed Sanskar.

“Okay, as you wish!” Said Sujata.

“Mom, don’t worry we will hire a full time carer for Diya” Said Sanskar.

Sanksar asked his workers to put posters about hiring a carer all over the city. They follow the commands and do so. Ragini noticed that poster and suggested Swara to apply for that Job. Swara agreed.

Precap: Swara and Sanskar meet again, their cat fight start.
Well guys thanks for positive comments on the last episode. I don’t if I can continue it or not but I will try my best. Pls keep showering feedbacks, thanks, stay well.❤️


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