“India’s most eligible bachelor…Most influential businessman of all time. Mr Sanskar Maheshwari please step to the stage and carry your award…” The host announced as the applauds echoed.

Sanskar walked swiftly to the stage. He held his award. His pride reflected over the crowd as they start cheering.

“Please say some few words, we all want to listen to you sir!” The host exclaimed.

Sanskar gently trudged to the mic stand and begins speaking.

“I would like to thank my brother Laksh, Mom, Uncle and rest of my family for being my support. I would also like to thank my amazing business partners, Mr Sethi, Mr Kumar and Mr Goenka for being with me. Thank you…” Sanskar uttered.

In a middle class family’s house. 2 ordinary girls are watching the award ceremony on TV as they chat away.

“Wanna play this game called Who would look cute with you? Ragu?” The girl muttered.

“Yeah sure, I will go first, Swaru, you would look cute with this man on TV!” Ragini acknowledged

“Nahhhh, Ragu, you know I am not interested in rich boys!” Swara added.

“Well, he is Rich, Handsome, Influential and Responsible, he is like every girls’ dream!” Ragini claimed.

“Not exactly every girls’ dream. And I really don’t like Rich guys, they are too arrogant and egoistic… I will do you now, you would look cute with that body builder guy in your college, Laksh…” Swara said.

“Ewwww, no! Disgusting. You don’t know how annoying he is. He is such a show off, he flirts with every single girl in class. Today he asked me if I had a bf!” Ragini explained.

“Maybe.. He likes you!” Swara answered.

“IMPOSSIBLE!” Ragini uttered.

In Sanskars Cabin. He is sitting on his comfy chair and rejoiced all the memories he had with his late wife Disha who passed away. Sanskar believes himself to be guilty of that incident…

Sanskar and Disha are driving to a surprise dinner date Disha organised as it was Valentines day. Everything was going per their thoughts but something very unexpected occurs. It reveals to be that the restaurant they are dining on is under attack.

Unaware Disha steps outside to pick the rose from the rose tree but the terrorists attack her. Sanskar manages to save her from their clutches but Sanskar was about to become the next victim. The terrorist try to shoot Sanskar but Disha interrupts on purpose and sacrifices her life. She gives the rose on her to Sanskar and tells him…
“Happy Valentines Day, I love you so much, take care, I have to go, bye…” (Kaun tujhe plays for background music)

Disha dies…

Precap: Swara and Sanskar collide. Swara tries to start up an argument with him.
Thank you guys for reading!❤


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    Amazing dear
    Will be looking forward as it is swasan.
    Waiting for swasan first meet.
    Continue soon
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