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Arnav, Angel, Sanskar and Swara go away from that spot…. They don’t want Ahil and Zoya aware of their presence at there…..
Swara: Friends, did you see that??
Angel: yeahhhhh…. She never told us too that she likes him…. I think we should do some surprise!!!
Sanskar & Arnav: yeahhh….. Now time Zohil’s surprise….
Sanskar share their planned with everyone which is muted……
At night as planned everyone dress up for dinner…. Zoya and Ahil have been told is a get together party from Arnav and celebrated Swasan new found friendship….. It’s shocked Zohil but thyey happy for them…. Zoya, Swara and Angel are taking times to get ready and the guys already present at venue……
While talking Ahil talking Arnav and Sanskar, he is not fully involved in the conversation which aware by them because his eyes keep looking at the entrance….. A girl wearing sensually slashed mini dress in red moves to them and great Arnav….. Arnav introduce her as Linda with Ahil and Sanskar……. (the girl’s attire)

Arnav leave the place with an excuse that he wants to bring his friend because he lost the way…. At the moment Arnav left the place, Sanskar received a phone call which makes him to excuse from that place….
Now only Linda and Ahil were at there…. Ahil feel uncomfortable with Linda and the way she look but still reply her because she is one of Arnav’s guest, so he can’t rude to her….
Linda: Ahil, right?
Ahil: yes….
Linda: How long you know Arnav??
Ahil: He my high school friend….
With that questions, Linda drag Ahil to dance when the music start….. Linda forces him to dance even he denied dancing….. At the same time, Zoya and her friends reach the place… Seeing the scene Zoya was fuming in her anger…..How can her boyfriend dance with that girl!!!
Arnav, Sanskar and a guy with named Rey moves toward the girls once see them at the entrance….. Rey offered his hand to Zoya….. Zoya still in his anger…. So, just said yes and hold his hand…. When Rey asked her for dance…..
Rey bring her to dance floor which makes Ahil angry too see his beloved dance with the guy closely…… Arnav, Angel, Sanskar and Swara were enjoying seeing two lovers burning in jealousy seeing their partner dance with other……
Arnav point of view:
Arnav was still admiring his beloved Angel from the moment she enter the ballroom…. She was definitely breath taking at the moments she enter the ballroom….. How can a person look this pretty, cute and hot once….. She is complete pack of beauty….. In that backless mesh and lace dress white she look like an angel who comes down to earth to find her prince…… ( – Angel’s dress)
Sanskar point of view:
The moment Swara enter the ballroom, I feel a cold breeze around….. Even I didn’t turn around, I know it’s her….. Nowadays I start to have this feel since the day I saw her which I never had encounter with any girl…. I couldn’t hold myself from looking her…. Once my eyes focus on her, my jaw drops…… In while, I compose myself……I already losing my sense because of this girl since the first meet….. I think after today I definitely sure that I won’t sleep and erase her image form my mind…. I couldn’t take my eyes from her…. She really looks stunning and hot in that s*xy pucker gown red….. Red is my favorite color but I never knew she will fit in that color that much which makes her skin glows…. I come to sense when Arnav and Rey’s moves to them and follow them…..*xy-Pucker-Gown-Dress-Stage-Performing-Costume.jpg
Angel point of view:
When I enter the hall, my eyes automatically searching for him….. When I saw him walk forward to me….. I feel he so handsome in is casual wear….. He was wearing a tailored jacket in dark blue out of light cotton-poplin….i couldn’t help myself from giving him a beautiful smile…..$marketing_asset$&wid=960&cropN=0.107421875,0.065173116089613034623217922606925,0.8505859375,0.91038696537678207739307535641548 (Arnav’s outfit)
Swara point of view:
All the way walking to the way to the ballroom, I was keep thinking about Sanskar….. We became friends ready…. I really want to know about him further….. I hope this party will be an opportunity to understand hi further….. I can’t help myself from getting curios about his behavior which in one moment he became a good and caring man and another moment totally change upside down with a rude an arrogant man….. Which one his true face? Why he wants put a mask to him??? There is a lot of questions keep running in my mind since back from Sky Bridge…. I hope I can found my answer today…… the moment I enter the ballroom, I totally dumbfound….. OMG!!!! The ballroom was awesome…… The interior designs and the light make the environment more romantic …….. We have been greeted by Arnav which make my attention turns to him….. I saw him walking towards us from Arnav’s back….. I couldn’t stop myself staring him….. He looks so hot in that brand slim fit dress silk red shirts men which matched with black jeans….. The shirt fit him well which show is well build muscles because its fitting at his arms….. (Sanskar’s outfit)
Arnav & Sanskar: May I have the honor dancing with miss ask by them with forwarding their hands to their partner….
Angel & Swara: Forward their hands and said yes I feel honored to dance with you Mr…..
They went to the dance floor with their partner… …. The time they enter they dance floor, they already start with a new song….. We all danced in the song Tum Ho Ho…… It’s indeed a romantic song…. We all lost in each other eyes……. But Ahil and Zoya still uncomfortable with their partner and their eyes on each other even they dance with other……
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera
Rey spin Zoya to Ahil’s and Ahil aware Zoya will hit the pillar nearby so he made a quick spin Linda to Rey and hold Zoya’s waist to avoid her from hitting the pillar nearby…..
Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa
Rey’s smile at Ahil’s caring toward Zoya and start to dance with his fiancée Linda….. Zoyz was close her eyes all the while and open her eyes slowly when she feel a strong arm was holding her waist….. Zoya lost in Ahil’s eyes……..
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
Ahil slowly make her stand and start to dance with her in a romantic way with his forehead in her without breaking their eye lock……
Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ik pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hai jeete
Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina
Har saans pe naam tera
Ahil whisper slowly in her ears that she looking gorgeous in her s*xy lace tank dress which is black…… she blushes hard but composed herself because she still angry with him…..*xy-dress-club-ireland.jpg (Zoya’s outfit)

Ahil: what happened dear???
Zoya: Why you dance with her???
Ahil: You also dance with that guy right….. Moreover that girl is Arna’s friend so I couldn’t deny when she ask for dance….. I’m sorry……
Zoya:No….. I’m sorry… I couldn’t hold myself from getting angry…. I know you love me and I trust you more than myself but it’s just that I can’t see any other girls near you……
Ahil guy her tightly and kissed her forehead…..
Ahil: Don’t be sorry dear….. Its shows how much you love me…… he whisper slowly to Zoya….. They hug each other and moves slowly to beat of music……

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
Tumhi ho… Tumhi ho…
Tere liye hi jiya main
Khud ko jo yun de diya hai
Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala
Saare ghamon ko dil se nikala
Tere saath mera hai naseeb juda
Tujhe paake adhoora naa raha hmm..
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho..
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
The song end ready and all the couple soon composed their self expect Zohil…… Zohil lost in each other and in their own world…. Seeing them Sanksar, Arnav, Swara, Angel, Rey and Linda burst out laugh….. They couldn’t hold their self from laughing anymore….. Before they were burning in jealous because their partner dance with other but now they lost in their love…. Their voice makes them come to sense and breaks their eye locks…..
All of them watching Zohil, with folded hands on their chest like waiting for an answer…… Ahil voice out seeing them like that….. While holding Zoya’s hand he said that I Love Zoya… everyone was happy for them but the next moves of Ahil indeed shock everyone even Zoya too…. Ahil kneels down to Zoya……
Ahil: I know I just declared my love….. But I can’t live without you….. I can’t see you with other guy too even your friend….. I want you to be mine and life as my better half…… Will you be my better half Miss Zoya and willing to change your sure name as Mrs Ahil? With that he takes out a small box and shows to her…. It’s containing a beautiful diamond ring……
Zoya’s eyes filled with tears…… She couldn’t utter any words…. Only tears show how happy she was…. She didn’t answer him and kneel down and hug him tightly…… Ahil breaks the hug and cups her face and and ask her again will you? She nods her head…. And said I’m…. Zoya hug him again and said I Love you….. Ahil breaks the hug again and take out the ring from the box and put it on Zoya’s finger which directly connected to heart and claim her that she belongs to him……
Everyone claps for their unison while Angel and Swara in tears to see their friend found her Mr.right….. Sanskar hold Swara’s hand to calm her emotions…. While Arnav hold Angel’s waist and she lay on her Arnav shoulder with tears….
Linda whisper to Rey “ I think its romantic but together with that Zohil there is another 2 pairs which still haven’t found a name to their relation, dear…… Rey smile hearing his fiancée comment when he aware Swasan and Arnangel position…..
Next: More suspense……

Credit to: Rina Sivaguru

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    Ab Tum hi ho
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