My Life’s Miracles (Part 6)


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All of them reached the Sky bridged using cable car to the top station, where an inclined lift called SkyGlide takes visitors from the top station to the bridge. All of them forget their hates, love and so on….. They just treasure the moments…..
Zoya point of view:
I feel saw happy see the shock face of Ahil when I said that I coming to Malaysia for my marriage which I’m literally enjoyed seeing his concern….. he cares about my marriage….. It’s like he didn’t like me marry other guy….. I liked him in our first meet….. Most of time I always composed myself saying it’s just an attraction…. It’s something normal… So, I always divide my mind by telling him he is my best friend…. But I literally enjoyed and loved to see the way he cared me when I’m sick or have problem….. He always is there when I need someone as crying shoulder….. Who can I share everything and always understanding me more than myself….. Finally I can name this feel today when I hold his arm… I won’t find any protective feel in other man….. Only the guy beside me can bring this feel to me….. yeahhhhh….. It’s love!!! It’s love at first sight even how much I had denied it…… I love him!!! I love Ahil…. Now I have the strongest feel that he also feels the same way as I feel…..

Sanskar point view:
Omg!!!! What I’m doing???? I don’t know why I can’t see her in pain….. Even I feel the pain….. arghhhhhh!!!! The first day I saw her at KLCC, I feel mesmerized with her…. It’s not that I never see any girls who are more beautiful than her…. But still I don’t get it what feel is this!!!! I didn’t help her when she falls down at KLCC because I still staring her…..I’m not that bad still I have humanity…. But what can I do…. I lost in her…. I come to sense when she shouts at me…. I reply her with sarcastic words even I know it’s my mistake….. But I feel she looks cute in her angry face….
She makes me stunned with the way she reply my questions…. Until know there is no one shout at me, Sanskar Maheswari….. Before I reply her, she left the place which makes me wish to see her again…. The next day, my friends force me to go Batu Caves where I bumped to her again when I’m looking at wall paints at there….. I felt like God hear my wish….. all the while she scolding me I more focused on her… the way she scolding…. She looking so cute…. She looking more beautiful in her traditional outfits… I didn’t reply her scolding because I busy scanning her… weird feel…..After that, I found her talking to one of my staff, Zoya at lake side…. Intentionally, I move to their spot to see her expression…. All the while I looking at her through side of eyes… she still in shock till I left the place and I ignored that I know her even my focus on her…..

Indeed destiny plays a hide and seeks with me….. I guess so….. If not I won’t see her in front of my room in early morning…. And now I’m at here holding her hand……I’m really attracted to know this girl beside more….. Which I never ever feel with any other girls…..

Arnav point of view:
What the!!! I’m really gone mad! i couldn’t even control my feelings whenever see this girl….. She makes me breathless….. Swara…. I feel like heaven when she calls me name…… my heart skip a beat…. I keep admiring her when she keeps asking me questions about Swasan….. The moment she said no to the idea of bringing Swara to Sky Bridge makes me like her more…. The way she caring about her friends…. Her friends are so lucky to have her concern about their safety first….. Finally she agreed when Zoya explained to her…. But I aware all the time she still worried about Swara’s condition……. So, I entangled my hand with her….. Her hand freaking cold which make me more sure that she still in worries…. I know she was shock with my sudden touch but in while she became normal and start to enjoy the nature….. She also didn’t try free her hand from my grip even me too….. I fall in love with her…..

Angel point of view:
When Arnav and Ahil busy talking with Zoya…. I busy scanning the guy in front of me… I don’t know why I’m staring at him…. I composed myself from staring him when Zoya start to introduce them…. His name is Arnav….. I said “hai” to him with a bright smile even I don’t know why I I’m happy when I saw him….. I think that I really need to get an appointment with doctor because currently I mentally unstable when I see this guy even I just saw him….. When I said that Swasan looking cute, he denied and said they looking more like girlfriend and boyfriend with smirk….. I’m totally lost…. He looks so cute….. When I ask a lot question, he answered me with patiently and didn’t even feel irritated…. If others in his place, they must have shouts at me…. But he didn’t….. I denied his planned going to Sky Bridge because Swara fear of heights…. I want their safety at the first place….. However Zoya convince me with the idea…. I agreed with them but still worried and nervous….. When I was lost in my thought I sense someone is holding it…. When turn it’s him…. Arnav’s was holding my hand…. I can feel through his gestures and his eyes which saying that everything will be fine….. I fall in his charm…… I can’t stop myself from think about him…. I’m falling in love…..

What Swara feel about Sanskar?
How will Zoya confront about her feel to Ahil?

Credit to: Rina Sivaguru

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