My Life’s Miracles (Part 5)


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Ahil: So, how we want to unite them?
Angel: I got an idea!!!
Arnav: what idea Angel?

Angel in mind Omg!! That’s was wonderful to listen my name from his mouth……. Feel like I’m really an angel….. Nowadays I think to much….. Angel please stop thinking about him….. what can I do? My heart didn’t listen to my mind…. It’s so difficult…… Whenever I saw his eyes, I feel like I’m drowning in the deep ocean of his eyes…… make my heart skip a beat which I never have till now with guys that I had meet in my life……..
Arnav: Angel!! Angel!! What are you thinking and where you lost? Arnav asked me by waving his hand…..
Angel without thinking about you!!
Arnav: me???
Finally Angel cursing herself for lost herself by keeping thinking about him and now I blabbered that I think about him…. “Angel you are an idiot!”
Angel: I mean I’m thinking about the question that you ask…..
Zoya: Angel leave it…. Fast tell us how we want unite them?
Angel: Let’s enjoy our holiday together…..
Zoya & Arnav: What??? How can that help them clear misunderstanding?
Ahil voice out after long time just hearing their talking…
Ahil: She means they have misunderstanding because they didn’t know each other….. if they spend time together obviously they will know further about their self and clean their misunderstanding and be friends…..
Angel: Bingo, Ahil!!!! (They give hi-five to each other)
Arnav: So, you girls have any panning before want to go where?
Zoya & Angel: No we haven’t planned….
Ahil: Let’s go to sky bridge, Langkawi….
Angel: No! We can’t go there because Swara have fear of heights…… we can’t take risk…. Safety first….
Arnav: Don’t worry Angel! Nothing will happen to her…. We will be with her….. So at the same time she can overcome her phobia of the heights…..
Angel: But….. I’m still worry….
Zoya: Angel, Arnav got his points…. We should make Swara overcome this problem…. Remember no matter what we will be together….
Ahil: okay….. That’s it…. Call them to meet us at hotel’s lobby…. Don’t tell them first that we are going together….. if not they will end up giving excuses from coming with us……

After called Sanskar and Swara, they wait at lobby…. Swara and Sanskar reached the lobby at same time…. Swara ignored Sanskar and give a beautiful smile to Ahil and Arnav….
Swara: Let’s go girls….
Arnav: heyyy!!!! Let’s go Swara….

Swara and Sanskar shocked with Arnav’s answer…… Their eyes almost coming out with his answer….
Ahil: Actually guys, we planned to enjoy together today…. The more people the merrier it will be… That’s why….
Arnav: Did you mind Swara if we join you?
Swara: No…. no…. it’s okay… I didn’t mind…. ( actually in her mind… the answer is yess!! It’s not because of Ahil and Arnav but because of Sanskar….. but what can do! Swara couldn’t disappoint her friends…she too nice won’t say no to her friends because she know how excited them with this outing…)
Zoya: Sanskar sir, did you mind if we join you?
Sanskar: No but I do mind if you keep calling me sir!
Zoya: So, how should I call you?
Sanskar: we are not at office Zoya….. You can call me Sanskar…..
Zoya: How can I call you with name?
Sanskar: okay… I thought you address me as your friend but I think the answer is no…
Zoya: no….. I mean you are my friend…. Sorry Sanskar….
Sanskar: there is no sorry or thank you in friendship….

They all went to shy bridge with the tourist van that they hire….Sanskar already aware of Swara’s fear of heights because Arnav already told him went them wait for the van…..
Swara start to sweat once she know that she need ride the cable car to reach Sky Bridge….. after see Swara’s fear, sanskar feel worried…. So, he provoked her by saying that girls always afraid of height…Swara become angry after heard Sanskar comments….
o she said that she is not afraid and went inside the cable car followed by others with worry too…..Once the cable car start to move swara close her eyes didn’t even dare too look outside…. Sanskar holds Swara’s hand seeing her fear…. She shocked with his sudden action…. Seeing his gesture that he is with her…. She feels safe and protected and starts to see outside slowly….
Zoya holds Ahil’s arm once see the height which makes him super happy….
Ahil in his mind…. Thanks to swasan if not I couldn’t enjoy this moments with Zoya… I madly love this girl since I know her but never express it because I never have the opportunity…. I hope can express my feel in this journey….. And I want to know what her feel about me too….
Arnav entangled his hand with Angel to make sure everything is under control because she tensed…. Swara feel goose bump when he hold her but still pretend like it’s nothing….. Smile appeared in both of their face unknowingly….. Undiscovered feel but still they enjoy the moment…..

End of the part 5

What is Zoya feeling about Ahil?
What is Sanskar opinion about Swara?
Will arnav and Angel discovered what is the feel?

Credit to: Rina Sivaguru

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