My Life’s Miracles (Part 45 & 46)

I’m so so so sorry for the late update…….I’m going to end this ff soon….. Maybe this is the end and will back with the epilogue…..Read and enjoy……. ???

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One year leap….

Swara’s point of view

One year had passed since we back from Maldives. It’s like yesterday only we went to our honeymoon. This one year brings a lot of changes in our life, but our friendship remained same. We faced a lot of ups and downs together but it’s doesn’t effect our relationship but it’s just a stepping stone to make it more stronger. Arnavangel, Zohil, Rey, Linda and us moved in together. We started to stay together once back from Maldives. Which were joined by Rey and Linda after shifting fully their business from Malaysia. Everyday our day started together and end it together. Few weeks later I easy to get annoyed and too emotional which make me always start fight with Sanskar. Sanskar being matured always will calm me and handle me with patient even I’m at foult. Then we discovered Zoya and I pregnant at same time. That is the reason I were being to emo. Zoya didn’t show any of the symptoms as me. She were normal but I were very different. Sanskar and Ahil were the happiest when get the news. I were crying once found I’m pregnant. Everyone start panic seeing I cry non stop. All do a lot of things to make me cry but couldn’t help it. Even sanskar couldn’t calm me down.

The more hilarious moment was when Sanskar, Ahil and Arnav bhai start to sing and dance funnily. But it’s still doesn’t make me stop crying. Being lack of ideas after do a lot of things to stop me crying, Sanskar start to crying which really made me laugh and stop crying. Zoya and Angel also start laughing seeing him crying frustrated. Who know the top and rude business man can do a lot of stupid thing and cry for his pregnant wife which joining by his friends. During pregnancy I carving for weird things in unexpected moments which really be a big task for Sanskar. He was with me in every step of pregnancy. Every night he will talk with his baby.

He always handle me with love and patience. He also win top business man award which also the same day we found I were pregnant with twins. He throw a big party with Ahil and Arnav bhai for the happiest moment which handle by Rey and Linda. During the pregnancy moment Rey and Linda really help a lot by taking care of our business while managing their business too. Soon, Angel delivery a cute baby girl. We all were so happy. The moment I carry her I feel immense happiness. Arnav bhai then declared the baby name as Rael which were take from the of my name and Angel’s who were the important women in his life. I feel overwhelmed having a brother like him. I guess destiny really give a unexpected turn in unexpected moments in a dramatic way. My water broke once Arnav bhai declared the baby’s name. I had been chased to emergency ward in the same hospital. I were in my 7th month so I need to undergo cesarean to give birth.

I were taken to operating theatre. I don’t know what happened after been given sedative. When I awake, Sanskar was sitting beside me holding my hands. Once I wake up, he hug me tightly and cried.
Swara: Sanskar I’m ok. Don’t cry.
Sanskar break the hug and kissed my forehead while saying “thank you and I love you”.
Swara: I love you.
I don’t know I couldn’t open my eyes more. My eyes lids feels heavy and very hard to keep it open. I felt so sleepy. I drifted to sleep due to the sedative effect.
I wake up again after a few hours. Sanskar were still sitting beside me holding my hands. I’m truly blessed to have him in my life. I don’t know what goodness I had done previous life to get him as my husband.
Swara: I love you…
Sanskar:Love you too…How you feel?
Swara: I’m ok. Where is our baby?
Sanskar: Our babies are healthy and good. They were in incubator due to born premature.
Swara worriedly “are your sure they are fine born early”
Sanskar: Don’t worry Jaan. I already ask doctor, they said our baby fit and fine. It’s just a normal thing to our baby in incubator.

Sanskar’s point of view

After one week, baby can be taken out the incubator. I were being back Swara and babies back to our home. Rey, Linda, Ahil and Arnav doing a grand welcoming to them. They haven’t see and hold the baby yet. All of them want to wait till babies back home. This one week I didn’t attend my office. All thanks to Rey and Linda taking care for everything. I just need to handle from hospital if any important things. Swara were beaming in happiness when holding our babies for the first time. I just felt happy tears flowing through my eyes. My family completed today. My car halt in front of the mansion. Everyone happily coming to the entrance while. Angel coming holding a plate to do arthi for welcoming Swara and baby. Swara and me enter the house with our babies once Angel done her arthi. Arnav and Ahil bring Swara to our room. Once we entered the room, we were shocked to see the way they decorated the place. Our room been renovated a door were connected to the room beside which were for babies. But for now the place 2 baby court beside our bed which were beautifully decorated with balloons should size pillows, curtains and so on. We were really blessed to have our friends in our life who were more than a family. They love us unconditionally. All surrounded the any court and taking turn to hold baby.

Arnav: Swara what name you both selected for them?
Swara smile at me I nod my head to give confirmation to tell the names.
Swara: baby girl named as Yael and baby boy is Ari.
Ahil: wow….. Nice name…. Sound unique… where u found it?
Swara and Zoya start to giggles hearing Ahil comments. I just give you are impossible look to Ahil.
Arnav, Rey & Linda: idiot…Ahil make a pout face….

Swara: Yael is the combination of Zoya and Angel’s name in the end which also means strengths of God. While Aril name take from the beginning of Arnav bhai’s name and “I” taken from the middle of Ahil bhai’s name which also mean fearless in Armenian and in Hindi who show a right path.
Ahil shocked face was really worth to see…. All of us laugh seeing his expression…..
Ahil: wow, swara sis heads of to you for your intelligency of name selection.
Arnav comes and kiss Swara’s forehead followed by Ahil and side hug her and said “we love you sis” while happy tears flowing through her eyes…. I can’t understand a feelings really well who grown up in a place without anyone suddenly have brother’s who show their love and protect her. It’s a overwhelmed feeling. I hope she always stay happy like this. “God, please give me strength to me protect my family and give them happiness always…..”

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