My Life’s Miracles (part 4)

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Ahil & Arnav walk in to the restaurant where Zoya and Angel seat…. They notice Zoya, so they walk to their spot……
Ahil & Arnav: Zoya you are here in Malaysia????
Zoya: Heyyy, guys!!! I thought so it would be you both when Sanskar said he come here with his best friends for a holiday…… Angel meets my office mate Ahil and Sanskar’s best friend Arnav…..
Angel: Hai, Arnav & Ahil!! Said Angel with a beautiful and melting smile which makes Arnav’s heart skip a beat???….. He mesmerized with her smile and composed himself in a few second when he hears Ahil question toward Zoya….
Ahil: Zoya you haven’t answered me? Why you are at here?
Zoya: For my marriage!!!
Ahil: What??? How?? I mean how come you never told me????

Zoya and Angel burst out their laughing when see Ahil’s shock face…..?????
Zoya: hahaha….. Ahil look at your shock face! Hahaha….. You look so cute! I am kidding…. I come with my best friend swara and angel for a holiday…. Not my marriage….
Ahil in my mind thank god!!! If not I will die with a heart attack…..???
Angel: guys you both should take a seat….. How long you goanna stand and ask questions…. Ahil and Arnav take a seat at there…..
Ahil: Zoya, you said you come with 2 friends and where is the other??
Zoya: She will come in moment…..
Ahil: how long you will be here?
Zoya: 12 days….. You guys?
Ahil: same….

Zoya: By the way where is Arnav?
Ahil: He will be here in a moment….
Arnav: Zoya, when you meet Arnav? Because when we come here he is still sleeping? And we didn’t have planned come Malaysia for holiday…. So how come you know??
Zoya: actually I didn’t know earlier…. I just know yesterday when I meet him at Batu Caves because of my friend Swara…… Then, she narrates swara and Sanskar’s meeting to them…
Ahil and Arnav burst out laughing when their heard their fight……????
Arnav: wow!!! Zoya, I definitely need to admit you friend was unique…..? I really want to meet her…. Till now there is no girls have guts to talk with Sanskar like that…. And whatever she told was true….. He just below to earth with the person he knows closer…. Seriously if not he is an arrogant bastard….
Zoya: What??? Seriously? I thought he is friendly to everyone? I never knew this!?
Arnav: that’s because you all are his staff…. He will be nice to you all…. For other he will remain an arrogant guy buy by heart he is good guy…..
Zoya: whatever Swara said was so true!!! Wow!!! How come she understand about him so fast even she just meet him…… and she never been rude to anyone before even they are bad…..
Arnav: That’s what I’m curious about…. She something special….. ???
Ahil saw them argue at the entrance and show other their spot….. Arnav get an idea after see that scene… He shares with the others…. Four of them just need to pretend that Arnav and Ahil don’t know about their fight….. So they can see how they will behave….

Sanskar and Swara completely ignored each other???…… they stand up at the same time makes everyone raised their eyebrow…..?
Swara & Sanskar look at each other with shock expression….?
Arnav to Sanskar: where are you going??
Zoya to Swara: what happened?
Swara & sanskar: im not feeling like to eat…. So I’m going to room….. (both tell at same time)
They look at each other and have small eye lock and composed themselves fast and when to their rooms without waiting for other reply….. Once they went everyone burst into laugh….?
Angel: omg!!! They are so cute…… but I feel we should do something…. So, they can be friend….
Arnav: hahahaha….. Friend? If you all notice the way they fight look like a girlfriend and boyfriend fighting ready!!!???
Angel,Ahil and Zoya look at Arnav with shock which look like their eyes almost coming out…. ?Hahaha…. So funny….but after a moment three of them nod their head that they agree with Arnav’s statement….
Angel: But can I know why you said something like this??
Arnav: just telling by looking at the way Sanskar look at Swara!

Angel & Zoya: what look??
Arnav: mesmerized and amused with her … We should make them understand each other….
Angel: how if it’s not love?
Arnav: we didn’t ask them to love each other or marry today itself….. We just want clear their misunderstand… Friendship or love? Will decide by them…..
So uniting Swasan mission start…?
End of part 4

How will they bring Swasan closer?
Is it Angel feeling same as how arnav feel?
Why Ahil shock to hear Zoya’s marriage?

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