My Life’s Miracles (Part 34)

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Dear friends, I’m so so upset without you guys 😞😞😞😞😞….. You all didn’t leave any feedback in previous part…. I feel like you all didn’t like my ff…. if it’s continues like this, I will discontinue the story…..

Swara’s Point of view
I have no idea what’s wrong with Sanskar, he kept looking at me 😰😰😰…. No matter how hard am I focusing on work but with Sanskar’s continues gaze on me everything seem difficult…. I just hope my working finish fast so I can back home without his torture…. I scared I will burst out with how can he look at other girl than Swara, his wife…. Even practically I’m his wife but he still don’t know my identity so how can he keep looking at me like this…. Arghhhhh….. 😣😣😣 “Cool down, Swara…. Cool down, Swara……. He is not looking at you…..” I keep repeating this line in my mind….
Once the working hours end…. I quickly gathered my things and leave the office after bid him bye 👋…. When I was waiting at office entrance for Arnav bhaiya to fetch me suddenly a Ferrari stop beside me with a scratch….. The driving seat door opened and come out him….. Sanskar!!!…… What the hell!! 😱😱😱 He comes out and just drag me by holding my wrist and push me to the passenger seat at the front without uttering any words…..

Swara: Sir, what are you doing? Arnav bhaiya will come in awhile to fetch me….So please stop the car!!🙅🙅🙅
Sanskar halt the car at side of the road and he leaned on me so sudden…. I just shut my eyes with that proximity…..😳😳😳 I know even I’m wearing the burqa which totally cover my whole face but still he can saw I was closing my eyes when he leaned toward me….. I can feel his hot breath and intense gaze…… My hearts beats fast like I was running chased by a dog 💓💓💓……. After awhile I heard a click sound…… I open my eyes slowly and looked around….. He starts to drive ready….. He just leaned to put the safety belt for me….

“Omg….. Swara….. Take a grip…… if I’m continuing this sure he goanna find out who am I……After like an hour’s with a lot glancing at him, finally he stopped his car in front of my house…. My eyes almost come out with the shock 😱😱😱😱….. How on the earth he knows that I was staying here…..
Sanskar “don’t think too much using your pea size of brain😏😏😏😏….Arnav told me you were staying here….. He can’t come to fetch you here….. So, he called and asks me to drop you…..”
I didn’t get any word to speak…. I just said thank you and get out from the car….. Once I get out the car and closed it, he just went away….. Then, I just entered the house with confusing mind with his behavior. After fresh up, I was cooking dinner….. Then I heard my door bell wing with the thought of it was Arnav bhaiya I went to open the door……San…Skar…… Sanskar …… 😲😲😲
Sanskar: Hai, Swara….

Swara: Sanskar, you knew I’m Swara!!!
Sanskar: Why Swara? Can’t I come to say a hai to my “new neighbor”?😒😒😒 he said sarcastigly and he slightly pushed me away and went inside the house…. Wow!!! Its smell delicious….. What are you cooking? 😍😍😍😍
Swara: hmmmm….. I just cooking soused chicken br*ast and lasagna….😓😓😓
Sanskar: Wow… that’s my favorite….. Then I’m sure goanna have dinner at here….. So go arrange dinner for us…..😁😁😁

Swara: hmmmm… ok…. (in mind: What the hell Sanskar thinking of himself!!! How can he just stormed to my house and pretend with my presence and how he knows?)
Sanskar: You have a lot of time to think how I know about you??? Now just go prepare the dinner….. I’m hungry….
Swara thought, “I already finish cooking while all the while Sanskar was busy flipping channels….. I have no idea what was going on his mind……”

Swara: Sanskar, I already finish cooking….. Come have your dinner?
Sanskar come and sit beside me while I serve him….. He starts to eat but I just lost in my mind…..
Sanskar: Swara, he called me and pointing food to my mouth to feed me…..
I don’t why the way he behaves really make me sad….. With that the tears start flow throw my eyes to the cheeks 😭😭😭….. I think I’m able to bear his anger and punishment but his not caring behavior….. It’s pained me a lot to see him like that….. I’m willing to see his burst for hiding that I’m alive.

I don’t know when he gets up from his set and kneel down in front me…. He cupped my face and wipes away my tears….
Sanskar “shhhhhh…… Princess ….. Firstly I really don’t know how to react even I’m so happy that you were alive….. My love is alive…… after awhile I feel vulnerable when the thought of no able protecting you come in my mind….. Then, I’m just teasing you…. Sorry dear… with that he hug me tightly even there is no gap for air🙆🙆🙆….

We finished our dinner with feeding each after a long 2 years…… We lay on the couch cuddling to each other….. We didn’t talk just cherishing the moment that we miss in these 2 years 👫👫👫…..
Swara: you know Sanskar, when I get up from the coma I forgot everything…… I always feel something missing in my place….. Like a was missing someone precious in my life…..I feel so vulnerable at that moment because no matter how hard I try to remember it I couldn’t remember it…. I got fainted so many times due to the stresses….. Tears start to wet Sanskar’s shirt because she was lying top of hugging him….He breaks her hug and wipe and kissed he forehead….💏💏💏

Sanskar: Sweetheart, I know how much you had suffered…. Just forget it…. Now you already remembered me right….. Let us cherish the present movement…. Maybe everything happened for a reason…. Or it might a test for our love journey……. It just makes our love bonding stronger….. You know our true love will make the heaven also bow down and blessed us….💜💜💗
Swara came close to him..she cupped his face and came more close to her…Swara slowly went close to his lips..Then kissed him 💏💏💏…..Sanskar was taken aback by her sudden act…..but he also started to response soon….. Sanskar also held her by keeping his hand on her waist and pulled her close……It was a passionate kiss which assured each other that they will never apart and always b there for each other…..They will never leave each other….After a long kiss both left each other unwillingly as they were out of breathe.. They joined their heads closing their eyes…after sometime Sanskar opened his eyes and looked at Swara and said “Thank you for alive my life…… I love Swara….love you forever 💑💑💑…..”
Swara: I Love you too…..💘💘💘

“When two people are meant to be, nothing and no one can end them. They may get lost a time or two on their journey, but true, real love will always conquer. Nothing can compete with them. Others can only attempt to fill a void. And eventually, the two will be reunited. That’s the beauty of true love, you always end up with the right person, at the right time and sometimes death also seems far from the pious love……”unknown”


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    Rinaaaaaa! sorry i didn’t know it’s swasan or Swaragini since there is no pic of swasan uuft.. let me read it..sometime ppl stuck /trapped on the pic than the content..

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