My Life’s Miracles (part 3)


Zoya: I know him because he is my boss……
Angel: You mean he is Sanskar Maheswari, the youngest forth billionaire in Asia!!!
Zoya: ya he is the one…
Swara: ya whatever!!!! No wonder he is an arrogant…. Rich spoiled man!???
Zoya: Swara, I think you misunderstand about him….. He is a nice guy and low to earth…..
Swara: No he is not! I hate him to the core of my heart!!
Zoya: okay! I think we not need to argue about him let’s enjoy our holiday…. It’s already late, let’s going back to the villa and enjoy our last day at the villa….
Angel & Swara: yeah let’s have fun!!!
After reach the villa, three of us have fun with swimming and having chats at the pool side….. The next day we all reach KLIA airport because has flight to LGK………We reach LGK at 7am in the morning and checked in Vivanta by Taj hotel….. It is a resort nests on the Rebak Island, named after the native Rebak tree, in one of the 99 isles that make up the legendary Langkawi which is a beautiful island. After settled down in the room and put our luggage all, we went for breakfast at Senari restaurant which located at the resort we stayed.

Swara: Zoya & Angel you both go to the restaurant first… I will join later after fresh up….
Zoya & Angel: okay but fast…. We need go a lot places today….
After fresh up, I open the door to go to the restaurant. I was stunned to see the guy who opens his room door which is located in front of our room…..
Swara & Sanskar: You!!!!!???
Swara: Not again! Give a break man…. Arghhhhh!!!! Ohh… God why should I meet him again….
Sanskar: ohhh! Hello even I’m not to desperate to meet you okay!
Swara: yeahhhh! Like I’m praying to meet you with sarcastic tune! But thanks to you at least today you didn’t bumped to me and make me fall down!
Sanskar: Even I dunno that you pray to meet me…. I know I’m so handsome and girls will fall me include you…. So you no need to worry to say that….
Swara: In your dream idiot!!! I really wished don’t want to see you but see you was staying in front of our room and I need to see u until I staying here….. arghhhhh!!
Swara left the place after said it… Sanskar follow the path she go…..
Swara: heyyyy!!! You stop following me okay!

Sanskar: Don’t you think you brain work to much miss angry bird!??? I’m not following you! I’m going to find my friend and I won’t waste my time by following you…
Swara: ?????
Swara and Sanskar went inside and shocked to find their friends are sitting in same table and waiting for them….
Swara in mind “ohhhh!!!! No! Now I need to have breakfast with him! God what’s wrong I did? Why should you punish me like this!
Sanskar without any emotion take seat beside his friends and swara took seat beside Zoya…
Zoya: Swara, meet my office mate Ahil…. And this is Arnav, sanskar sir’s best friend….
Zoya introduce sanskar’s friend to Swara…. Sanskar was just keeping staring at Swara when Zoya was introducing his friends….
Swara: Hai,Arnav! Hai, Ahil! Nice to meet you both!!!
Arnav: Zoya, you introduce me and Ahil to Swara but why didn’t you introduce Sanskar to Swara!
Sanskar & Swara spitted out their drinks because they were drinking their drinks when Arnav asking that question…?????

Zoya: Actually….???
Arnav: it’s okay! Let me introduce him! Swara, he is Sanskar Maheswari! My best friend!
Sanskar and Swara have eye lock
Swara & Sanskar : nice to meet you!!! (Both have them don’t want arnav feel bad)???

End of part 3
Is it Arnav and Ahil know about Swara and Sanskar meeting before?
How will they have fun?
Will Swara get along with Sanskar’s friends?
How Swara and Sanskar will treat each other?

(Sorry for the late update friends)

Credit to: Rina Sivaguru

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